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Dawn of Tribe

Survive and manage your tribe through ages · By CodingArtists

Bugs report Sticky

A topic by CodingArtists created Apr 12, 2017 Views: 287 Replies: 6
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If you find any bug in the game, please tell me here and I'll fix it as soon as possible !

Hey, I tried out your game. I noticed that when I'm using the third tool (I think it's a saw), It also works for trees that have been cut down with the axe. So I cut down a tree with the axe, it disappeared, but I can still use the saw on it and get wood.

Also, sometimes when I use the saw on a tree, the character makes a jump or gets pushed back. One time I even got pushed out into the desert a bit.


Thank you for noticing it, you are totally right ! I forgot to mention on the page (it's in the video) that when you cut grass with the sickle, wood appears because I still haven't done the cut grass 3d model, so I think that you were just cutting grass ! And sometimes you get pushed because the wood appears too close to the player so there is a kind of collision, there is the real problem haha.

It will be resolved in the next update, thank you :)

When Planning a hut: Moving the circle indicating where to place the hut around, then collisions are calculated with it and animals!
Though it can be amusing to see how high up into the air an animal can be pushed, and to see them land nose down in water... But... Uhm...
And it is a bit hard to find suitable spots to place huts, but... Under water is Ok!?


Thank you it will be fixed in next update! :)

Downloaded for Mac OSX Sierra. Can't run the application. (File size 345.6mb)


So you can't run "game.app" inside the zip? Is there any error? Thank you