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So i think the jet pack bots are way too hard. I don't know if that's just me, but they are pretty troublesome. Like in gold tier when i might have 4 jet pack bots coming at me from all sides. There should be a counter for this, but i can only jump to the most empty side and pray that one doesn't hit me. I think they would be fine if one of three happened...

1-Less jet pack bots per level


2-A wider turn radius for jet pack bots


3-A counter for being swarmed by jet pack bots

Hope you take a look at this, thank you!!

ps. love the game! Ill probably buy it again when it comes on steam so i can support it even more.

THIS. Maybe add a skill for swinging your sword around in a 360 degree arc? Jetpack bots, even the basic ones, are way to overpowered, since their is no skill to actually help you fight against them.

Just saying you could do a side swing and move your mouse to the left or right


Noted. They are perhaps a little bit ridiculous right now.

I've seen people do well against them with the bow, since they can't deflect arrows. Kicking them over is super dangerous, but they do take a second to get up, unlike the mark 3 sword robots.

They're easy!

You just have to be aware of your surroundings!

literally all ou have to do is tay all of them on one side then attack if they get too close and only then :D