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Another Idea

A topic by SayoriTheIcePhoenix created Apr 06, 2017 Views: 519 Replies: 32
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This is a simple idea really.
Just rag doll death. Instead of the robots becoming stiff like a statue and standing still they should instead fall down and scrap up the floor instead

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dude calm dow..n....wait.........

MARK 9!!!!!

Mark nine.

There ya go.


MK 9: a swordbowhammerjetpackkickbots with block arrows


Mark 9? That's a thing. I'll take them all on plus I don't think they'll let you do that because it'd be a waste if I destroyed them or to send them on a person like me that's not in the death cubes

cough that was just warm up and dont overestimate yourself l. The would REK you

you would be dead where you stand. And that's what only nubs say

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I'm not a nub. I'd destroy you just so you can get replaced by a better version of youPlus mark 9 do not exist yet. Come to my planet we're ready for your invasion. We'll end up bombing you on sight when you come near the planet.
Trust me. Before you even land most of your scrapped up units would be destroyed in a few seconds

*shoots in head and does not miss* JOB DONE WELL

You only chipped one piece
*Slices off arm*

... you don't play the game as I see. The sem cut dindnt EVEN exist cause one piece chipped off kills you...

Not all the time. I've seen people survive but it also depends on where you get hit

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well my shot was fatal so get out

It was not fatal

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hehehAfbeeldingsresultaat voor sans you would be dead where you stand

Okay, THAT's funny.


I've heard Erik say somewhere on a stream that coding that sort of thing would be very tedious and challenging, so I don't think it'll happen, especially with the slicing mechanics we already have.


Why would a robot have ragdoll physics?

Humans have muscles. Robots are just hunks of metal or whatever material. They're not capable of ragdoll deaths

They do fall down though. The death mechanics are perfectly fine as is

because the motors controlling the limbs go slack, and rotate freely

weather it was hard to implement or not, i think this is perfect.
you kill bots by hitting their fatal spots which are areas that have their important hardware in store, the moment you cut off the power supply for a machine it stops, just like in the game.
besides, isnt it awesome that you can furthermore chop down the head of a hammer bot that almost costed you your whole run?
or kick off the body of the last robot in lava after slicing its head off clean?

The reason the robots go stiff is because the motors stop. When there is no input for the motors, the motors lock into place, unless they're a hinge motor, in which case the motors rotate freely. I'm guessing that they're using normal motors though.