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VattHammer-proof levels

A topic by cogitoergosum815 created Apr 06, 2017 Views: 306 Replies: 13
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ok, level editor is coming out in the next major update (unless it gets pushed back for whatever reason) and we have a problem: VattHammer! (a twitch streamer who is better at this game than I am at breathing) so what do we need to do? MAKE. SOME. FRIKIN. HARD. LEVELS. :D so c'mon let's brainstorm about potential levels with which to kill Vatt!

lava jump ialand with 40 jetpack mark 8 hammer bots

yes but levels with enemies that EXIST and won't crash the game :D

5 kickbots 3 mark 4 hammerbots and one mark 3 hammerbot all on the lava island.

Really? level editor? MY GOD IM SO HYPED RIGHT NOW!!! :D

me too!

jump ped lava island with 3 spidertron6000 and 5 kick bots

I die just thinking about it

Lava island with mk2 kick bots

Some ideas:

A tight tunnel with MK4 Combine Archers and no Arrow Block.

Lava Island Micro with a bunch of MKX Martial Kickers.

Small platform with only bow, and on the other side, a bunch of MK6 Arachnid Bombers.

What about a crap-ton of MK4 Jethammer Enforceptors?

What about a crap-ton of MKX Jetpack Rangers?

What about a*knockouttostoprepeatingthesamesentence* load of MKX Martial Kickers in a tight platform surrounded by lava?

I think there's a fine line between "fair, but difficult" and "you have no control over whether you die". You, my friend, are skipping on that line.

Maybe the MK4 Jethammer one is kind of more fair?


You're all shit outta luck because i'll win them anyway heh

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Hmm, maybe 6 mark 4 archers, 2 Mk 2 jet-pack bots, and a spider-tron 6000 at the top of the map, all other enemies (And Vatt) are trapped between two moving walls that end up in lava.