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A topic by LichPotato created Oct 29, 2016 Views: 469 Replies: 17
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Experiencing the sheer insanity of Endless Mode firsthand, I think there needs to be some sort of shield (or other protective item), seeing as your sword can currently block one hit, while the other ten slice you into ribbons.

What I'm thinking is an energy-tower shield mounted on your left arm, which you can hold a key down (let's say CTRL) to raise, blocking all hits in an X-degree arc in front of you. To add balance, you could have it drain energy per-hit or over time, disappearing when you run out (obviously).

As previously mentioned, I think we need this, or something like this, to get anywhere. Otherwise, I have no idea how to cope with being overrun by five Mark II Jetpack Bots, while being shot at (both with arrows and spider bombs).


I agree, i was confused at the start on how blocking works, but even after figuring it out. Its still pretty "hard" to use, because youll block 1 enemy. then get hit by 10 other ones


Fighting lots of enemies at once is supposed to be hard. :)

I do see where you're coming from though. In Titanium things gets absolutely crazy.

Maybe something that drains energy super quickly but unbalances or knocks down anyone who strikes you could be an interesting upgrade. Would want it to slow your walking speed to almost nothing while activated too.

I'll think about it!

To me, it sounds like an upgrade that would trade mobility for staying power. Interesting...

Btw, I've found the jetpack useful for getting out of tight situations.


That's a great strategy, until you have Mark II Jetpack Robots on your tail.

Yes, they are monsters! >:)

I wanted to make an enemy type that could kick the ass of my best players, but some of the Titanium levels have so many of them that they might be a little bit too far on the ridiculously hard scale. Once the update has been out for a bit I'll have more data on the win percentages of each level, and might adjust some of the ridiculous ones to be more reasonable.

It turns out I have some data already. Number of deaths by level:

Oh Titanium14, you are so crazy!

People've gotten to level 22!? O.O

They're not in order. Whenever you enter titanium it picks a random one that's preconfigured

Ah. I see. That makes a lot more sense.

people have gotten to level 22... me not being one of them :(

I found the kick (the new one) very useful for taking them on. Also aim time. So if I have even one of them, I can pretty obliterate them.


Another couple ways to make hordes tolerable to deal with:

1. Some sort of shockwave: What I'm thinking is an AoE wave that staggers enemies, or, in the case of Jetpack Bots, knocks them over. Either that, or it just pushes them backwards, giving you a bit of much needed wiggle room.

2. Being able to stop/slow time: Exactly what it says on the can. Being able to more easily observe the situation (by not having to worry about death) and having more time to react would go a long way towards making the Titanium rounds survivable.

I think more defensive/utility upgrades would add a lot of depth to this game, especially if they were comparatively balanced (thus adding to replayability [not that it's hurting in that department]).

I like these suggestions.

A shockwave ability would be pretty neat. Maybe it zaps all your energy with the force/reach of the shockwave being proportional to how much was discharged.

Some sort of time slowing thing is bound to happen, but I haven't figured out exactly what form it will take. Requires some experimentation! :)


I think that when active everything goes light gray is you know what I mean

The slow time could be like when you finish a round, just activated by a press of a button!

Time slowing would also make everything look really EPIC. :P