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To begin with, hats off to Doborog for outdoing themselves yet again with this most recent edition, which has not only an impressive design, but unique mechanics and smooth animations. 

That being said, after having not played the game for a couple weeks, I just booted it up today and shortly thereafter beat the Raptor Insanity challenge in a single go. Immediately after seeing the Raptor's attacks in the first round, my first thought was "bow". I was not wrong, it seems, because the rest of the challenge was largely trivial; it appears the new enemy is entirely invalidated by range. Not only does it frequently "die" from a single arrow hit (presumably due to its large, long head and the arrow's penetrating capabilities), but it doesn't (that I've noticed) possess the side-to-side random motion of Mk3 units (specifically the Hammer Bots) that allow them at least some protection from sniping. At the same time, however, the bow seems to have precious little usefulness in normal play (being, in my opinion, thoroughly outclassed by the reliability, rapidity, and protection of the sword), so having a relatively dangerous enemy that's only effectively countered with it is a great incentive to use it.

Simultaneously, however, and this is just my opinion, I'd prefer it to be an intimidating opponent (its model and size just scream "I'm going to ruin your day"), rather than a relatively high-priority removable obstacle. A couple simple (not necessarily so to implement) methods of fixing this subjective issue would be to armor it so multiple arrows in the same location are required to down it (which would, I think, be pretty interesting), and/or alter its AI to make it more difficult to hit. What do you think?

Normally, fire, as I understand it, is a relatively low-density plasma (thus, while theoretically capable of reaching temperatures of thousands of degrees, is incapable of transferring much of that heat to other objects). The so-called "laser sword" appears to be suspended plasma with a higher density, thus being capable of transferring more heat to objects, and therefore able to shear through whatever metal the robots are made of (as evidenced by the glowing yellow particle effects when your sword connects). Presumably, then, the "fire" upgrade dramatically increases your sword's ability to transfer heat (by further heating the plasma, increasing its density, or some combination thereof), to the point where enough heat is transferred upon contact to actually melt the metal (rather than heating it to the point of plasticity, as above), causing more widespread damage.

I've been playing around with the level editor for awhile, and I noticed a mechanic that can be exploited for creating time-based levels: the "initial delay" setting on the flame jet, coupled with an immobile and otherwise invulnerable enemy.

I've demonstrated this application in my Steam Workshop level (called "The Masochism Challenge" for reasons you'll understand when you view it), albeit to a horrid extreme.

Logical? You mean cliché?

Pretty simple: if you're falling (off a platform, presumably) without having jumped off, you can jump midair.

I think there's a fine line between "fair, but difficult" and "you have no control over whether you die". You, my friend, are skipping on that line.

I can only begin to guess at what horror may come of that.

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My question is, will it have a mirror/snap function? If not, I'll probably suffer a stroke from OCD panic.

It's really refreshing to see a dev who actually works on their game, not to mention listens to the community. Keep up the great work!

I think I've mentioned this somewhere else, but my theory is that the fire effects and the damage itself are from different sources, the former being from flammable components (those made from plastic, silicon [I think], etc.), the latter from the metal of the robot actually melting (rather than burning). Assuming the "laser sword" is formed from magnetically suspended, superheated plasma, I think it makes sense for it to transfer a massive amount of heat to the robot on impact, inflicting the damage and fire effects.

The most important thing, I think, is to do everything you possibly can to make sure you're not in immediate danger. The most immediately dangerous enemies are jetpack bots (because they move very quickly and can be unpredictable) and Mk 3 hammer bots (because they move relatively quickly and are difficult to dodge); archers are only a significant factor if you turn your back to them, sword bots can be dealt with almost at your leisure (they don't have much range, can be easily dodged, and can be easily taken out by hitting their flanks), and lower tier hammer bots are relatively simple to avoid (as their attack animation is quite long, giving you plenty of time to either dodge or hit them first).

With that in mind, the best upgrade path (in my opinion) is as follows:

1. Sword upgrades (Deflect Arrows 1 [to remove the threat of archers], Flame 1 [for the improved PTK], Deflect Arrows 2-3, Flame 2)

2, Kick + Get Up (the latter being the real goal; reducing your vulnerability when knocked over is extremely important in later levels)

3. Clone (for a second chance; replace when used)

4. Jetpack + Energy [regeneration, when available] (the jetpack allows you to much more safely attack several enemies, most notably Spider-tron 6000 and the Mk 3 hammer bot)

5. Fire Breath (not the best of upgrades [its charge time is longer than its active time with one energy bar], but can bypass swords if you don't want to get close and can hit Spider-tron 6000 without cutting its legs)

6. Bow Upgrades (fairly lackluster in the late-game, since most enemies' movements are impossible to predict at any meaningful range, but can be useful for taking out stationary targets. Aim Time is, in my opinion, just a waste of energy if you have any experience with shooter games)

7. By this point, why not get the hammer upgrades? It's still probably not a good idea to use them, at least until you've cleared out the archers.

If I remembered correctly, the mechanic was removed due to being too difficult to use. In what situations, specifically, would it be more beneficial to use than the current kick?

I don't want to be "that guy", but spears are actually thrusting, not chopping, weapons.

The same thing also happens if you get close enough to Commentatron and Analysis-Bot.

Having played this game for awhile, I'm a little bothered that the swords are only capable of damaging anything when being actively swung; you can't impale a robot by just running at it, and vice versa. I'm not sure how easy it would be to implement (or what it would do to the game's balance, for that matter), but I think it would make quite a bit more sense if the sword was always dangerous on contact, rather than only when swinging.

That leads to an interesting question: what about the swords lying on the ground from destroyed robots? I have two ideas in this regard: first, what if the abandoned weapon was still capable of destroying voxels? Having to watch out for them as a given stage progresses would provide an interesting, unique challenge, in my opinion. Another option, if the aforementioned challenge is too much, would be for the sword to simply "switch off", leaving a harmless handle on the ground.

Both of these, I think, would add a significant element of intuitiveness (is that even a word?) to the game, and would make the experience quite a bit more enjoyable.

I... I'm not entirely sure if this is a glitch, or an unintended, once-in-a-blue-moon idiosyncrasy:

Pretty obvious what happened; I entered the level, jumped on the jump pad, and got caught between the horizontal ones. This lasted a couple seconds, after which I "wiggled" my way out of there and carried on with the level.

The fire is actually, to some extent, physically feasible:

Let's suppose the upgraded laser sword imparts a massive amount of energy to its target, causing localized superheating (and thus melting) of its components, which then transfer heat to their immediate surroundings, and so on and so forth, until there's no longer enough energy to continue melting the thing. The fire could be explained away as the flammable components of the robot (plastic, for example; they're not made entirely of metal) actually catching fire, rather than simply melting.

Or, just maybe, the game has done away with realism in favor of engaging, enjoyable mechanics.


Having played around with it quite a bit, I've grown to dislike the hammer in the extreme. It appears to offer no tangible advantage over the sword (other than a small boost in range), and its drawbacks are extreme: it offers no protection from any attacks, its attack animation is much slower than the sword's, and, worst of all, half the time you hit an enemy with it, all it does is push said enemy around a bit.

It's entirely possible my experience is incorrect; perhaps I'm misusing it. If there's some tactic that will reliably work with it (particularly against jetpack bots), I'd be greatly interested to know. What say you?

Having vigorously played the update, I feel a little strange when I upgrade my hammer and it's just magically bigger. I think (especially if more weapons are planned in the future) having a separate structure off to the side of the Upgrade Bot which dispenses and upgrades weapons would be nice.

Just your average game.

Sort of reminds me of David and Goliath. Except with robots. And hammers. In an arena.

Pretty much what it says in the title: when you jump mid-kick, your legs don't move, but your upper torso contorts at an odd angle.

Recently, I acquired a program by the name of "f.lux", which removes most blue light from my monitors during night hours. I just played my first game of Clone Drone with it on, and, I have to say, the greenish color my sword is glowing is beautiful. So, as an added element of randomness to spice up the "roguelike" aspect of this game, why not randomize the color of each new players' sword? Seems like a pretty simple thing to add, and it'd be much appreciated.

I was fighting a Spider-tron 6000 and a couple Mk. I Sword Robots, and... this happened. I'm not entirely sure how or why, but I think it had something to do with being knocked over (by a Spider-tron bomb).

Offending line: "I think the human knowns it now"

Error: "knowns"

Just downloaded the update (so excited, by the way!), and after a couple rounds, I kicked an enemy into the wall. It was able to pass back through, but I feel like this is still worth mentioning.

This was on the "Death Cube 2.0" map, if it helps.

Download WinRar. It's a "free" software for file compression/decompression.

I think something along the lines of an energy-expensive grenade launcher would help quite a bit dealing with hordes. As it stands, there aren't a whole lot of options available for reliably giving you breathing room (stupid Mk.II Jetpack Bots), so having a weapon that staggers or removes special capabilities (jetpacks, secondary swords, etc.) from groups of enemies.

I'm just grateful that it's coming out, period. After wading through the endless waves of abandonware on Steam, it's honestly refreshing to see a developer who actually cares about their projects.

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Issue the first:

I spawned on a level, and one of the two Spider-tron 6000s was immediately... off its feet.

Issue the second:

While I was pausing the game to figure out how best to take a screenshot, a few times the game didn't pause when I pressed "ESC". The menu opened normally, only the game was still running in the background.

Endless mode is a nightmare without projectile deflection. You're a brave, brave man.

As long as you're moving in a single direction (not directly parallel with the archers), you should be safe to dispatch the sword robots.

They want to see you erased from existence. I assume it's not as fun to watch you die when you can respawn.

Occasionally, when I die (and respawn), one of the enemy bots will constantly loop the first few frames of its vertical sword swinging animation. I assume it's caused by it being in mid-swing at the exact moment I die.

Hope this helps.


I've gotten something along the lines of "Spider-tron 5000 cuts saw blades". The dialogue's pretty great.

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Then, as previously stated, may God have mercy on your soul.

In all seriousness, though, press Command-Shift-3, and it will save a screenshot to your desktop. Alternatively, to take a screenshot of a specific part of your screen, press Control-Shift-4 and drag your cursor over the appropriate area.

Seeing as how the current AI has little, if any, sense of self-preservation, there's no way I'd waste an upgrade point on one. Assuming your enemies target it, it'd die within the first few seconds of a match.

What you're looking for shouldn't be hard to find. I just Googled "mp4 to gif" and came up with a ton of results, like,,, and more.

I'm not entirely sure what you mean. You can, if you want, run the file through Windows Movie Maker, though that considerably lowers the quality while taking a long time.