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Spidertron 6000 appears in gold I believe. The jetpack bots get stuck on the walls by the elevator while jetpacking which allows for easy kills. It is possible to do just difficult and needs a strategy for each level.

The only type of enemy he would not of faced in the previous Titanium high score he made it to would of been the Mark 2 Jetpack Robots and since they get stuck easily it's not super hard to kill them.

Found a glitch earlier where when you attempt to cut a Spidertron 6000s legs off while jetpacking with your sword to either the left or right sometimes it won't effect the spider. Makes killing them sometimes frustrating.

I know there is a save file for story but can you actually do anything with it?

Yo guys is this the highest anyone has ever made it to? https://gyazo.com/d7b3a156425f279c8df8593160e66a72

Took so long to do but I think it was worth it.

Sorry man. Beat yours by 4. https://gyazo.com/d7b3a156425f279c8df8593160e66a72

Some things I was thinking that could be added is an upgrade for the bow. Have the ability to shoot an arrow which explodes into shrapnel kind of like a spidertron grenade. This would actually make bow builds viable later against Mark 3 robots. A drawback for balance could be it uses a lot of your energy. Another thing I thought of was you could dual wield swords which would have 2 benefits, You could jetpack and be able to slice robots from 2 sides, and you would be able to block arrows with one and swing with another if you chose. The very last feature isn't an upgrade but how about in Endless you get the bow to start of with? Thanks for reading!

I'll try later.

Of which part may I ask? The sword one would be difficult as it seems to be random when it happens. The fps drops would require me to not suck in order to get back to level 17 and above.

My frame rate is really high generally except during the Titanium levels 17-19 at random points. Also sometimes the sword hits both affect when I swing and when the enemies swing as sometimes I died when I shouldn't or live when I shouldn't of.

Hey guys kind of new here but I may of found a bug. It feels like the hit detection sometimes on the sword glitches out. Sometimes you will cut straight through the middle and it won't do any damage to them. Also in the titanium levels even when nothing was going on I experience some small random fps drops. Specifically I believe Titanium 17-19. Thanks for all the hard work!