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Lars Dahl

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I have seen this too. Seems to happen when you place two or more blueprints, when at the placement there are not enough raw materials to build them.

If it is only one blueprint it seems that construction get started when the needed raw materials are produced.

But when two or more blueprints are waiting, then sometimes they are stuck never to start construction, no matter the amount of raw materials.

It is easy to recover from: Just delete the stuck blueprints and place them again, and they are good to go!

It is not stuck.

It is most likely people and/or animals.

Try designate a tile in the middle to be mined, and you will see people go in there and mine!

I have seen that too.

As far as I have figured, then it appears when clicking at the elevated terrain.

Sometimes it is unclear what is selected when doing so, and an yellow arrow is placed to point at what is selected, and it seems it try to place itself so it is freely visible which can result in that huge version of it. (Selecting something else make it disappear.)

I did notice that too, as far as I have figured then it belong to some building.

I guess that corner is coordinate 0,0 and thus it is a sign of that that graphical element did not get its proper coordinate.

Well, there seems only to be two options:

Build more / upgrade rooms producing the resource you need.


Deconstruct rooms using the resource you need.

Have you tried it in windowed mode ("Options" -> "Graphics" -> Uncheck "fullscreen")?

What metal mines, smelters, weaponsmiths and armorsmiths works with depend at how deep down you build them.

So: Make elevators to dig further down.

You can see it at the soil color: Brown soil is copper area, dark brown soil is iron area, and bluish dark grey soil is mithril area.

The kitchen do have a maximum storage capacity: 12 meat.

Thus it is about to produce meat faster than the kitchen processes it into food.

So far the closest you get to research is the progress through copper -> iron -> mithril

I have not figured out what triggers the progress through the metals.
Maybe it is hard-coded to occur at specific times in the game?

I did try a game where I almost did nothing, except trade with the trader and fullfilling requests from the king.

An almost end of that game screen-shot:

You can maybe see, that strategy can keep up with the usual building up the colony!
As the pricing is at the merchant, then income made at market speculation can keep up with mining for the resources!

I thought it was nescessary to dig down to progress through the copper -> iron -> mithril ladder, but that game did show it happens all by itself.
I did an experiment afterwards, where I just did focus at digging down to the mithril, and I thus managed to have mithril weapons when still at the copper stage.
So it is possible to get ahead of the progress, that is why I think it is hard-coded in some way.

For what "path-finding AI" goes, then look up "Dijkstra's algorithm".

Dijkstra's algorithm is the #1 in games for path-finding!

Dijkstra's algorithm may seem to a bit overkill at the moment, but... On the other hand... Further add-ons to the game can quickly increase the complexity of path-finding!

Already now: There are differences in horizontal and vertical movement speeds, goblins run faster than orcs, but when they are in elevators they move at the same speed.
That is enough for that the fastest route for an orc can be different from the fastest route for a goblin!


Even Dijkstra's algorithm have its limitations: It is not designed to find the fastest route to a moving target.

That is difficult, as it require to know where the target is when arriving, but to calculate that, it is needed to know at what time the arrival occur.
So: The destination location depend at arrival time - and - arrival time depend at destination location!

It have been proven that such a problem have no mathematical solution!
But... for computers "numerical algorithms" can do it.

Already now there are such moving targets: The elevators.
Fastest route can change depending at where vacant elevators are!

And it can become even more complicated yet: When do the elevator start moving to get to the floor where the goblin will board it?
When the goblin reaches the elevator shaft? Then the goblin have to wait for the elevator, slowing down the goblin.
When the goblin start its journey? Then the elevator have to wait for the goblin, slowing down other users of the elevator (Who could have used it in the mean time).
At the proper moment, so none of them have to wait for each other!

The question arises: What is it we are trying optimize? Elevator movement? Or Goblin movement?
It turns out to be none of them!
It is the goods they carry we wish to get moved around as fast as possible!

So instead of using those algorithms at goblins and elevators, it make more sense to use them at the goods, as it is the goods that need to get around as fast as possible!
Goods waiting for a goblin, is of same computation complexity as a goblin waiting for an elevator!

I had a situation where an armorsmith and a weaponsmith was adjacent to each other, where the result was armor got produced, but no weapons!
The armorsmith could keep up with the speed at which ingots was produced, so no goblins did ever go the extra distance to get to the weaponsmith.

Perhaps it is not about moving things around as fast as possible, but as efficient as possible?
It is an interesting situation: Do we wish to develop algorithms so efficient that they can alleviate dumb decisions made by the player?

(1) When sending orcs to raid: The counters for weaponsmiths and armorsmiths are swapped. (Confusing display bug.)

(2) The map for raiding: Show 10 renown as being the potential result, however 5 renown are the best possible, and 3 renown is for normal succes. (Misleading display bug. I think "3" should be the number at the map, instead of "10".)

(3) When placing elevators they insist that the tiles on both sides are empty (not really a bug, but) thus a room (at one of those tiles) have to be torn down while placing the elevator and then rebuild at the same spot.

(4) When placing a mine over two different ores, like silver and copper, the mine become copper (Not really a bug, just confusing... Perhaps adjust the map generator so it do not place different ores so close to each other?)

(5) Events display: The trader, Kings request and orcs raiding. They can create popup messages simultaneous, so the message boxes partially covers each other, closing one of them make the other disappear too (Not always, but quite often.). Make trading difficult/impossible (severe bug.).

(6) Trying to sort out that by saving the game, seems to corrupt the save, at least all attempts to load it again causes the game to freeze for a while and then terminate with a Godot Engine Editor ceased to function error message. (Showstopper bug!)

(7) Pause the game, send out raiders (while paused) and then the game continue as if it was not paused (despite still displayed as being paused) until a message box appears, then it is properly paused again.

(8) Save-Load-Disaster: Data is lost when saving and loading (Ultra severe bug!) When loaded all orcs and goblins have to go from the entrance to their rooms. Seems all data about them are lost, stuff goblins did carry at the save moment are lost.

(9) When sending orcs to raid: More food are needed if sending orcs with <Ctrl> than one by one. (Weird bug)

(10) Days only have 23 hours, unless the trader arrives or the king requests something, then there are 24 hours. (Not really a bug, just weird.)

(11) The trader arrives the 29th of each month, causing February to always have 29 days. (Not really a bug, just weird.)

Once in a while a trader come by.

However the pricing of goods is weird.

How come is it that ore sometimes is higher priced than ingots? - Sorry smelters, but your work create negative value!

Same goes for rocks and stone.

And for pigs, meat and food.

(However this  do not apply from ingot to armor or weapon, as they represent a fork in the production chain, so one of the two (but not both) can be less valuable than ingots.)


Another weirdness:

Prices for copper armor/weapon can be less than that of iron and/or mithril.


Prices vary a lot from trader to trader, one may sell rocks for 1 gold, the next may buy them for 4 gold...

As it is, then it seems market speculation is a great source of extra income!

8. > Currently you have to get your renown score up above 170.


Let me add an idea:

So far orc complain if there are not enough places to eat, and not enough places to sleep.

Would be nice if they additionally complain if there are not enough goblins to pick up their produced goods.

And if there are not enough elevator cars to get them moving.

Technically there are such feature (uhmm... Some may say it is a bug, not a feature...) in already:

Just click the greyed out button to fulfil the quest, and there you go!

Yeah, you can select all your orcs, then load them with as many weapon as they can hold.

Then minus one weapon, hold <Ctrl> to plus ten weapons and you now have nine more weapons than you have orcs!

Then minus all your orcs except one.

Off you go!

However it seems the only reason to raid is to raise the "renown" score, as you get less gold from raiding, than you do by selling the weapons and armor to a trader.

Seems Level 2 is twice that of Level 1.

And Level 3 is trice that of Level 1.

For all upgrade-able rooms.

I did notice something similar:

When Planning a hut: Moving the circle indicating where to place the hut around, then collisions are calculated with it and animals!
Though it can be amusing to see how high up into the air an animal can be pushed, and to see them land nose down in water... But... Uhm...
And it is a bit hard to find suitable spots to place huts, but... Under water is Ok!?

Is this still alive?

At least I have two easy to implement ideas:
(1) Make a list of keyboard commands. (Perhaps as extra button, to it, between the "Play" and "Settings" buttons.)
(2) Make OnMouseOver descriptions for items in the inventory. (What they are, and what they are intended to be used to do.)

Ah! it is bunny (All lower case letters, Not upper case.).

Two ideas:

Currently it seems walls and doors do not serve any purpose, except slowing people down.
I suggest to divide into "indoors" and "outside".
Thus areas fully enclosed by walls and doors become "indoors".
Everything have to be indoors to be used (With a few excepions like: Bio-Refiner, Water Pump, Storage Crate and the various Conduits).

I think Crop Fields are far too effective (to give a "we are on an Alien World" -feel).
I suggest they need to be supplied with both Water and Power (to give a "controlled environment" -feel).
And, perhaps, that they have to be adjacent to lamps (For the photosynthesis).
Reduce the output of a field to intitially be: One potato field produce what one person consume. (And add "Alien Environment Farming" -technologies to improve productivity later.)

Lemme see...

Most bugs I have seen have already been reported, but:

I once ordered the construction of a bed and then ordered the destuction of the blueprint, result: The one trying to construct the bed got stuck and eventually died. (Getting stuck is still possible.)
Using seed BUNNY for a 60x60 map generate a map without water. (An example of maps without water is still possible.)
When a botonist is harvesting the game still freezes for a few seconds.