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Last Wood

The last couple, with one lemon tree. · By JUST US

Suggestions/ideas Sticky

A topic by JUST US created Aug 09, 2017 Views: 5,099 Replies: 117
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Developer (4 edits) (+1)(-1)

Feel free to tell us what cool stuff you want adds to the game.

Try not to duplicate but click up vote to the exsited idea.

:) Have fun.

Feel free to check our Trello Page below, vote on the stuff you like, so we can know what your guys want over other things:

(thanks to superjes1's advice)

And you can leave comments or anything you like here(thanks to @jolt03):

Please, I really want to play this game, most of them play on Android. You could do it for Android, please


Sorry about that. 

Hey guys ! 

I've become addicted to this little game of yours :)

I'd love to see a different variety of starting rafts for difficulty purposes. Smaller the starting area the harder. Potentially medium and larger sized ones could start off with some lemons. Also the frequency between attacks from our two lovely little friends in the sea and sky could be reduced for easier levels. Even having multiple for harder levels. 

I think having a quick bar for controlling the people would be a nice idea too. I see in the bugs thread there's a few comments on wanting the ability to select a survivor. As we can have more than two people later on in the game using 1-9 for this could be helpful. 

All in all I'm just so keen and excited to see how this game turns out. I've got the page pinned so every time I open my web browser I can check for updates !


Thanks for your feedbacks :)

Different starting points will be added as the game becomes more complete. Or maybe a editable storyteller make system.

You can click a survivor, focus, or assign some particular work on him/her.

Again thanks for your support.


Can there be a zoom out/in as i feel its a bit of a headache to play with such a small field of view? Also could there be a wood storage/ storehouse as it seems like when you get to a decent size raft it just clutters. Maybe a spiked raft so that it "scares" the shark away, maybe a scarecrow for the seagull? Just a few ideas, great game so far :)


It has been added to the newer version that you can zoom out/in using mouse wheel.

And it sounds cool about the spiked rafts or scarecrows. We will consider more defense mechanisms as we refine the fighting module.


Hey there! Looking good! Would this be co-op in the feature? The world (and the market) needs good co-op games. Me and my girlfriend loved the idea!


Sounds cool! 

But seems to chanllenge a lot. For local co-op mode, interaction and operation form should be redesign to adapt it. For networking mode, we should redesign the mainloop of the gameplay.


Love the game. I'm a big fan of survival/building genre in general. 

Just to throw a few ideas of mine out there

  • Different sized stashes. Have small stash store up-to 5 materials and cost 3 wood and have a larger stash to store 8 materials and cost 5 Wood and 3 rope
  • Fix/Adjustment: Birds are really hard to kill. I'm on day 34 now, however, with only 1 survivor. Hard to make bed. 
  • Sleeping bags - Make it temporary item that needs to be either repaired or will have a durability (eg: 10-15 days) and be made of 10 ropes. 
  • Add protection to rafts (eg: increase durability for making it thicker, or wooden spikes as mentioned in another comment).
  • Weapons. I know there is a bow/arrow. I made them, but I haven't seen them being used. So, spears! But have them stocked in one place for survivors to go grab it and then attack shark/bird with +3 dmg bonus.
  • Berry bush - for treating sea sickness and other 'deseases' and make tea!
  • For tea - boil water and for every camp fire to be able to hold 3 charges of hotwater.
  • Add extra levels to tree growth 'levels'
  • UI for Life/Hunger/Sleepiness/etc/etc/etc for survivors. Just small icons with a barchart at the bottom of the screen.
  • Allow reproduction at day 30+ with consistent 80%+ happiness level
    • Pregnancy - 10 days
    • maturity level of a child - 15 days.
    • Overall: 25 days, with a 30 day starting point = 55 days of game time. (Pretty long imo)
    • Allow to "seed" a new kid every 50-75 days after that.

So many helpful ideas XD

We just tuned some parameters in version 0.3.4/5, such as birds are much more easier to be killed, sharks are less threaten(too gentle though).

And it had been equiped into this version that survivors can reproduce, but it seems too restricted now.

More types of storage boxes/rafts/beds will be added in the comming updates.

Battle/Fight/Attack system will be redesigned in the next version(0.4.x).

Thanks for your feedbacks. :D


Next patch eta?


The next update(0.4.x) will be not later than 22nd Oct.


i don't know if it's the new update or if it's a glitch... but 6 sharks and 3 (was 4) gulls is waaay too much.. every second was spent fighting them off.. i love this game but.. it's just gotten abit too hard for me... maybe tone it down a bit please? add optional difficulty levels?

(1 edit) (+5)

I'd like to see 3 difficulty levels. 
Easy (beginner) / Name it "Romance" or "Boy Scout"

  • No sharks
  • Easier to kill seagulls
  • Takes longer to get hungry/thirsty etc. Easier recovery.
  • More resources.
  • Pleasant weather conditions

Medium (Proficient) / Name it "Original Last Wood" or "Adventure"

  • Up-to 4 sharks at a time
  • Normal rates of hunger/thirst/recovery/etc
  • Pretty much the way the game is now.

Hard (Advanced Level / Name it "Tropical Storm"

  • Severe weather conditions.
  • Harder to kill seagulls
  • Aggressive sharks

We intended to add 'storyteller'-like user-editable mode in the next updates.

According to my personal experience, 9 pieces of rafts are enough to feed 2 survivors well.

In addition, building stairs and rafts overhead will not attract more sharks.

And sorry for over-tuned difficulty of this version :<


it would be nice if you used id. net api to save progress in the cloud, especially for webgl.
If you are interested in the api is prepared with documentation for unity, here you have its direct link:


From what ive noticed it seems like the sharks got ramped up just a bit too much in spawn rate so my only suggestion so far is to lessen that just slightly


Okay, we'll do it.


Sometimes it looks like two sharks have spawned on top of each other

This game is relly awesome but there is rly many sharks in the end

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

We plan to have fewer sharks harass continually and a bunch of sharks occasionally. 

(1 edit)

This game is awesome i enjoy playing it. But! i feel it throws a lot at you way too fast, the people hunger and dehydrate way to quickly, if that was changed to be longer by a small bit, i might be able get up to making a rain collector, 6 out of 10 my guys die or the game becomes impossible because i run out of wood trying to work out all my priorities, before i get there. Plus the sharks and birds.


Thank you for your reply.

Many have mentioned more difficulty options. And we'll add it in the next update.

Hi, first I want to tell you that your game is very good,
and that takes away many hours of boredom, well; the suggestion
 is to add more characters, for example, between the 2
 have a child and so, also put a tutorial for the new and state the basics, because I kill myself trying to find out how to draw water, it would also be good to put a "peaceful"
 For those who do not like difficulty, talking about this; I believe
 I'm not the only one who wanted more options on the difficulty,
 I will explain; peaceful, easy, normal and difficult, that's all and hopefully your game grows fast, the truth despite being Simple, eliminates many hours of boredom, in my case; Many thanks and bye
Sorry for misspellings, but I speak Spanish and I used the translator

Thank you for your reply.

Many have mentioned more difficulty options. And we'll add it in the next update.


Gracias por tu respuesta.
Muchos han mencionado más opciones de dificultad.Y vamos a añadir en la siguiente actualizacion.

thank you for responding and continue to thrive with your game, 
very good for sure, thanks for your attention and goodbye, it 
would be okay if they could put a multiplayer or something like 
that to play with friends, because I have recommended the game 
to several friends, and that could translate into Spanish or other 
languages the game: D
Thank you for you atention :v
again sorry for the spelling mistakes but I do not know much english
Developer (1 edit) (-1)

Thanks for you supporting.

And you are right, we will add localizations in the next update.


Can we get some sort of storage system for the wood and everything because it's really annoying to have random piles of wood and having to fend off seagulls every time you have some food.

Developer (1 edit) (+3)

Indeed, that's annoying. In next update, we don't have enough time to fix this. So we plan to add a large crate to store multiple kinds of items. We'll enhance storage system in the time after next.

Hi, this is not a help, but an opinion first of all, well what
 I wanted to say is that I downloaded several games from this 
page, it has very good games, I do not know why so many people 
do not play it, they may be simple but They are hilarious and 
very cool, thanks

Thanks again.

So, here are my sugestions:
  • Allow us to turn off the music. 
  • Allow us to change the volume.
  • One theme for the day, another for the night (to break monotony).
  • Sound effects for bird attacks and for shark attacks.
  • Sound effects for actions (fight, sleep, cook, craft, chop trees, etc.)
  • Allow us to change the volume of this also.
  • Allow us to choose what to keep inside each storage.
  • Show the capacity (e.g. 5/9 if you have 5 objects and can put another 4).
  • I love the poligonal style and the colors, however there should be a solution for a better visualization of the stairs. 
  • As I'm building a thin tower (4 or 5 levels over a 18 raft floor), I'm not having to much problems. But if I'd like to expand a bit more on the horizontal, many things inside the building would become visual inaccessible.
  • Even if you put some kind of transparence, it may become a bit visually tiring if we have 9 floors so soon in the game. As I said, I've only 3 survivors and I'm already at the 4th level of my building.
  • My sugestion here is: allow us to grow more horizontally by decreasing the number of sharks per raft.
  • It is just too intense. With 3 survivors, every time I see an attack coming, I pause the game, I rotate to the best angle to see it, I click to defend and I unpause. If I didn't do this way, I'd just lose too much. So, the attack frequency, mostly from birds is just too annoying. And I don't see the pausing habit as an ideal way of playing. It's unnatural.
  • But maybe with the option to empty boxes throwing things on the sea, with the fix for the materials that are still invisible, occupying boxes and rafts, and with the the difficulty level options, the issues 5 and 6 will be solved.
  • Mouse functions (click-select, zoom, rotate...) work fine. But I use a pen/tablet (Wacom) as my "mouse", every time, even for games, as mouses give me RSI (repetitive strain injury). And only the rotate function is not working with the pen/tablet. So, 'left-click' (desselect) is OK. But the 'left-click-drag' does nothing. My drive is up to date, and I play many different games with it. If you could take a look on this would be very kind.

√ = will be fixed in the next update

△ = will be fixed in a few updates


√ Music/SFX options 

√ Storages: We plan to remake this part, too. Choose what to keep and show capacity sounds necessary.

√ 5&6: Sounds cool. We'll see if the difficulty option works out first.

√ Mouse: We'll look into it.

△ Visualization of the stairs: We used to have a filter mode, where you can filter what levels you want to see.  But it had lots of problems and we'll try to fix in 1~2 updates.

△ More BGM and SFX: It's necessary, but currently, we can't put too much effort on it.



Hi, I love this game, so addicting (^^) 

But in the new update I feel that there is too many sharks and spend too much time trying to fight them back. Can you please decrease the amount of sharks?

And also maybe add like a stronger raft piece along with the raft piece which already exists? So like another type of raft piece which maybe needs like rope and more wood to make (basically harder to make), so we can make a outer barrier against the sharks...  Kind of like.... *Please excuse my horrible drawing*

if that makes any sense (--;) 

But overall I'm happy with the update. Thank you for the fun game (^^)


There are bugs in the shark generating process. We'ill fix it soon. Take it easy.

More types of rafts will alse be comming soon. And in the next update, you can just build walls to protect sharks attack. 

Sharks have to destroy defend walls before they can hurt your rafts.

Thanks for your suggestions, and nice drawing :D.


Thank you for the reply!

Looking forward to the update (^^)

I was thinking different tree? if that wasn't enough with already good suggestion base that submitted, I know coconut does tend float to other islands but what if floats to your raft as your floating along I have no idea if your going allow trash coming in so you "find" new tree seeds as motive for survival to "plant" it as way prosper? Lemon trees means to prosper, lucky and they stop people who sea faring from getting sick.  Coconut is one I was thinking, others Not sure you have really think what look cool or feel in your game?


Good suggestion!

To be honest, we did think of bringing coconut trees into game a few months ago.  But in current version, it seems weird to float locally and plants several kinds of plants.

Consequently, we decide to make rafts of survivors to float away first!


Would it be possible to rotate the view by pressing Q and E? Seeing as I have my fingers on WASD anyways, that'd make things slightly easier / more intuitive at times.

Great game though, keep up the good work!


Thank you for the rely! Add a Q and E sound necessary. We'add it in later updates.


Another suggestion: I believe it would be really nice if you could toggle the walls, I find that they are often in the way, blocking the view.


Cool, we'll add it.

Can we get some new dishes to go with all the new seed look veggie soup or any kind would be nice and can we make some jerky with the meat we get from the seagulls and is there any way for you to put in hard wood to make you raft strong


Jerky and veggie soup sounds nice. We thought about upgrading raft with different options like make it strong, add some spike or make it light. But we haven't figure out a easy way to operate.


well ive played this game alot but it sort of ends a certon point so my idea is maybe add disasters like tornado's and whirrl pool's and stuff like that so the game will be more exiting


Cool ideas!

Though sailing and floating will be added first. And you will be able to handle these disasters . :D

Quick Suggestion for you.

Make a Trello Page so that fans can see where your planning to take the game, and it will allow you to see what your fans want over other things (as they can vote on different improvements)


Cool. We've add it. Thanks for your suggestion.


I have one big suggestion. First of all I really like this game, I really do. but that is when it works. I dont mean that my game crashes every so 30 seconds but more that its just such a clusterf#ck to play. as soon as you expand further than a 5x5 raft it gets pretty useless to try and keep everything clean and organised. moss will start spreading everywhere preventing you from building what you want. sharks tend to spawn in hordes of around 20 destroying half of my raft nearly every day cycle. and when sharks arent invading its the damm seagulls resulting in your raft being litterd with dead bird corpses everywhere. another problem is that (for as far as I know) its impossible to get more than 2 guys. I saw gameplay and from the dev himself that it should be possible to get more than 2 from getting kebab. buuut I got over 50 kebab and still nothing (my little guys also had acces to food, water, shelter, sleep etc etc). so considering I only got 2 its impossible to clean up everything faster than it spreads. another problem--> a lot of things are uncraftable, and since u cant cancel crafting and cant break crafting benches as long as something is still supposed to be made ur gonne get things stuck in really unhandy places.  so in short

moss--> mayby have it spawn less, or have it rain less.

item overflow--> whenever ur guys pick something up let them put it immidiatly into the cabinet

sharks --> make weapons craftable.

seagulls--> mayby a lower entity limit (same for sharks)

lack of people--> mayby less kebab needed (considering I got 50 and still no magic)

I think thats the biggest problems.


Sorry for that.

  • Growth of moss has been decreased so much in ver.0.4.2. And so do the sharks, besides the difficulty of raising a baby.
  • Canceling crafting things is under developing in our master branch, and will be shown in the next update.

Thanks for so many precious feedbacks!

cheers mate

(dont take it as hate do cuz I love the game)

i think you need to tone down on the sharks like they fuck you up also 

work of moss spawn

and we need more people faster

also let use see though walls when you change a level of a biulding you should also see though the floors to


Good suggestions!

We're remaking the shark spawning (also others) to let you all feel more realisitc while playing.

I think you should  add a kind of menu where you can go through your people and see there health and needs It would be much easier  than clicking on the,


Good idea.

We are working on this actually.

Hey! I downloaded the mac version, and was hooked immediately. I've noticed a few people asking about a mobile version....have you considered it?  Noodlecake is always looking for cool new  apps to publish. You should fire me a message if you'd be interested in making the move to mobile. We'd love to chat!

Ty - Noodlecake Studios


We have  considered mobile version. But we plan to focus on pc/mac version first since we have limited time for performance optimization, adaptation, etc. But we're glad you like our game. And we're glad to chat after the pc/mac version are finished.

Sweet. Can't wait to dig a bit deeper into the game, and see where it goes from here!

  •  Right clicking on item piles and being able to move them manually or having the people move them(i have lemons&wood everywhere with lots of free storage)
  • Maybe some kind of spray or waterer to prevent moss growth for X amount of days.
  • Camera control where you can get angles as if you were higher up or lower down(hope that makes sense)
  • Easier/less difficult birth methods(?)

Other than these I believe this game is fun and well made; good luck and keep up the good work. (One more quick thing, could you please add an update for the mac 😊? Thank you.)


Thanks for your suggestions! :D

We are doing some improving about these things, actually.

Hey just a little suggestion but i think you could put this on the app store for devices so people who don't have computers can play it it doesn't seem to mechanical so it would probably be able to run on a phone if you can do that in the future it would be great!!

Developer (1 edit)

It's opposite to common sense, that making an iOS version cost much more than a Steam one.

Since we are a just two-member team, we have to choose the easy way first.

We will, make LastWood available on AppStore, when the cost can be covered.

I love playing this game but i have a few suggestions that I think would make it better.

1.  Make something to store wood.

2. Big storage box should store other things like feathers, cloth, bones and so on.

It gets a but annoying seeing all your items on the ground instead of inside containers. So a way to store every Item would be nice.

3. Make the ladder and pillar be able to hold 9 rafts on the second floor. That way making a second floor makes more sense.

4. Be able to build on the same raft as a pillar. Right now if you make a pillar you cant use the same raft again.

5. I dont know if its a bug or not but when i make weapons or clothes they disappear after a while.


So many valuable suggestions! Thanks for your feedbacks.

1 & 2. New gameplays about store your item is under development, which will differ much from current one. And hopefully, it could make things better.

3 & 4. In delveloping version, ladder and pillar hold 9 rafts already. And while we play and test, it is more reasonable for a pillar to make the raft below hold no other things.

5. Weapons and clothes disappear after a while because of their durability, which is a temporary design, also under redesigned.

Thank you for your reply. Glad to know you are looking at everything :)

If you need help testing the game I am willing to help.


Great!  We'll need a lot of testing later and we're looking forward to your feedback.

(1 edit)

Was playing on hardcore and I noticed several things.

1. I think there should be a way to stop moss from growing. I made one walk ways but moss always grows on it and it gets annoying.

2. Moss spawning should be lowered. In the image below I just finished harvesting the entire left area of crop and before i was even finished moss grew.

3. Should be able to repair walls 

4. I think that right now the regular walls are too strong. Maybe decrease their health by like 33% or something.

5. After a certain number of villages, they start taking longer to do tasks and want food and water more often.

6. Maybe a top view. if possible

7. Be able to zoom out more

Sorry for all the suggestions. I know you already have a lot to do but I love this game.


We're glad you like our game and thanks for the feed backs!

1 &2 :Moss were annoying in the current version. We plan to tone down the spawning rate and design more type of attachments.

3 & 4: Indeed, we'll add it to the dev plan.

5: It might be a bug, we'll look into it.

6 & 7: We'll try out a 3D camera version and see if it works.

(2 edits) (+1)

The thing I enjoy most about this game is building my little floating island.  So i'd like to see these features added.

  • Ability to remove/move crafting stations that have recipes in queued in them.
  • Ability to cancel queued recipes.
  • Ability to remove/move storage that has items in it. I have too much food so I can't move my storage cause the contents will never get used up.
  • Ability to toggle floors on and off (lower levels floors are practically impossible to see).
  • Ability to move the camera off the rafts a bit more so I don't have to rotate the camera to look at everything.
  • More furniture, structures and other things to build.

Cool ideas!

In dev version, we have added more operations on crafting recipes, such as cancelling, pausing, resuming, and so no, as you mentioned.

You can press F10 to switch floor view mode.

And there are lots of work on camera controls, we are still working on improving it.

More furnitures are under development.

Is it possible to add Hotkeys to the game like in Age Of Empires?

Also a way to increase or decrease game speed?


Yes. It is necessary to equiped with these features for a completely released game.

Ok, just giving suggestions :)


This game was so much addicting! I am a big fan of survival games! however, it would be great if there is a guide (a panel on any part of the screen to be specific). By guide i mean that there must a guide that tells if my survivors are in well condition; if my raft is in good condition to produce new survivors (if it have enough space). Also, i suggest to make getting new survivors more acquirable (to be exact, why not make a button that only opens if and only if your survivors are in good condition). Also, i like the right click feature that rotates left and right but would it be great if you also make it go up and down to make the bottom floor accessible too? If you read this and make it this far i would like to thank you! Seriously thank you for making this great game! Hope multiplayer (co-op or pvp) would be a thing too!

Sincerely yours,


[1] The developers have said that they plan to change the breeding system as the current one is temporary. But i agree that some general information would be an interesting idea.

[2] I like the idea of choosing whether my survivors breed or not. 

[3] Right now the camera controls are WASD to more around and the mouse scroll wheel to zoom in and out. 

You can press "tab' to focus on different floors

Press F10 to switch floor view mode. 

There are four modes: 

  • Show all floors
  • Show current floor only
  • Show higher floors(including current floor)
  •  Show lower floors(including current floor).

The developers and also working on camera angles, They mentioned that they will try out a 3D camera version and see if it works.

[4] PVP or Coop sounds interesting and the idea has reached the developers already. Im not sure how easy or practical it would be to implement that tho. But for now I think they are working on core features first.



It is necessary to defense unknown survivors' attack driven by AI before a multiplayer PVP mode.


Adding guide system to game is an significant job. 

One or two months have been reserved for us to fully develop an easy-to-use guiding system before released.

(1 edit)

Hello again, I think you should update the controls for the game on the home page to include F10  since it doesn't right now and that's pretty important.

It might also be beneficial to just have an option in-game to show controls since a lot of people get confused with the controls at first.


Alright. Got it.

My computer can't press F1~F12 alone, I hope you can provide the function of setting buttons.Also, I hope to have more languages (such as Chinese) which will make it easier for me to play.

The above text is translated by Google, there may be an expression error = (


Function keys are just for dev version, which will be removed in release one. Keep easy :)

More localizations will be added into LastWood, of course. 

Mainstream languages in Steam are all under consideration currently. 

Prepare yourself lol

(Thank your for the quick reply to my last question <3)

1: Priorities, there should be priorities (That could be edited in an external config file maybe) for certain functions.  Like I would rather my people put away the food then to sort the seeds.  I would like to be able to say like, Planting a tree comes before repairing the raft.

2: Weapons shouldn't all be exhausted right away, I end up just using my fists because taking the time to craft up a bunch of weapons that will be used up pretty much the next night seems like a waste of time.  There should be a more expensive sword that may take a lot of stuff in a lot of craft able parts that either doesn't break or doesn't break for a while at least.

3: Internal Leveling, I know this is a big one and it probably wont be added but, Your survivors should have like an internal leveling system for certain actions.  So that they can harvest trees faster, punch harder, move faster, ect.

4: Compassion, I have had survivors die because there were two bunks and 4 people, and one of them died because there were no open spots.  So maybe like if a survivor is more in need by a great interval of sleeping they could switch places (I know I can just build a third hammock but when you are just starting out and most of your people are sleeping, and one is dying that option isnt as viable), and split the food if another survivor is hungry.  I've gotten to a point where they kept breeding even though there was hardly any food provisions.  And a survivor would hold a stack of stuff and eat that while another starved.

5: Eat food before they put it away, I have had survivors harvest food, put it away, and then pull it out to eat it.  It would go by much faster if they were set to eat the food right away.

6: Breeding, This is a big one.  I know the developers have said this is temporary and is going to be fixed, but like I had 7 survivors all starving on my raft because they would breed two at a time (Assuming because of two hammocks), and then just end up making a mess of the raft.  I got to the point where I let all but one starve to death.  So like maybe toggling breeding by clicking on a hammock and being like, No more kids please kind hammock gods.  

7: Automation, I get why this wouldnt be added but water collection is automated so like maybe some expensive way to automate food production, even if its slowish (I know theres fish nets but that food needs to be cooked first).  

8: Bird Repellent, So by end game most people will notice 8 birds minimum constantly flying around.  They would constantly drop seeds (Which became annoying because the survivors would move the seeds instead of putting away the food, so the birds would eat the food).  Also they just kinda die and cramp up my raft ya know.

9: Sharks, so like I have had 6 at a time eating my raft which isnt fun, so maybe if there was a cap for each level.  So normal has a max of like 8 sharks (Ive seen 12 before), and hardcore can have twelve that can swim around.  And have a cap for the amount that can attack the raft at once.

10: Possible Bug, I have a fort completely lined with the reinforced walls.  However the sharks occasionally ignore the walls and damage my raft, and then I cant fight them because the wall is in the way.

11: Shark poison, Mannn I just want a way to kill all the sharks, so if there was a type of fruit that would have a low chance of growing from seed, that could poison sharks or at least stop additional sharks from spawning for a few nights I would be so grateful.

12: Higher Tier Plants, Maybe have trees that grow bigger (More wood), and flax that grows more flax, ect.  But it has to be grown on a expensive raft plot that uses a lot of bones or something to make.

13: Specific Jobs, It would be cool if I had survivors that would only plant/harvest trees if I toggled it.  So that when I say hey go build more rafts, I still have some harvesting the trees for wood.

14: Shark poison but for people lol, I want to be able to kill my survivors.  If I feel like I have too many people, I'd like an easy way to kill one without having to stop feeding them and wait 10 minutes for one to die.

15, Hide support beams, Ok this is something that genuinely bugs me.  I like the idea of a second, or third floor.  But I hate seeing support beams every other raft.  So if you could toggle them on and off like you can with the layers that would be really cool.

16, rare chance of stronger enemies, If there were different types of sharks that could spawn randomly that could more easily tear stuff up and ruin somebodies day that would be great.  After you get the reinforced walls, sharks arent really that much of pests except for the ram their existence is taking up.

17, AutoCrafting, You can already do this by placing a crafting table and spam clicking something.  I do this with fish on drying racks, but it would be cool if you could make it so villagers would automatically know what to do with the fish.

18, Smart rearranging, The survivors currently will travel long distances repeatably (Moving fish to drying rack). So maybe they realize the fish is going to be dried and they move the stack in front of it.  Or you could specify raft spots for them to place each item.

19, Chests, Currently they put food in the big 40 chest btw so its way more useful then the food box.  But I would prefer if they stuck the feathers, rope, ect into the item chests (It seems like they only stick food in there).  Also maybe a crate that could store more than the original stack limit of wood so I can keep all my wood in one chunk of the raft.

20, There is no 20, but thank you for reading all of this if you did.  I understand there is a lot here, and I know coding isn't easy and all of these additions/changes wont just happen.  But I think they could all greatly improve the game (especially the AI changes).  So thank you for creating such a great game, and I hope you will consider a few of these changes.  (Also I am aware that I use the same words a lot, like so maybe its a real problem lol).  (I know three of these are already in the voting part, but I wanted to give my opinion on how I thought they should work/be dealt with) Thank you again :). 


Soooo many valuable ideas, excellent!

We'ill reply to these one by one after a disscussion.

Though some of above is under development in dev version, which has not been synchronized to vote page.


I'm back.

1. An in-game priorities controller will be brought in. We have tried several plans. Still undecided.

2. Durabilities of weapons and equips are necessary, though the numerical needs to be tuned a lot.

3. Survivors will have skills in release version. It is under development.

4. First, survivors should behave more reasonably, that is, when they feel tired and found no bunks to have a rest, they can just rest on a raft. And next, switching places and sharing stuff are both good.

5. We have fixed this.

6. Toggling breeding sounds like a temporary way to solve this. Maybe there is a better solution.

7. Sounds great. But automation of food production seems kinda high-tech. lol

8 & 9 & 16. Birds and sharks are just for demonstration. More events of danger will be added. We will make events triggering reasonable enough.

10. It is a known bug. We have fixed it in dev version.

11. Sounds great. We'ill add it.

12. Plants mechanism has been remade already. Look forward it. lol

13. I'ill put this together with Suggestion.1. These should be in a universal UI.

14. The number of survivors won't be too high in release version. Every single survivor has his/her own irreplaceability in the future.

15. Pillars support 9 rafts above now. Things may be better.

17. It is a necessity. We will add it.

18. Things like this are not dealt with in other simulation games. We will try.

19. Yes, more kinds of chests and more kinds of storage ways will be added.

Glad you like this game. 

This game grows so much since we created it in the gamejam last year. And this will not happen without feedbacks and suggestions here in the community.

Thanks for you and players like you and all of the community,  for making this game more and more complete. 


Thank you for reading and respond to all of my suggestions, means a lot that the developers take the time out of their lives to read about what fans have to think.

I have an idea, mmm why not put a trading system, that when fishing find chests, coins, treasures, things etc, that can be used to implement the raft or to exchange it with another shipwrecked merchant.

and I also want to say, that I speak Spanish, so it would be good if the game could also be in Spanish (the second most spoken language in the world), with pleasure I can help you translate, well it's just my opinion.

I hope my idea is helpful, greetings :)


Thanks for your feed back!

The trading system is under development. (You can check it out in our trailer). And fishing chest is a good idea, we'll add it to our to do list.

As for translation, we're glad you want to help and we'll contact you when localization feature is stable. Currently, some localization work has been done but we're trying to make the process more friendly.

Again, thanks for your support! :D


Hi! Dear jesusito8991,

we've finish Pre-alpha version of Last Wood. And if you would like to help us with Spanish translation, send us an email at 

So we can send you a pre-alpha key and our Discord channel.

:D Wait for your reply.




Thanks for your feedbacks :)

Suggestions in any language is OK thanks to Google Translator.

1 and 3 has been solved in our dev version.

--- Sharks appear more reasonably, not denpending on number of rafts roughly.

--- Survivors are more intelligent now.

2/4/5/6/7 are really cool ! 

We do introduce some approches to manage survivors, just look forward it.

More kinds of events/recipes/items are in game now. And again thanks to you for the ideas you mentioned here. :)

Fighting several sharks at the same time and cleaning a about a hundred objects is tedious.

Can there be 4 additional dedicated keyboard button for: 1. Fixing  everything on the current floor, 2. for harvesting all plants on the current floor, and 3. for scavaging everything on a current floor and lastly 4. a button to have all hands on deck defend.

Haresting food, fiber, moss, and lemons.

Scavaging sharks, humans, and birds.

thats a pretty good suggestions


Hey I can translate the game into french version, contact me if you are interested (for free sure).

Do you have e-mail addresss,i want to talk about some business issue event.

my email address:

hello yes sure. About what ? 

Deleted 2 years ago

I love the game and all but it's a little too much to have 6 sharks on easy mode after playing for less than 30 minutes and the workbench doesn't describe what some of the items are for which is a little confusing. Maybe add a tutorial in it as I have no idea how to start initially and have to look through some playthrough... And maybe allow us to adjust the size of the game screen?

Hello, in beta version, it's different. It exists a guide for beginners. And the game is in full screen :)

Such a cute game but it does seem to hit a snag, at least for me, when I try to craft a lot of things the people just sort of ignore the request and wander around. I also had some trouble with getting walls, ladders and beams to work and the demolish button only wants to work occasionally. It's still really a nice game and I'll play for a few minutes to just be elsewhere for a few minutes.

Hey :) Can you join Discord to speak with Devs, others players and I ? :)))) 

Id like it if you could make all the floors above the one your looking at invisible also specialising individual survivors or telling them to automaticly clear moss or keep building the raft till its a 10 by 10 or something like that

can there be more trees?

also i would like it if you could make harpoons for killing and dragging sharks also seagulls 

would die if they didnt eat(steal) food for a given amount of time 

also i would like it if the male and female baby chance was 50 50 but if one gender exeeded the other by 3 this would be overided making the baby instantly the minoritys gender ex 1 male 4 female so it will have to create another male

can there be debree that floats around rarly like wood planks reeds and supply barrels that can be picked up by players, nets, fishing hole people sorta things

1 can you add beetroot and a 10% chance of weeds to the farms

2 can you make a way to harvest from the farms without actually breaking them (like a level were there are no visible crops before one grows) and people (survivors) dedicated to farming those crops

3 can you add fish jumping out of the water on relatively rare occasion for effect

4 can you please add a meat cooking recipe

5 can you add a fix walls

6 I would like a fancy bed that is relatively expensive to make (to be fair) that reduces the amount of time one needs to sleep greatly

7 can you add other survivors in boats drifting about

8 an you add small boats that can be used for exploring

9 can you add a larger maximum view

10 can you add a way to research new items

11 can you add dyes for clothing

12 can you make survivors in water attract more sharks

13 can you make survivors in water be able to be pulled out

14 can you make a multiplayer mode were you can alliance or kill other players

15 can you add a new kind of fish supplies less food and dries faster and also seagulls wont touch

16 can you can you make anything on a drying rack appear there and take a little while to dry

17 can you make moss grow less

18 can you make drifting mechanics for the raft

19 can you make it so (if you make boats) you can take them far away and start a new entire area

20 can you assassin individual beds and food to different people

21 can you give people professions which you can change later on (e.g. farmer, hunter, fisher, moss scraper) also can they have more than one smaller profession at a time

can you make it so they will keep farming a plot of land automatically or more complex automation like farm a fully grown tree then use 50% of wood to make new trees and 50% to make the raft bigger till it is a 9 by 9 then store it

I like tacos do you

also can there be walruses on rocks that are passive unless angered and relativly dangerous if angered

Having a Co-op mode would be really fun and add a new challenge of coordination with your allies! I love the survival genre and I'm excited to get this game on Steam and donate my next check to support future updates!

As of now the autosave are incremental. This will lead to huge disk usage.
Instead, I'd recommend to limit the max no. of autosave files to say 10. This was the player will have enough flexibility without taking too much space.
Manual saves can, and probably should be, unlimited.

(2 edits)

There are a few things I find annoying, and I will suggest some solutions to them, as well.

1. Rotating the whole ship you're on becomes more difficult the bigger the ship gets. Maybe have a pedal-powered wooden gyroscope, used to rotate the ship, which also increases the weight of the ship. Or maybe have another tier of propulsion in between paddling and steam engine. A good example would be a pedal-powered propeller, which would need some processed wood, rope and tar, and would give as much power as the paddling plus a third/quarter of the difference between paddling and a steam engine.

2. Side-rafts. Basically, smaller rafts which one can use for scouting, for moving around without moving the whole base, (with a risk of getting lost), and could even have a limited range. For example having multiple tiers of relay towers needed to be built on the main raft and another relay tower on the side-rafts, which would dictate the distance. The higher the tier, the taller the tower, and the more expensive in terms of components. Might also overlap with the island watching tower. The second tier would be two blocks tall and use more wood and rope, and some tar, the third tier a piece of glass (for optical telescope telegraph), the fourth tier would 3-blocks-tall and require even more glass, and the fourth tier would also need gears to fine-tune the zoom and focus on the tower.

3. Another option for the priority list, defending the raft against attackers other than humanoid monsters (i.e. seagulls, sharks, tentacle monster).

4. Bombs/grenades. That way, we could more easily deal with AI which are stuck, and even avoid having to fight, by setting a trap and baiting the people to come after you, or by setting a trap and timer-detonating it (i.e. after you place it, you have 3 seconds to get away from the bomb, before it explodes). Different tiers would have different ranges (i.e. one-block effect for the first tier, 3x3 for the second tier and 5x5 for the third tier. Also, the damage could be calculated from the outside in, incrementally. The first tier bomb would have the same damage on that one block as would the 3x3 and 5x5 on their respective outer rings. And the 5x5 would have the same damage on it's inner ring as would the center block of the 3x3 have.

5. Repair All does not, in fact, fix all. It should fix buildings, floors and walls. Even holding the shift/ctrl/alt keys when pressing the button doesn't do that. I have to use the Repair button on each floor, each wall and each block, every time I want to fix my raft. I had lost quite a bit of floors and constructions because of it not working well.


Very cool suggestions!

And sorry for the late reply.

Because we didn't check itch for months...

Just a few ideas after I played the game,

I am probably not really a strategy pro so after around 10 days some of my survivors starts dying, for all kinds of reasons. mainly because of some random man eater just comes to the raft and kills them all with some op. weapon. I feel there is absolutely no way I can get strong weapon and proper armor before that date.

Research is absolutely disaster for me because all the different paper and guides kind of makes me struggle to get them.  for example in order to make ropes which is like an important resource from early game on, I need to research not only primitive clothing for loom but also wood processing for logs. Thats kind of unbalanced i think.

I am playing on normal difficulty, and while I have to research those two already mentioned for ropes and more water as well because gradually when I receive more survivors they require more water and that becomes a struggle even if I have like 8 rain collectors sitting out there and waiting for rain.

In addition to those, they require the same papers, I tried to collect every single piece of junk I can grab in ocean, and still I cannot make 2 sling shots when the man eater comes on my raft... 

I propose rebalance the research part a little bit, such as reducing the amount of paper needed for wood processing or make rope craftable in workbench, that will really do the trick and help out the experience.

I am happy that the number of bugs in the game has significantly decreased and most things are running great, but if in normal mode i can only survive 10 days thats like a bommer,


and just saying this page is super outdated, on steam there is already like 0.92 or so