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to all the people who where kicked and people who want to join use this

I think that this would be cool but should be transparent in-game

oh I all ready had the game i'm helping my friend buy the game

just wanted to know how long the offer is going to last.

oh cool

or maybe like one try's to trap you and the one try's to kill you

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yes that's the response I got to my question yay

no you can just the bow does not show up so it looks like your throwing the arrows then when you which to your sword you bug out and you upper body twists pretty creepy

it is really fun to do I don't see any need to fix this

that would be easier but would it be easier for the devs not really also the upgrade room is a bit empty so it will fill some of the emptiness in the room

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I think that a mirror would be cool so you can see the damage on the front of your robot its * easy peasy lemon human life*

I think that when active everything goes light gray is you know what I mean

wow I was just thinking of something like this I think this will give the game even more replay ability it would be so cool

I think you should add a co-op mode before a multiplayer it would be fun and help iron out some bugs that would appear in multiplayer :)

well memed wow/10

when the round started it said sword robots and a spider-tron 5000 but the spider-tron did not show up

yes spider-tron 7001 the most deadly spider-tron ever. almost as deadly as the spiders we have in Australia

or you could use it like when you kill the spider-trons they shoot like 6 bomb into the air like a self-destruction

go to where you got the game its at the top of the screen it says download

can you tell me how to take a screenshot in game because I don't know how

so lich you are saying that its hard to use the jetpack controls yes I think it is a bit hard to use. we could use z or x because you cant move backwards and you don't need to jump so this works.

so a vital part to kill them you say well in the endless mode a spider-tron hit me to the ground and a bomb landed right next to me and my hole arm was then gone and my leg got turned into a nub well I guess both my left leg and arm are not vital then ok.

still love the game its fun to bounce on the spikes and use your jetpack :)

I spawned in and could not move then I died yes :)

ok thanks didn't see it :)

I hope that this is not a stupid question but how do I update the game??

so some people are saying that they want guns to be added yea I guess it could be cool but its way to over powered and its a gladiator game + the enemy's would have guns too.

*spawns in runs around map boom dead got shot*

if guns are to be added into the game it will most likely be in the future or outside the arena in the story part.

I think that when you try to escape robots follow you

also in the upgrade room you can see into the garbage room you could add robots shooting arrows from the room or something like that.


custom, like a level editor but for the robots only

yea I think that is the block was a button it would make the gameplay slower + the jetpack is being added so I don't think a button to block is a good idea

*when the next update comes out at 2am because you live in Australia*

Image result for sleep is for the weak

I think that there should be different level robots in the higher rounds like adding the Mk 1 robots in so there is a good mix of enemy types (not only in endless mode)

I think the animation for the repair should be the same as when you spawn like if you lose a leg it will take the hole piece off and put a new leg on

yes like a junk monster that crawls towords you

*when its the 28th today but you live in australia* noooooooo :(

I think a rusting or corruption could be cool like a once use thing like a spike bomb

I think the grenade and the javelin should be added