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Is your mind transferred to the clone when you die, or is it a copy of your mind?

A topic by Z3-NN7 created Feb 28, 2017 Views: 179 Replies: 5
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Title says it all.

Does your mind stay "alive" and be transferred to the current clone when you die, or is it gone forever, but a copy of it still remains in the clone?


I think it's the latter, because, quoting Commentatron when you kill one of your clones:

(Commentatron) I guess there are no outward signs that these robots carry a copy of its consciousness.

Wow, I've never heard that dialogue before.

Guess you learn something new every day.


It is a digitized copy. The actual brain is set on fire with the rest of the body as part of Harvesting (TM).


Thanks for this info, it's great that there are developers interacting with the community like this :)