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Sand: A Superfluous Game

An open world, base-building, adventure survival game with quirky humor and Llamas!​ · By Voided Pixels Studio

Post Pictures of Your Base Here Sticky

A topic by Voided Pixels Studio created May 14, 2019 Views: 1,295 Replies: 41
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Developer (2 edits) (+1)

Post Pictures of your sweet bases here! I am just curious how people have been decorating them.

FYI the new build, as of today, has the option if you hold down F9 it clears the UI for pretty pictures.

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Creator Matush:

Hmmm would it be possible to implement some kind of snapshot feature that either on command (by pressing a button for example) or when exiting the game or even every certain amount of time - automatically takes a picture of the whole base area and saves it in for example the game's folder? It could act as a timelapse to see how our bases are progressing/growing over time and it would make sharing whole various base designs a lot easier.


That is a pretty cool idea actually. I'd have to figure out the time lapse thing, but I like the idea! I know game_maker has a screen_save command. I've added it when you hold down F9 it saves the screen shot into a folder. It will go into my next big update.

good thing you didn't use unity or else the game will in my lapto.







What do windmills do?

I mean, they spin yeah, but what are they *for*? 

I haven't had a chance to try them out yet.


They generate power when spinning.

jeez, I must be getting old.

Can't believe that didn't occur to me.

Also it's weird, because I posted this 3 hours ago.

And you responded a minute ago.

So now it's gonna look like I've been sitting here the whole time waiting on a reply lol.


lol :)




HAHA download the newest version :)

It was pretty funny. I just finished the quest helping that "daycare" and started planting my cacti, suddenly I realized there were a growing number of children behind me. Turned into Children of the Corn.


lol I laughed pretty hard when I saw it the first time too :)


your game is fantastic, I didn't got bored for it even for a second. I really looking forward for future updates.

Also I would love it if you make a thread for suggestions. I got super inspired for playing and I have too much ideas.


Really nice base! Much better then mine. I have stuff thrown around everywhere :) You are right about a suggestion thread. I'll make one right now!

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I decided that my third camp will be my devmode playground and the first thing I made is a race track!


HA! Love it! I need to fix the track marks blink in the car (thanks for the unintentional bug find :) )


Current settlement. Really lacking how various stone path tiles do not connect seamlessly to create actual roads and squares right now, but still, I like it. Traditional village layout, with market square in the center, surrounded by various buildings, fields and (out of frame) walls and other defensive installations. The only difference is that each citizen doesn't get their own house as much as a room in apartment complex partially visible in the lower part of the picture.


I like it! I do plan on having NPC's 'own' a bed and also need to have them open and close doors and sleep at night. The stone path is something I've never really liked the look of. Maybe tiling could work like the carpets. I'll experiment with them and see if I can come up with something that looks nice. 

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Comment: all my walls are metal, floors in each room, automatic production of wood, crops, ranch.
Water: open on 100% of power, close on 75%.
Windmils: many (power up to 50). Solar panels: 27. Batteries: 150. Wood burners: 16, open at 0%, close at 25%.
Barrels & crates - metal, many of them (about 150 each).
Gates: one for each side, completely defended by guns.

My rooms:

Central market:

Top - wood and crops production

Bottom - farm:


The most legit base I've seen ever. Better then anything I've built even with my cheats :)

Very good job!



marketanimalsfarmworkshopsolar panels


WOW! Very very nice :)

One of my favorite things is to add new things to build and see what things ya'll do with them.


i made a run where i cant touch the sand and i started with only this

this is me now


lol this  is an awesome idea! :)


Maybe I should make tumble weeds have a small chance to drop other items beside wood. :)


Done. Made it so there is small chance of dropping other things then wood.

i transformed that lonely wooden floor into a cozy home

NICE JOB! Your raft has become a home!


This is my base. Still small but good enough, right? Suggestion: you should implement an expand base mechanism, this way you can expand your base if you ran out of space.


You can build a wagon and build other bases :) I think if I made it bigger the game might lag to death lol

I didn't know that.


I love this game so bad that i decided to add it to steam as a Non-Steam Game. LOL.


one day you'll have a REAL version on STEAM :)

I  probably cant afford the full game when it comes out because I live in the Philippines $1 is equal to let say in your country its equivalent to $50, so I cant probably get the full game if you you make the price like $10 dollars or what.


There will be giveaways and the like closer to release. I also plan on giving keys to those that help promote and get people to like the game :)

I hope so...