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in some levels there are bouncers next to elevator that allow you to trigger the elevator without going down. this then causes the next level to load but the robot only sometime move. i, personally, don't mind this seeing as it is extremely hard to do but if you can try it then you can see. Also it is a really easy way of beating chapter 2 seeing as the level with the spike 'wall' this can be easily done on.


finally did it.

this has nothing to do with this but i found it too :D

literally all ou have to do is tay all of them on one side then attack if they get too close and only then :D



i had this bug on my best run :(

ty if could fix, i think its something about falling off his leg and doing what i was doing :D

does it only respond when a certain amount of the leg has been chopped off. cos if u chopped off my foot then i would probably hop after you(assuming im a robot)

i had completely flopped for like 5-6 runs and then got 10 so..... rng?

mabye a sword thrrow? you will have to pick it up or get an upgrade to return it

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i bought it on the website thingy, does that count?

soz for the stupidity its already on my itch thing ty :D

ice cream taster,

video gamer

idk im not really good at thinking things up

will we get a steam key if we just have it downloaded?

and do we have to buy it again if we just downloaded it?

why does it say that the "final boss" is designed to our specific colour?

i had that when i was yellow so........

it might be kewl if there were random events that happened. say a few extra robots or something with the enviroment.

mabye you could get bonus upgrade points for them

would multiplayer have a story and endless too?

would it have a pvp function?

its good to have the randomness at the start.but i have had it where on two consecutive runs it said

"i didnt know spider-tron 5000 could be defeated"

and then: "easy"

would the sandbox include level design?

and then a way to send them to you?

ive had it so you just amputate the legs of an archer and it dies. it could still kill you right?

i got a blcksmith with the colour black :D

:( i got to 10 on 4th