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Fire Upgrades Ideas(not really upgrades but overhauls)

A topic by Rkila created Mar 23, 2017 Views: 140 Replies: 8
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you know how in the update feature the fire upgrades,it wouldnt really makes sense if fire can burn through metal(except if it is really really hot fires)

i kinda wanna make an overhaul to this(i mean sure the fire thing is cool and all but come on)

so be it The Acid/Corrosives Upgrades,pretty self explanatory just some visual changes done to fires

the visual changes being like:-the sword is covered with glowing green stuff(presumably acid)

-some green gas is eminating from the sword(it also could be like the acid dropping from the sword)

-the arrows color is green and have some green gas as well

-the hammer is also has a bit of green in it(and maybe if this is possible,the hammer could also shaped like canister for acid,once after the upgrade is purchased of course)

there is no longer the flame breathing upgrade,its changed to the acid spitting upgrade(if you can also,once you purchase the upgrade there is also a visual change done to the robot like adding a acid canister to the back of it)

because you are getting all the upgrades your enemy has too(its basically all the stuff above)

there,im done

just grapgical changes? i am sure Eric can handle this

we have an explanation: it is robot fire :/

also, there are some kinds of metals that are flammeable

Metals can catch fire with extreme heat. Sodium, potassium, uranium, lithium, plutonium and calcium are some examples of flammable or combustible metals.

So many "um"s, XD

The fire is actually, to some extent, physically feasible:

Let's suppose the upgraded laser sword imparts a massive amount of energy to its target, causing localized superheating (and thus melting) of its components, which then transfer heat to their immediate surroundings, and so on and so forth, until there's no longer enough energy to continue melting the thing. The fire could be explained away as the flammable components of the robot (plastic, for example; they're not made entirely of metal) actually catching fire, rather than simply melting.

Or, just maybe, the game has done away with realism in favor of engaging, enjoyable mechanics.


Se are from titaniku and ermm... ROG should be able to do this.And i would like fire as options in the settings like the ragdoll i suggested...