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Two ideas:

Currently it seems walls and doors do not serve any purpose, except slowing people down.
I suggest to divide into "indoors" and "outside".
Thus areas fully enclosed by walls and doors become "indoors".
Everything have to be indoors to be used (With a few excepions like: Bio-Refiner, Water Pump, Storage Crate and the various Conduits).

I think Crop Fields are far too effective (to give a "we are on an Alien World" -feel).
I suggest they need to be supplied with both Water and Power (to give a "controlled environment" -feel).
And, perhaps, that they have to be adjacent to lamps (For the photosynthesis).
Reduce the output of a field to intitially be: One potato field produce what one person consume. (And add "Alien Environment Farming" -technologies to improve productivity later.)