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Classes by luke

A topic by lukester535 created Mar 06, 2017 Views: 292 Replies: 9
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if you choose bow then you would get a bow and a dagger and more bow upgrades like scope / projectile speed / homing arrow and if you chose the sword then you get a great sword and upgrades like length / speed / throwing??? :3 / and most bow upgrades would be LOCKED

leave thoughts in the comments i would like to hear if you like this idea :)))) plz add atleast some of these

not really the idea that you have limited upgrades... but the upgrades you said would be cool (i really want to see some stabby knife kill some humans!)

commentatron you are not stabbing. you are staying at the safe zone with me. (i heard that the human wants to kill us..)

well, challenges are getting added so too bad :P

i love this game


also tell spider tron 5000 i said dhi

something a lot like what you have described is being added for the steam release :D

whaaat? tell me more

scroll down to challenge mode

or did you mean upgrade wise?