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So you can't run "" inside the zip? Is there any error? Thank you

I didn't understand if he wanted to add you or me so I added him too haha ^^

Thank you :) I'm going to completly change the camera because I really don't love it (collisions, etc.) in the next update and I'll add more settings about the camera !

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Of course it is! These are very good suggestions, they'll probably be implemented next update! Thank's :)

(you can follow the last changes to the game on the "Currently Working On" part of the page!)

Thank you it will be fixed in next update! :)

It would be awesome if I can make it multiplayer, but I currently have no idea if it is possible or not (because of the AI performances since each single citizen will have its own AI). And the size of the servers will also depend on that. If a lot of people request modding and think it can really add something important in the game, I'll do my best do add a modding system (but I've never developed that so I'll need to learn ^^). Good idea for the flag! I'll first focus on the computer version of the game and on the computer community but there might be a XBOX or (and) PS4 version (honnestly I have no idea yet)! :)

Thank you :) Man it's one of the best idea I've ever heard!! And it fits completly my idea since you are playing a tribe mate, I'll just focus more on his life. And when he dies, you can switch to one of his children so the game has an infinite gameplay, really interesting :D

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Great idea for the huge hunt, that may be in the game later! Before it is, I thought of a job system which lets you choose how many tribe mates are hunters, builders, farmers, etc. But your idea sounds really fun! I was thinking about adding other tribes too, I'll implement it as fast as I can. And there will be a forge in the game once you reached Middle Ages, but it won't be so much detailed! Finally, I don't plan to add magic to the game, because it's supposed to be realistic!

Yes, I'll upload a mac version at the same time I upload the big update in approximately 10 days!

Hey! Sorry, I'm working alone because it's part of the challenge :)

Thank you for noticing it, you are totally right ! I forgot to mention on the page (it's in the video) that when you cut grass with the sickle, wood appears because I still haven't done the cut grass 3d model, so I think that you were just cutting grass ! And sometimes you get pushed because the wood appears too close to the player so there is a kind of collision, there is the real problem haha.

It will be resolved in the next update, thank you :)

Thank you very much for your comment, it really motivates me ! :) I love all your ideas and I'll implement them in the game when I'll finish management mechanics, and begin artificial intelligence (NPCs and animals) in 2 months !

Dawn of Tribe community · Created a new topic Bugs report

If you find any bug in the game, please tell me here and I'll fix it as soon as possible !

Here you can post your suggestions / ideas for the game ! I'm really open to everything consistent with the global idea, use your imagination to make this game awesome :)

Have you ever had the dream of playing a game that would mix city building and management with survival mechanics, not to mention that your tribe will evoluate through ages ? Game is still in pre-alpha so a lot of work still needs to be done but if you like the idea, let me know here, on the game page, or on the trailer ! Thank you for reading :)