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so you know what enamy i'm talking about

this is an upgrade you could get for the kick, this move would make you kick, spin around and knock over all the robots near you, it would cost one energy bar.

Yeah, that sounds awesome!

yeah i just got the idea from a game called enter the Gungeon

this robot is a robot with no weapons but glowing hands and whatever robot is closest to the invincibot is invincible and cannot be killed without first killing the invincibot. thank you for reading.

This robot is never seen all by itself it's only seen on other robots and what it dose is make the robot its connected to explode when it dies.

it just looks like a spidertron bomb with legs... and on another robots head.

after a round you can reverse time in photo mode if you go out of photo mode than the time you went in you will just go to the the time you went in to photo mode. this will be very useful if you do something cool and don't go into photo mode in time you can rewind and watch it until you find the cool moment you want. i hope you like the idea.

this is just a robot that stands still in the upgrade room. you can kick it,you can smash it,you can slice it and even burn it. and it will regen after destroyed.

5 kickbots 3 mark 4 hammerbots and one mark 3 hammerbot all on the lava island.

dude calm dow..n....wait.........

MARK 9!!!!!

woohoo thx for reply

this bot has a drill it can use to go underground and pop up near the the player.

this bots drill is at the tip of a spear that it can use to stab the player.

this bot also hat a jet pack. the mark 1 has a small drill,mark 2 has a normal sized drill,mark 3 has a big drill and a 25% faster jet pack.

thank you for reading.

the saw bot is a moving saw blade that will charge up and than dash at you in a straight line this bot is underground when dashing at you and above ground when it hits the wall. mark 1 one saw blade. mark 2 two saw blade. mark 3 three saw blades.



flytron is a flying spider tron head that drops bombs on you.trates include

moves half as fast as a mark 1 sword bot.

is at a fixed height reachable by a jump slash with a sword.


kickbot is basically just a pair of legs with a head that kicks you over.(that's it)


1:high jump

like the name states this upgrade gives you a high jump so you can...well..... jump higher.

2:ground pound

this upgrade comes after high jump well in the air you smash down to the ground and create a small shock wave that knocks over any near robots. an upgrade would make the shock wave bigger.

thank you for reading.

i think it would brake. maybe you could get a roll upgrade

The rock bot would throw rocks at you at a ark. and mark ones would throw smaller rocks than the mark threes. same idea for the upgrade and possibly a fire option. just think throwing a huge flaming bolder at a robot as it explodes into little burning parts.

its not there why can i download it