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Downloaded for Mac OSX Sierra. Can't run the application. (File size 345.6mb)


Happened to me too, so many times. The only way I could avoid this glitch was by assigning them other tasks like demolish, fishing, cutting and etc. However, right after that, they would go back to carrying water back and forth without doing much work. They wouldn't build or repair structures.


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I'd like to see 3 difficulty levels. 
Easy (beginner) / Name it "Romance" or "Boy Scout"

  • No sharks
  • Easier to kill seagulls
  • Takes longer to get hungry/thirsty etc. Easier recovery.
  • More resources.
  • Pleasant weather conditions

Medium (Proficient) / Name it "Original Last Wood" or "Adventure"

  • Up-to 4 sharks at a time
  • Normal rates of hunger/thirst/recovery/etc
  • Pretty much the way the game is now.

Hard (Advanced Level / Name it "Tropical Storm"

  • Severe weather conditions.
  • Harder to kill seagulls
  • Aggressive sharks

Next patch eta?

Love the game. I'm a big fan of survival/building genre in general. 

Just to throw a few ideas of mine out there

  • Different sized stashes. Have small stash store up-to 5 materials and cost 3 wood and have a larger stash to store 8 materials and cost 5 Wood and 3 rope
  • Fix/Adjustment: Birds are really hard to kill. I'm on day 34 now, however, with only 1 survivor. Hard to make bed. 
  • Sleeping bags - Make it temporary item that needs to be either repaired or will have a durability (eg: 10-15 days) and be made of 10 ropes. 
  • Add protection to rafts (eg: increase durability for making it thicker, or wooden spikes as mentioned in another comment).
  • Weapons. I know there is a bow/arrow. I made them, but I haven't seen them being used. So, spears! But have them stocked in one place for survivors to go grab it and then attack shark/bird with +3 dmg bonus.
  • Berry bush - for treating sea sickness and other 'deseases' and make tea!
  • For tea - boil water and for every camp fire to be able to hold 3 charges of hotwater.
  • Add extra levels to tree growth 'levels'
  • UI for Life/Hunger/Sleepiness/etc/etc/etc for survivors. Just small icons with a barchart at the bottom of the screen.
  • Allow reproduction at day 30+ with consistent 80%+ happiness level
    • Pregnancy - 10 days
    • maturity level of a child - 15 days.
    • Overall: 25 days, with a 30 day starting point = 55 days of game time. (Pretty long imo)
    • Allow to "seed" a new kid every 50-75 days after that.

Title says it all. It won't run on mac Sierra. Any thoughts?