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Highest one I've seen in the comments so far (the best)

scratch that I just saw 1m 

also multiplayer like hunger games or something

or a deathmatch that if you die you respawn and if you get a kill you have 1 upgrade point

yeah thats a good idea do that 

Fire Feet (Makes your kick do a little bit of damage)      Sword length,   sword hit speed,   hammer speed,    scope for bow,     arrow speed,

armor.    please tell me if you like this!

classes. i made a thought out post about this before but i dont know how to look at it if you can find it link it in the chat

whaaat? tell me more

also tell spider tron 5000 i said dhi

i love this game

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if you choose bow then you would get a bow and a dagger and more bow upgrades like scope / projectile speed / homing arrow and if you chose the sword then you get a great sword and upgrades like length / speed / throwing??? :3 / and most bow upgrades would be LOCKED

leave thoughts in the comments i would like to hear if you like this idea :)))) plz add atleast some of these