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Update 0.2.1 - Balancing and Bug Fixes

A topic by Doborog Games created Nov 04, 2016 Views: 5,332 Replies: 68
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A new version is now available!

This one is minor, but fixes a few issues that slipped into the Endless Mode build.

Difficulty Adjustments - Level Balance

Endless Mode gets really difficult! This is by design, but there were some levels we noticed were a lot harder than was appropriate for their Tier.

We looked at some win/loss data and took a pass at tuning these levels down a bit:


Nerfed! Mark 1-2 Archers

An insidious bug snuck itself into the build. The little mark 1 archers would suddenly refuse to fire until they had the player squarely in their sights. This led to a lot of situations where they would kill you at point blank range.

This change has been reverted, and should make the early levels a little less daunting.

More Dialogue!

The always hilarious Albert Lai has been helping out with voicing the commentators.

You can look forward to snappy new lines in the following areas:

  • The human made a clone!
  • Story Mode Victory / Death
  • Endless Mode started

More human names!

The humans in the forum wanted THEIR name to be included in the game. Now they have a 0.1% chance of hearing it!

Bug Fixes

Jonathan has gotten warm in his shoes as a QA tester, which means we know of more bugs than ever before!

Over the last week I tried to tackle as many of the serious ones as possible.

Here are the most interesting ones fixed:

  • Cutting Accuracy - The code around swords, arrows and saw blades cutting things has been improved. At high frame rates it should feel about the same, but at low frame rates fewer arrows will miss, and fewer swords will pass through objects without cutting them.
  • Emperor Arrives, for real! - Turns out that for some players the Emperor didn't arrive in Story Mode. Now he will.
  • No jumping on saw blades - Saw blades had some crazy physics when you ran into them. Now they'll just gently shove you to the side.
  • Windows version signed - Windows Defender incorrectly thought the game contained malware. It no longer does, but the game is now officially signed by Doborog Games to try to teach anti virus software that it can be trusted. The Mac version remains unsigned for now.
  • Spidertron is Immune to Saw Blades - Commentary now plays when a live version of Spidertron touches a saw blade, not just one of his parts.
  • Getting stuck just outside ramp edges - This no longer happens.
  • Pausing the game makes Spidertron fly out of the arena - lol!

How to download the update

There are a few ways to get the update:

  • Download it via the app: This is the easiest way to manage the installation and download new versions automatically.
  • Download and extract the zip file:
    • If you've linked it to your account it will show up on the game page.
    • If you downloaded it but didn't create an account, find your original email that has the link to it.

Next week work starts on the next update which is set to launch at the end of November!
More info on that later. :)

Hey guys kind of new here but I may of found a bug. It feels like the hit detection sometimes on the sword glitches out. Sometimes you will cut straight through the middle and it won't do any damage to them. Also in the titanium levels even when nothing was going on I experience some small random fps drops. Specifically I believe Titanium 17-19. Thanks for all the hard work!

That is good feedback! When the sword passes through things, how would you describe the frame rate? It's hard to guarantee 100% accuracy because of all the moving parts.

My frame rate is really high generally except during the Titanium levels 17-19 at random points. Also sometimes the sword hits both affect when I swing and when the enemies swing as sometimes I died when I shouldn't or live when I shouldn't of.

ok, maybe I'll take another pass at it later. If you have any videos of it happening that would be super helpful.

Of which part may I ask? The sword one would be difficult as it seems to be random when it happens. The fps drops would require me to not suck in order to get back to level 17 and above.

The sword ones. I think I know what you mean, but it's hard to be 100% sure without a visual.

I'll try later.

I have had this happen also lol. the guys whole middle will light up like i hase been cut but nothing happens to him XD

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I wonder what we'll get in the next update

I would really like it if more 'Giant' creatures were added to the game rather than more swordsmen and bowmen and all of that jazz.

Spidertron is cool and all but he's just spidertron man. He needs company.

Pls dev, implement that saw blade lizard dog tail thingy soon



honestly I thought the jump from saw blades was a little more realistic than just being pushed to the side. If I put a running saw blade into some candy, candy goes everywhere. I wanna see the robot chunks go flying. It's quite amusing

my exact reaction. Jumping from saw blade to platform was the best after finishing a level

So i think the jet pack bots are way too hard. I don't know if that's just me, but they are pretty troublesome. Like in gold tier when i might have 4 jet pack bots coming at me from all sides. There should be a counter for this, but i can only jump to the most empty side and pray that one doesn't hit me. I think they would be fine if one of three happened...

1-Less jet pack bots per level


2-A wider turn radius for jet pack bots


3-A counter for being swarmed by jet pack bots

Hope you take a look at this, thank you!!

ps. love the game! Ill probably buy it again when it comes on steam so i can support it even more.

THIS. Maybe add a skill for swinging your sword around in a 360 degree arc? Jetpack bots, even the basic ones, are way to overpowered, since their is no skill to actually help you fight against them.

Just saying you could do a side swing and move your mouse to the left or right


Noted. They are perhaps a little bit ridiculous right now.

I've seen people do well against them with the bow, since they can't deflect arrows. Kicking them over is super dangerous, but they do take a second to get up, unlike the mark 3 sword robots.

They're easy!

You just have to be aware of your surroundings!

literally all ou have to do is tay all of them on one side then attack if they get too close and only then :D

those tier 3 purple sword robots are bugged i think in lvl 17 endless mode, mutiple times i i am dying in this lvl because i slice there legs off and i can clearly see a space between there leg and body, but it is still able to attack me.

maybe i am just bad but do u have time to check it maybe ?

love ur game though

hmmm, I've seen that before. We'll look into it!


oh, and is this version 0.2.1 or 0.2.0? You can tell in the lower left corner of the title screen.

its the 0.2.1 version, maybe its just more challenging right fighting like a crawling turminator hahaa


It's a bug! Thought I fixed it. Oh well. Aim for the head in the meantime.


fgsfds, logged...

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Will There Be More Spidertrons And Will We Get More Story With The Steam Release?

Super Hyped About More CDDZ!!!

There will PROBABLY be some other Spidertron variant in future versions. It's a fun character. :)

Yes, Story mode takes a lot of time to develop, but I'll aim to build it out more over the coming months! One piece at the time.

Ok Im Ready To See What Else There Will Be In CDDZ

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I would like to see a sort of PvP arena-Either local or online. Because there is not a better way to eliminate humans than to make them fight each other! Another idea is an account page, after beating the story mode part one (Trash Chute) you could make a pre-set clone which you would always spawn as and you could select color, name, and maybe even design (Like the other robots like Jet-packs and such) based on how many PvP games you have won. (If you add it) My last idea is more weapon combos/weapons. Possibly a stab attack with the sword or a gun-style weapon.


PvP would be amazing. I'm probably going to wade into it at some point, but it's a really complex undertaking.

That said, I love your idea for different skins. I think that would be really neat. It's very easy to change colors to whatever you want, so something like that will definitely be in there if it ever happens.

How do I update my game?

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The easiest way is to use the client:

Ummm... What if it's not there?

Check your email for the download link

i found a bug. when something dies because of a chain saw thing the game lags and freezes for a few seconds. Good game though. i love it. there should be some sword updates as well... maybe

Just giving a heads up, you should probably post this in the bug reports section as a new post :D


Saw blades are still a bit of a performance issue for some people. We've worked on them to only cut in the direction they are travelling, and we've also reduced the "bounce" that used to be associated with them. When an enemy dies to saw blades, dozens upon dozens of voxels go flying every which way. A momentary framerate dip is the side-effect of that for some people, at least for now.

It is a beautiful display of destruction though. ;-)


The bouncing effect on saws hasn't really been reduced. On the level where there is a huge hill with archers on the side and sword enemies coming to slice you to bits, I can run and jump on top of a saw blade a fling into the air as if I could fly. I'm pretty sure this is just a little quirk on that particular level, because in other levels I just get shredded to scrap metal.


I can't seem to reproduce any abnormal hopping on the SpidertronNest levels. Is there any way you might be able to make a video of this happening? It might give me a better idea of what's going on, and whether or not it's a bug.

I can try to record whenever I am on the level, but it might be hard to have it happen, as it is completely random. So far it has only happened 2 or 3 times over the course of about 4 hours of game play, so I might be hard to reproduce the event.


Okay, in that case it's a rare enough occurrence to not worry about so much. If it gets worse with later versions, feel free to create a new topic in the bugs forum.

Alright mate, thanks for letting me know what to do if it happens more often :D See ya about

Hey Doborog people, will there ever be a multiplayer type gamemode because i would just love to play the game with or against other people


It's the most requested feature, so maybe we'll look at it next year!

I thought of that too, But i know someone else will go though trouble of writing ohh wait.

ok a couple of times now i have cut the robots torso or upper lag and it is jest flouting and still is working.

Different enemies would be nice and yes guys multiplayer would be fun i want it to but it is so overwhelming for a game jest starting off give it time you know there are bugs if you try to rush these things there will be too many to deal with for game play.

P.S. Love the game GLHF with it Roborog Games!!:)

please add a robot that can shoot lasers beams

Sounds fun. Perhaps some sort of boss enemy could do that. Will think about it. :)

Anyone else facing random fps drops, or is it just me? Also, do I suck or are the jetpack bots way too OP in large numbers? An upgrade designed just for fighting them, like spilling sticky oil in a small radius around you would be nice

I have major ideas for this game.i would think these ideas would be awesome in it:

Classes. a selection of classes without having to spend points earned in rounds. i have a few class ideas along side upgrades (which cost points).

Knight. the knight comes equipped with a sword and a shield that blocks swords in a bigger radius. you can upgrade the shield to be bigger and get a spin attack upgrade to your sword.

Ninja. the ninja gets a bigger sword (2 pixels to be exact) and can throw tiny shurikens that are faster than arrows (but cost half an energy bar). the shurikens can be upgraded to be 100% bigger than normally and can get a ninja slice that makes you instantly go the distance that ten robots side by side make, slice anything in half in the line you went. the ninja is faster on foot (25% to be exact) but doesn't block very well at all.

there is a major bug i found that has gotten me killed a lot. the sword doesn't register sometimes and arrows don't register much sometimes either. i also find archers sometimes invincible to swords and bows, wasting time and effort.

my final idea is giving players 1 more point for every boss killed. it would make it possible to add classes in and add more upgrades this way.


Interesting! Others have mentioned classes in the past. It might be an interesting way to spice the game up at a later date. :


this game has a lot of potential and i look forward to see what you decide to add into the game.


i cant download the new update and it says i haven't bought the game yet I have it in my desktop. Things to know are I bought it when I didn't have an account, and when I made an account it said I hadn't purchased the game yet its on my bank account history.


Find the email confirmation from your purchase! It has a link that lets you add the game to your account

I dont see it

I know I bought the game October 24th

I can show you proof that I bought it its on my banking account


Send an email to erik (at) and I'll help you hunt it down!

thank you so much. you are the best dev ever.

So I may be dumb but I Bought the game a good bit ago and i love it, But how do you get updates to the game? do they just install or is there a certain page i go to download it?


so many freaking people have asked this exact same question... including me xD




i would absolutely love it if you could customize your robots appearance or at least there be different types of robots that you can play as would it be too much for robot customization be added in a future patch?

p.s i absolutely love the addition of the hammer keep the new weapons coming guys! :)

maybe you could add a lock on feature by using q or something


I have had this bug, whenever i have tried to play the inferno challenge it would just crash.  this problem has only occurred since the chapter 3 update.  if possible please could you help me fix it?

many thanks



Oh no, perhaps we've introduced some sort of bug!
Were you playing the inferno challenge previously or were you starting it from level 1?

Do you get an error message when it crashes? If you email a screenshot to we can help figure out what's going on.

Sorry for the inconvenience!