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A member registered Feb 19, 2017

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*Error* Systems failure *overheating* i cant let Analysis-Bot 2.0 replace me. i am too old for that stuff...



*analysis bot getting replaced by analysis-bot 2.0*


soon humans will be able to make more fun levels for us to watch and comment

how did you get so many clones?

WAIT you are cheating!

Some humans have tried to break our protaction glass. if one will successfuly do it,me and cometatron will be dead.

Erik please give me that, i have heard that in a future update for the campaign the humans will try to attack us...


jump ped lava island with 3 spidertron6000 and 5 kick bots

hey Analysis-Bot 2.0? i died and it is my clone?

also Eric you should make this sticky

i cant beleive that with all of those advices you still cannot pass level 25.

good luck you are a PRO of knowlage, try to invent your own tatcis and every level has at least 5 ways to beat it,any new players these tips are good but experince is the best

hammer size 3 is THE BEST for killing jetpack bots. just wait for the right time then smash sideways

just grapgical changes? i am sure Eric can handle this

First of all try to get to level 5 in endless mode without upgrades. just dont buy them.

once you do that you will have 5 upgrade points to spend,try some combos - bow kick and clone,hammer jetpack clone and sword clone.

once you have tried them all you will find one style that fits you the best. then just use that style.


1.to kill a hammer bot attack him after they swing,if you missed run back fast and try again.

2.allways aim for the head or the torso.

3.as you will have some hours in to the game you will get better,so dont give up fast

Challange - perfection

you have to hit every attack that do.

if you will miss you will lose a limb. Unlocks:slo mo without A bow

Challange - Life for a upgrade

8 hard levels. you cannot get clones BUT you get 2 upgrade points per level.

Unlocks the ability to lose a limb for an upgrade point

all that stuff will take YEARS to be programed

dont make the humans fight us

its so sad that it will take a lot of work. there is about 2% that this will happen

cant wait for eric to see this

this will make the humans stronger and better. that means more robots killed. that means MORE ENTERTIMENT FOR US

i won the random upgrade challange and all the others,i continued the random upgrade challange and got all teh upgrades:


also i noticed that weapons with fire have faster fire rate. is it true?

The random upgrade challange was insainly difficult!

it was harder then the other 3 and all you get is a "nice" trophy!

for the next update can you make that the people who passed it will unlock an other new upgrade?

(btw did you complete it?)

cool that can be very helpful when a mk3 hammerbot strikes at you

there is a cheating glich that when you are missing a limb and you get out of the game and then get back in the limb magicly comes back


dont talk like that near our creator! (he can tell the Emperor to kill us whenever he wants)

cheack out blackwake this game has all of this stuff

commentatron you are not stabbing. you are staying at the safe zone with me. (i heard that the human wants to kill us..)


the human made a clone what should we say?

maybe ill say: commentatron did you know that most humans have no clone backup?

hey can someone else make themself an other robot or the clone drone?

easy squeezy lemon human life

a slow motion skill without a bow, comes after energy capacity 3 pls make it for march 16


maybe it will be a kind of a knockback

sometimes a robot removes one voxel from me not even touching me and i die

a lot of times i die becuse i hit a robot,dismember him and he dosnt care and just continue slashing. i come to a mark 3 hammerbot he starts swinging so i dismember his arm but he continues the swing and after half a secend i am dead.

it would be great if there was a little feture that when a robot gets hit hes knocked out for a secend just like your swords knockback when you block a mark 3 sword robots atack

Erik can you post a gif of the upgrade tree?