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Lars Dahl

A member registered Jun 22, 2017

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I did notice something similar:


Posted in Bugs report

When Planning a hut: Moving the circle indicating where to place the hut around, then collisions are calculated with it and animals!
Though it can be amusing to see how high up into the air an animal can be pushed, and to see them land nose down in water... But... Uhm...
And it is a bit hard to find suitable spots to place huts, but... Under water is Ok!?

Is this still alive?

At least I have two easy to implement ideas:
(1) Make a list of keyboard commands. (Perhaps as extra button, to it, between the "Play" and "Settings" buttons.)
(2) Make OnMouseOver descriptions for items in the inventory. (What they are, and what they are intended to be used to do.)

Ah! it is bunny (All lower case letters, Not upper case.).

Two ideas:

Currently it seems walls and doors do not serve any purpose, except slowing people down.
I suggest to divide into "indoors" and "outside".
Thus areas fully enclosed by walls and doors become "indoors".
Everything have to be indoors to be used (With a few excepions like: Bio-Refiner, Water Pump, Storage Crate and the various Conduits).

I think Crop Fields are far too effective (to give a "we are on an Alien World" -feel).
I suggest they need to be supplied with both Water and Power (to give a "controlled environment" -feel).
And, perhaps, that they have to be adjacent to lamps (For the photosynthesis).
Reduce the output of a field to intitially be: One potato field produce what one person consume. (And add "Alien Environment Farming" -technologies to improve productivity later.)

Lemme see...

Most bugs I have seen have already been reported, but:

I once ordered the construction of a bed and then ordered the destuction of the blueprint, result: The one trying to construct the bed got stuck and eventually died. (Getting stuck is still possible.)
Using seed BUNNY for a 60x60 map generate a map without water. (An example of maps without water is still possible.)
When a botonist is harvesting the game still freezes for a few seconds.