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Lars Dahl

A member registered Jun 22, 2017

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Looking forward to the next updates!

Seems the Quest markers get lost when when save - load the game.

Same goes for living weapons's progress:

I had a "Living Club" it was 1d4 at Level 1, 1d5 +1 at Level 2, 1d6 +2 at level 3, did not change at Level 4 and Level 5.

Was back at 1d4 after reload, 1d5 +1 at Level 6.

You go to a surgeon , and ask to "Replace Limb". (Cost around 550, depending at your "Influence" score.)

Or, if you have a surgeons kit, you can do the replacement yourself!

(It may be smart to remove armour & weapons from the limb before replacing it.)

I think roads need some redesign:

Roads are difficult to place.

When the cats decide whether to follow roads or just wander across the terrain is mysterious.

Starting out by spamming a lot of roads give a 5 star town in no time!

In the third mission it is possible to build roads out over the edge, and thus getting roads hovering above the lower terrain!

I have seen this too. Seems to happen when you place two or more blueprints, when at the placement there are not enough raw materials to build them.

If it is only one blueprint it seems that construction get started when the needed raw materials are produced.

But when two or more blueprints are waiting, then sometimes they are stuck never to start construction, no matter the amount of raw materials.

It is easy to recover from: Just delete the stuck blueprints and place them again, and they are good to go!

It is not stuck.

It is most likely people and/or animals.

Try designate a tile in the middle to be mined, and you will see people go in there and mine!

I have seen that too.

As far as I have figured, then it appears when clicking at the elevated terrain.

Sometimes it is unclear what is selected when doing so, and an yellow arrow is placed to point at what is selected, and it seems it try to place itself so it is freely visible which can result in that huge version of it. (Selecting something else make it disappear.)

I did notice that too, as far as I have figured then it belong to some building.

I guess that corner is coordinate 0,0 and thus it is a sign of that that graphical element did not get its proper coordinate.

When Planning a hut: Moving the circle indicating where to place the hut around, then collisions are calculated with it and animals!
Though it can be amusing to see how high up into the air an animal can be pushed, and to see them land nose down in water... But... Uhm...
And it is a bit hard to find suitable spots to place huts, but... Under water is Ok!?

Is this still alive?

At least I have two easy to implement ideas:
(1) Make a list of keyboard commands. (Perhaps as extra button, to it, between the "Play" and "Settings" buttons.)
(2) Make OnMouseOver descriptions for items in the inventory. (What they are, and what they are intended to be used to do.)