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Dawn of Tribe

Survive and manage your tribe through ages · By CodingArtists

Your suggestions / ideas Sticky

A topic by CodingArtists created Apr 12, 2017 Views: 548 Replies: 22
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Here you can post your suggestions / ideas for the game ! I'm really open to everything consistent with the global idea, use your imagination to make this game awesome :)

Hi. I just saw your game and love the idea and concept. it would be cool if your tribemates would also go out and gather resources, build there own houses (city walls, homes, shops, etc.), and hunt. I just think it would be cool if you didn't have to do all of the work. I also think you should add enemy tribes to compete against and fight against. I love the concept and have been looking for a game like this FOREVER! I have been googling, searching on youtube, and asking around for GOOD games like this. Thanks!


Thank you very much for your comment, it really motivates me ! :) I love all your ideas and I'll implement them in the game when I'll finish management mechanics, and begin artificial intelligence (NPCs and animals) in 2 months !

Thanks man it means a lot. I'm glad I could help <3 Cant wait to see the future of this game because it will be amazing. Cant wait to see it on steam :D You have a guaranteed buy from me

Hey I acctually had a similar idea for a game like this i was wondering if could see if i could contact you to work on this together because i'd hate to copy a game like this and i have no way to prove i also thought of the idea :).


Hey! Sorry, I'm working alone because it's part of the challenge :)

It'd be cool if you could activate a hunt.
So basically you can get all your tribe mates on go on a huge hunt and then feast!

Also it'd be cool if there was other tribes that you can either 1 ally or destroy or join then/join you

Also it'd be cool if there was like a forge area where you go through the process of making a sword .
I suggest you watch videos of sword making the old fashion way.
I heard that they use oil instead of water to cool so it won't crack.

Also will magic ever come to the game (Question btw)

Developer (Edited 1 time)

Great idea for the huge hunt, that may be in the game later! Before it is, I thought of a job system which lets you choose how many tribe mates are hunters, builders, farmers, etc. But your idea sounds really fun! I was thinking about adding other tribes too, I'll implement it as fast as I can. And there will be a forge in the game once you reached Middle Ages, but it won't be so much detailed! Finally, I don't plan to add magic to the game, because it's supposed to be realistic!

Also will you ever make a mac version because I use Mac OS X


Yes, I'll upload a mac version at the same time I upload the big update in approximately 10 days!

Awesome game! Here's an idea:  why won't you make the game about the protagonist's family, with a system not unlike the one in Crusader Kings 2? You could build an entire life simulator with finding a mate, having kids, and so on, and when the main protagonist dies, you can choose one of his children to succeed him and to play as them next.


Thank you :) Man it's one of the best idea I've ever heard!! And it fits completly my idea since you are playing a tribe mate, I'll just focus more on his life. And when he dies, you can switch to one of his children so the game has an infinite gameplay, really interesting :D

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So I have a lot of questions.

Will there be multiplayer? Or would it be too laggy or you would have to rewrite a lot of code
Or a smaller multiplayer like a 2-6 player co-op or something

If it stays single player will it have modding support?
Also if you get in the medieval stage it'd be cool if you could make your tribe or kingdom its own banner/flag and all the people in your tribe/kingdom will have it on it so you know who is who.

Also will there be XBOX or PS4 support?


It would be awesome if I can make it multiplayer, but I currently have no idea if it is possible or not (because of the AI performances since each single citizen will have its own AI). And the size of the servers will also depend on that. If a lot of people request modding and think it can really add something important in the game, I'll do my best do add a modding system (but I've never developed that so I'll need to learn ^^). Good idea for the flag! I'll first focus on the computer version of the game and on the computer community but there might be a XBOX or (and) PS4 version (honnestly I have no idea yet)! :)

Thanks for the reply

Is this still alive?

At least I have two easy to implement ideas:
(1) Make a list of keyboard commands. (Perhaps as extra button, to it, between the "Play" and "Settings" buttons.)
(2) Make OnMouseOver descriptions for items in the inventory. (What they are, and what they are intended to be used to do.)

Developer (Edited 1 time)

Of course it is! These are very good suggestions, they'll probably be implemented next update! Thank's :)

(you can follow the last changes to the game on the "Currently Working On" part of the page!)

Um can you maybe add a bit of a Mouse and camera sensitivity/speed option because sometimes when I move the mouse the camera moves to fast at first I thought it was the graphics so I set it to simple(This actually helped with the lag so that is good) then I tried the game it was the camera that was too fast, in case you were wondering it was on the Windows 2.02 update, So I just wanted to let you know that a mouse camera speed would be a good idea to add because without that it makes the game less enjoyable but overall it looks good

Keep Up the good work!


Thank you :) I'm going to completly change the camera because I really don't love it (collisions, etc.) in the next update and I'll add more settings about the camera !

Thank you so much!

Hi, this isn't about ideas, i just would like to talk with you so i'm asking if you could add me on steam. Steam name: FreneticShot. 

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It took long to respond but is this your profile?


If so sorry for the wait...Also

Im SkreeDeeTheCutie


I didn't understand if he wanted to add you or me so I added him too haha ^^