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An open-world graphical roguelike. Still in development. · By Cynapse

kindred mission-ritual dagger

A topic by kovr created Nov 25, 2018 Views: 187 Replies: 5
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Where can i find it ? Im already try to slaughter nearby villages but no one have it

+1 question. What does living weapon ? Im already have living sai lvl4 but don't feel any difference

There should be an NPC without a proper name in the village marked by your quest marker. People have been having issues with the quest markers not showing up, so it's hard to say if it isn't working. 

Living weapons gain power upon leveling up. So your Sai should have more damage or other effects added on.

Thanks, awesome game btw

Seems the Quest markers get lost when when save - load the game.

Same goes for living weapons's progress:

I had a "Living Club" it was 1d4 at Level 1, 1d5 +1 at Level 2, 1d6 +2 at level 3, did not change at Level 4 and Level 5.

Was back at 1d4 after reload, 1d5 +1 at Level 6.

Didn't notice this odd behavior for the living weapons. Thank you!