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IMO a shot that "zombifies" (Which doesn't make sense) robots is kinda overpowered and dumb. Sorry if I sound mean , don't mean to but yknow. It's good to have an imagination but don't let it get too wild or you'll make ideas like this. Also it's hard to understand cause you don't put any periods or separate them into paragraphs

Maybe you should think this through and edit you comment so we can actually understand.

Wait so you want a gun that shoots green lasers , slow down the enemy while burning them with green fire at the same time , and you want blaster bots to have these weapons. That's being crazy cause it's just overpowered. You have to think when you make an idea tho.

Now that's just going too far...

We all know about Horizon Zero Dawn right? Good then you should know they all the animals there are robotic so it'd be cool if we could get some more animal robots like some type of bird to represent the the carriers but obviously a lot smaller and resembles a bird. And maybe some dinosaur robot thingy this means we could have robots riding robots

Don't people think the fire sword is kinda weird

Because when fire gets hot enough it turns into plasma 
But then this means the sword gets downgraded to fire which isn't as hot as plasma

Thanks for the reply

This idea might have a low chance to be added but whatever.

Basically It's like level editor. But this time you create your own robot.

Basically all you need is cubes and a color changer bar and the player gets to select each body part they wanna make
So lets say you wanna make th leg part of a robot.
You click the leg tab on the side then you select the cube use any color and you start building from scratch for each body part.
You get to choose how fast it is
How tall it is (It depends on how long you make the body)
How smart it should be (Like MK4 Robot smart or MK1 intelligence) 
If it should have a jetpack on its back (customizable also)
If it should have a spidertron cannon on its back(So basically you can create all different types and put them in your level so it fits)
You can also choose all the perks it can have so this means 

You can make a humanoid dragon unit with a jetpack that looks like wings and fire breath and they use kicks only so they have no weapons.

(1 edit)

So I have a lot of questions.

Will there be multiplayer? Or would it be too laggy or you would have to rewrite a lot of code
Or a smaller multiplayer like a 2-6 player co-op or something

If it stays single player will it have modding support?
Also if you get in the medieval stage it'd be cool if you could make your tribe or kingdom its own banner/flag and all the people in your tribe/kingdom will have it on it so you know who is who.

Also will there be XBOX or PS4 support?

You were dead 5 weeks ago too

It'd be cool if there was some rare body types that you can get somehow like

A rainbow robot color or black and white blobs
Or red and blue dots
So basically patterns that have a VERY RARE chance of getting

Also will you ever make a mac version because I use Mac OS X

No exceptions EVERYONE who wants the game will play.

*Does not kill SayoriTheIcePhoenix* *Kills Commentatron* done. *walks away*

It'd be cool if you could activate a hunt.
So basically you can get all your tribe mates on go on a huge hunt and then feast!

Also it'd be cool if there was other tribes that you can either 1 ally or destroy or join then/join you

Also it'd be cool if there was like a forge area where you go through the process of making a sword .
I suggest you watch videos of sword making the old fashion way.
I heard that they use oil instead of water to cool so it won't crack.

Also will magic ever come to the game (Question btw)

I thought of this idea so people could make like sneaky maps and stuff.
With the new trigger zones it'd be cool if you could put it on a robot and they'll only attack you in their line of sight.
And the ability to make them move around in a set pattern or maybe a random pattern.

SO this means people can make like a secret base map weird you have to hide behind walls and things and try not to get caught while killing all the robots. So basically hitman

I'm not dead. If I was dead why am I talking right now?

But I'm tired of "fighting you" cause this is a huge waste of time. So you can just go back to your small spaceship now

Sorry that wasn't me *Cuts directly in the midd of your head and doesn't miss* *Also was not anyone else*

It was not fatal

Not all the time. I've seen people survive but it also depends on where you get hit

Hey Doborog I have a really good question.
How many Chapters are there going to be? I hope the chapters aren't so short like how if you escape the chapter already ends

You only chipped one piece
*Slices off arm*

(1 edit)

I'm not a nub. I'd destroy you just so you can get replaced by a better version of youPlus mark 9 do not exist yet. Come to my planet we're ready for your invasion. We'll end up bombing you on sight when you come near the planet.
Trust me. Before you even land most of your scrapped up units would be destroyed in a few seconds

Im not exactly sure myself if this idea would fit into the game but it would be cool to dual wield swords at the cost of low damage because you're using one hand but able to damage things faster and you're much harder to block and predict. You also get a bit slower but if you have a jetpack you can hit more people or do intense damage by slashing people with two swords .
Plus it'd look epic in photo mode.

Now sheaths.
When you buy the bow or hammer the repair bot puts new parts on you. So when you switch you weapon , your weapon won't just disappear into nothing but instead it would go someone on your back or side

Sword:At your side. Its just a little square that you put your sword in so the blade is still exposed.
Bow:On your back you put your bow handle in there and is closed with a latch
Hammer:On your side also but different position. Holder is like the sword

So basically you know how if you move in the direction and you swing the sword it goes the opposite way right. Well I just thought of a move that we don't have for some reason.
When you press S and click you do a huge lunge attack but after you finish it leaves you pretty vulnerableIts very fast so its hard to dodge by jumping over so the right thing to do it to turn and move left/right to dodge.
If we get a MK5 robot (I hope its color will be black with red eyes and some weird design like spikes going up and down) It would be able to use this.

Also if we get a spear weapon in the future it should mainly use this attack

Oh my bad I forgot. While playing I was able to figure out how when I looked in the guide book

Mark 9? That's a thing. I'll take them all on plus I don't think they'll let you do that because it'd be a waste if I destroyed them or to send them on a person like me that's not in the death cubes

Hey I've even searching for a game and this happened to catch my interest. I hope its really good

The Arcane Relics™ community · Created a new topic Hey

Hey , I'm new to this game and I was able to play it with some of my friends but I wanted to know how to cast spells because my friend is a mage

So I've seen some people come up with the ideas of adding allies and if that ever happens I thought of this instead
So overtime you buy a clone you can go up and walk to the clone and tap it. The clone with activate and it will follow you to the elevator.
If you finish a round you won't get a point because you had already spent one on a robot.
If you don't like that idea. Maybe it could be you get a point and buy a clone and then do the process I mentioned before

This is a simple idea really.
Just rag doll death. Instead of the robots becoming stiff like a statue and standing still they should instead fall down and scrap up the floor instead

Well I've seen ideas about multiplayer so if you ever decide to accept their idea to add multiplayer then MAYBE you can add this gamemode

Humans vs Robots.It obviously fits. It takes place with a bunch of humans (It should be at least 10-15 human players)
Fighting and working together to try and not have their home destroyed by the everlasting robot forces.

Its basically infection from call of duty
Or maybe you can have it different and make it be sometime of war thingy

Well when I got the download and clicked the Mac OS X.rar it says theres no document to open it

When I try to download this for Mac it says it does not have a application

UH you just said you wanted them to die at the end

You have to pay for the steam version guys they are think it should be 12-15 dollars

Because the developer "SteelRaven7" and other people has constantly said it but no one will listen

Read what I just said....

People please understand that there is NEVER going to be multiplayer nor LAN and if you ask why?
Its because Ravenfield is supposed to be / designed for single player so please stop saying "add multiplayer"

Theres never gonna be multiplayer