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Eric you should fix this

A topic by THE EMPEROR created Mar 15, 2017 Views: 119 Replies: 3
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there is a cheating glich that when you are missing a limb and you get out of the game and then get back in the limb magicly comes back

Erik said in one post that would be fixed soon :)

Also, before he fixes the upgrade point/clone cheat he should add a sandbox mode to test new features and upgrades.


Yeah, we'll add a repair function at some point. When we do I'll fix this!

I have a suggestion regarding the repair function
Since I believe I saw you say something about planning to implements pick ups/power ups at some point, how about making the larger enemies or mini bosses drop something which will repair one or few random voxels and possibly restore function to a missing limb. I'm guessing this would be hard to implement in a way that won't result in floating voxels though.