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Kubifaktorium [demo]

Build and manage a colony, use automation, transport systems and explore different islands in Kubifaktorium. [Demo] · By Kubifaktorium

giant arrow

A topic by literally jesus created Aug 23, 2018 Views: 116 Replies: 3
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there's a giant arrow obstructing my view

I have seen that too.

As far as I have figured, then it appears when clicking at the elevated terrain.

Sometimes it is unclear what is selected when doing so, and an yellow arrow is placed to point at what is selected, and it seems it try to place itself so it is freely visible which can result in that huge version of it. (Selecting something else make it disappear.)

Hey guys, it's a known bug.

Sorry about that. You can just select something else to make it go away, or save/load the game.


It should be fixed, please let me know if it still happens. in the new version