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A topic by Teodorp99 created Nov 05, 2016 Views: 306 Replies: 18
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Well, after much gaming, and plenty of time taken, i have reached this. Post pictures of your scores below if you want to compare


Seems legit.

what do you mean "seems legit" it took a lot of time and effort to do

Call me skeptical, but your 2nd - 4th place high scores are all 15 or less. How, exactly, did you happen to have one run where you scored almost three times as high as your second best? What's more, how did you do so on your third run where you achieved Titanium difficulty?

i had completely flopped for like 5-6 runs and then got 10 so..... rng?

Sorry man. Beat yours by 4. https://gyazo.com/d7b3a156425f279c8df8593160e66a72

hey man, i was practicing for ages on story mode and died a lot on endless, i finally managed to get a lucky break with lots of easy levels at once

Someone found the save file ;')

I know there is a save file for story but can you actually do anything with it?

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Don't hate because you don't get as far. I can totally see it happening. :)


With all due respect, I'm not hating. I simply find the circumstances suspicious, for reasons outlined in my other posts. Given how easy it apparently is to manipulate the save file, I have good reason for questioning its authenticity.

Yes, there is no way to tell. I just like assuming good intentions. Among all the videos flying around there are many people who are much better at this game than I am!

You can manipulate the save file? i havent even found the save file yet. i dont need to find it anyway

So, you're telling me that grinding for awhile on what is basically a tutorial allowed you to beat 25 levels filled with borderline-unfair enemies, whom you've only ever encountered once or twice before? Sorry, I'm not buying it.

The only type of enemy he would not of faced in the previous Titanium high score he made it to would of been the Mark 2 Jetpack Robots and since they get stuck easily it's not super hard to kill them.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe Spider-tron 6000 also only appears in Titanium difficulty, and, later on, in greater numbers.

Having said that, I've spent probably around an hour in Titanium mode, and I have yet to see a Mark II Jetpack Bot get stuck. Most of the levels I've seen them in have either no walls, or thin/limited walls, meaning they have a straight shot to you. What's more, in the numbers they appear in, trying to deal with a pack of them head-on will almost always result in your death.

So, in summation (and to reiterate my point), I fail to see how someone who had only encountered the two aforementioned, exceedingly difficult enemies once or twice could have survived through 10-15 waves of the things, especially when they've only gotten about a third of the distance twice before.

Spidertron 6000 appears in gold I believe. The jetpack bots get stuck on the walls by the elevator while jetpacking which allows for easy kills. It is possible to do just difficult and needs a strategy for each level.


Ultimately, believe what you want to believe, all im saying is, i got a lucky set up with the level system, as i got many easy levels in a row, and i just got finished off at 40, i spent 35+ with one leg, and 38+ on one life, 39 i barely finished, as i lost my arm so i couldnt use my bow. 40, the jet pack mark 2's finished me off in seconds

Same thing has happened with me

I've only made it till 11 and 12 in previous runs but I got a lucky break and made it till level 20

Took around 75 deaths in total tho =,='