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I think you need add more sparkles for game in order ppl to see active push action?  Does nothing just remove it

Other things to improve on:

You might also need fire decor and some sort of attacking soldiers going about give image of how bad story is going because for me playing zombie war it wasn't just important level up character there no perks doing it though. Like earning tech points from survival its suggestion to dev to create something bit more, and plus if she going be strip she could at least learn how use stripper pole, I feel she could had achievement earned "pot of gold"  that just me I thinking it but other issue is how come she can't use double daggers after learning to defend herself?? she ballerina right there option should be ballerina -> rogue actions, Pick locking and scaling and climbing should be function in the game. Drop and crushing zombies that something should be cool function in game I don't see that often occurring.  What is purpose of Hentai game you can't do sex options it starting feel very bad there are few but that about it... I going give one star for effort. Music was good but where its going you really need (half star) improve lightening needs reworked ton. Give those guards lightening fixture? 

There no trash anywhere or mud. You might have rethink that bit. It would explain hey why she needs a bath. Or fact she does not get molested if she were to smell, there not bunch of that occurring when it should be. 

Other Customizing avatar would be nice,  I mean red, pink or something different then blond, What is fantasy in that or blue or brown I can consider some fantasy in that.  Small to bigger boobs?

If she was able to impregnated by her  stupid boyfriend or guard would been better way to go running around causing taxation to stamina. rainbow bar she should be called stamina I have no idea why its called xp bar maybe its corruption bar? re-label your bars...

Other is Tabern is spelled wrong -> I do believe its bar? Tavern...Tavern would mean you stay  and eat there. Shop should never close during zombie epidemic? Other issue about Tavern there no VIP section, allowing bizarre to occur there, like she could beyond sugar dances done, lap and higher paid customers would come  so what heck is that not possible? it would mean it increases fee and less tax to mp amount right?? after she has orgasm -> there should be like recovery of MP like 15 points.

Time seems go by quicker seems after 4 days went by it looked like year? What heck is that? Doesn't take months to train a person it takes weeks depending on their aptitude.  4 weeks to make a soldier trainee what heck did you put 2 months later lady was well trained "person"?

Anderland soldier was sent recover Princess but they wouldn't send porky guy it would mean they sent him recover that artifact? Kupokaze is my favorite you might want to talk to this person upping you game like ton.  You may want to head devianart for tent tiles they have some more there?

I don't know Otomes are not good for women or young girls to read aka because doesn't give you idea what happens on rejection, Most otomes don't have are jobs for those female protagonist have and dose of reality. Most them based in school and are living rich family not many of women have that sort life.   

too many sharks  and not enough debris to start, issue I played in demo or free game it has where your start off on small raft and not enough time and shark will attack,

Let me point out something real sharks won't do anything they patrol and see if they anything worth eating then find something close by...but that as close. If these are man eaters like for example I give you hint bull-sharks or tiger sharks would applicable, great white taste you out but if they see you don't look like nothing like mr. seal hey they go away. Bull sharks and blue sharks and tiger sharks might be something in ballpark of scavengers... Don't believe too much into movies. 

Great white has strongest sense of smell they just haven't tested out if they can smell baby diaper miles away.

Debris to start didn't have material to place raft expansion down I was questioning what I was going wait for...impending death kept occurring. You have only issues occurs was dying of thirst. and I am not sure if that even possible you get same roll statistics trapped on raft there no random occurrence where you get bottle or jug or you get different raft set up.  Are there islands you can visit in your game and make resources more I just wondering?

Did you see google play nomad survival  its almost similar to raft game except there are no islands but your adrift you may want to make where you get island and you can colonize it and and make your raft as bug out possibly.  Finding the perfect island might something people should be thinking of if your making this game keeper on steam.  If its PVP  makes question will we be able to make traps on raft not just for shark but for people fall into water and get eaten? Traps to catch mr. Shark to eat...or have means to terrify other players leave shark bone wall?

Saving seems to quick save then you can't really save like you want so what deal with that is there where window interface and you leisure or did I get really bad game to start off with I don't want to see like that was bad.

My niece was playing she said it was fun to play I was surprised there not any cat dialogue where cats meowed or anything...she said there something missing like enemies none to speak of just boars to gain some food, she didn't see any I have suggestion maybe to cat grass as additional food source something to attain as reward resource or I can't really think of it.

is there way to make it bigger then what it appears or use it just as guide that what most of sprite sheets I get online I use it as guides...and then I make something totally different but I have questions animated tree reference does anyone have one those?

You know if that true I should played around with slime man see how that worked out you know with story run I don't if works or anything but still pet peeve later, I think game creator should make strive for power little better by working on content little more like nursery give us general idea what does, or beauty parlor...content and room design go long way...or have videos in there make little more alive, Okay farm I think if has no point being there unless your making "adult" toy manufacturing there or testing them on characters who considered ill fit for anything else like work and being useful elsewhere. They could remain on farm and be hand there. 

Nursery was one places I believe deserved upgrade -> needs to where you can lower the price to raising a kid in nether-space why heck is 500 it should be 50 if you went through struggles getting upgrade.  There are no events that tie you raising the child even so what point of spending 500 wad on it. Why not make 50 so you spent time dialogue sequences...and raise it properly the course you want to take it like charmed existence...or charmed existence, or really rotten apple you have tame the child.

Laboratory and storage is pretty much biggie also need another place visit...that has more stores and more supplies.

player tournament would be nice but your still long way off maybe NPC tournament which player could complete against other in village AI which would upgrade the character tad.

Also beginning characters why can't we make slime uncle and whatever we want character like someone from villager or something else...random choice is bare minimal still?

Dying and restarting is so last season why not dying and loosing everything and point taken  restarting somewhere new for change there no game with that.  I haven't seen game where you die and restart in heaven and have repay in kind as slave of god or something hey you have pay in community service to angel until your free...again as master of new villa? there nothing like that in this game...which explains my biggest woe.

Arcade worthy and worthy in anyone collection...just who want to collect it...technically I would but I have make space for it.

to get idea of it before I donate some money to your game. I know that sounds bad of me but I don't want to go forget who I am going donate to? seems kind bad.

I have other devs who i checking on...research wise what works and what really will make people annoyed if I tried to use that in theory. 3d is hard for my computer currently 2d is probably only thing I could make currently. <- reason I pose it.

Doesn't give idle clicker feel like some games give which is good, keep up with good work maybe in future probably think of next level up or change of day add some colors...and possibly pests besides birds.  To click away.

what point of space bar function?  is it mock when you release the paint or shake off paint I don't get that.  I do recall hand painting art is more difficult I don't see that your game.

kill the tutorial or skip it and add pause it went rather harmful for any free play option? What happened to self discovery for those who less newbie gamers in world ->me and few people would feel that tutorial is bit much... I think you need to add maybe crafting to your game rather then buying weapons and selling them fill like a crazy rat race if you do that, means what game is more like third party seller then a prime sword or weapon seller. if that is case or story of game is you have to gather materials...and go questing and close shop or have it shop that always moving rather than stationary? 

To me that makes sense?  Stationary shop means he have fated arrangement shop or he / she found this shop because he had special income or was invested by mayor or township who believed in player. I believe on facebook they have two that are like this there could be more like this in particular.

Currently if was moving or caravan weapon shop it would work, resources would have to random occurrences -> on road as you travel and and clientele the same way. Why am I giving you this because it mean you have come up what things I don't come up with you have figure out what is left unsaid.  Moving idea weapon shop might be crafting type or buying and be third type seller idea but you can also interface it mobile like could work. Not saying I tried it...its just foggy idea...

cool art kind wish there was way change background not so green? maybe brown or different topography? Or maybe different plants?  It would work if was game that you actually watch the plants grow and prosper it help probably people who want to garden and grow real plants too I think.

suggestion put resource on hold to be collected be for build up, so other resources could go to dock...

Suggestion 2: add possible population boost buff? <- or possible resource buff when there is storm of different type, asteroid, fog or angry mob? just seems so strange with your game there no buffs to make it sometimes. pirates happen erratic form on mine must be put pirates slow and every other option fast...still ended up badly.

can you create female characters possibly? changing hair color if this was used to create just those two things it be good back ground sprite creator without having to add too much and main character even and thanks.

It says it not available on Windows just be clear it played before somehow it says it not able to play??  I going say this client error that bothering me greatly someone please tell Itch dev and tell them to find what going on.  IF not Its going change my opinion of game to very dry wine with blue cheese and I don't like blue cheese.

OS:  Is not windows 10 its a 7 strange but I prefer that way. 

am I am only one experiencing this? but happens in client every time what sort of thing do I need to click on to get to whitelisted by firewall?

please tell us food respawn rates and possibly debris if there any that show up to island that help survivors survive? Like floating tropic fruit that you could plant I can't hint anymore than that...coconut?

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there probably one or two issues,

After a save and reload, previous game,

Day six. I had houses built on incline so storm should not have whalloped it, my goodness was I wrong maybe it should been mud or stone house to begin with. ,<-even though you can't

Anyhow house was gone and there no material to recycle which disturbed me. People or avatars never appear in game which kind baffle me are they avatars or something? 

But after day seven your kind have bug the game get weird after that. I am not sure if game has issue just that after storm one point if you don't save you end up having slow down and then you can't click on anything. I was lucky used window mode for while. But after using progressing with saving each time it kind stopped that for bit until I had revert having taskmaster on taskbar as just in case.

There no issue just some strange issue with game just stopped and stopped responding in itself.  Not sure what caused this...

sound and music still plays just after new villager appears seems only happen when you place a building down after there no building down. Seems occur all the time when I have my game I wait to gather resources and then when its time I realize the characters don't have enough power, to the task, is there way we turn away new villagers or I don't that just seems there a way send villagers to auto task them to do things while your doing one task? because I got grey turned meaning they can't move and can't turn there is no way to hit key that make them to continue save no load nothing.   

I think grey meant the characters died or you just giving me no hint what heck happened happened again...even with no building before hand...I also loss of resources like food went down real quick the renewable rate what is renewable rate on food does anyone know is there a way to regrow certain foods?   I guess now client works jeez...but before I had use download version and that kind of sucked. 

I guess was offline variety? I have to stop typing before I get real complainer soon [he] he despises the typing even though his tantrum is all about imitation typing sound. 

You could hint to gamers who try play your game to use the itch client remind them turn off or white-list their firewall on the game app it might help playing both client and game program?  Got stop adding adding too much salt I seem too much of cuckoo.

Farming you say but also harvesting wood but that does mean where would person get seeds? is it balanced get seeds from harvesting trees, and bushes? Farming tilling you can gather stones and left over debris like bone or something I would guess but if you dig deep enough you find root of some kind. does that mean it be edible to foragers? 

Wood be bark, branches, that decayed leaves, but during wind storm or rainstorm you have trees falling over or snapping in two just give you hint a bit there. Trees aren't indestructible. they even sway in direction which they aren't meant to. 

I live in tree zone so I would know what trees are looking like when heavy winds are coming... 

seeds, mulch from trees are common, moss is necessary not a good it could parasitic to tree, fungi black-red or blue might eat at tree. 

then again if were game I consider those things resources....except fungi aren't necessary edible. moss you have boil turn into usage bandage materials.

I am sorry I just trying to get feel of your game there are quite few like same but not all them respond.

there was one that magic on it and zombies/ something with normal storm theory and survival chances sort threw me for loop...farming on normal resources is kind something that might be good thing.

Like are you going to post this in future on you-tube to make more of way raise your revenue that another way, to get a game reviewers to see your game is good concept, but I kind wonder is this one have any hidden gems... and things I don't know like is this magical island or is zombie island that kind thing. 

Is it steampunk sort game where they use airships or just plain boats to get off the island?

Or will survivors simply live on island/ is there any dangers on island/enemies.

You posted only things that give no data...I like your idea you just need add more data for people like your game too.

Like storm concept but will be roaring all the time?

Farm concept might over used but I was thinking it might not be if your trying survive longer term it might only way to live longer and survive without issue. 

Water is biggie -> water has to desalination that means has to boiled or broken down so that means we either get salt or fresh water in that process? if there was refinement process. 

Salt would mean that survivors would get something preserve the food without having dry it out. 

Means also what type island it is..survivors wrecked on, tropical, European or desert? or do you have all three mixed in will they ever see active volcano on map or not?

do you demo anywhere to try somewhere? if you leave run after you tried to play it due to firefox its crazy instant search bar on bottom it makes gaming hard, but then has sound loop with static.

Hey could I share your game on facebook just get more spread the news...there is demo its just amazing...Shepple

Does the homeless game have update like cold temperatures surviving, there lot wrong in this story, every normal pedestrian has fear cars and that sort of thing....

winter conditions and sweat hot seasons, plus the rainstorms...

is there backstory on person we chose? No offense person we are given just could we been someone different, someone that scaled rooftops to make their encampment there and lived like kings while you got guy whose first years is live out streets how did he get there? 

Girl she could be skipping home because they wanted her take drugs due to some illness she has. She was found on train tracks trying kill herself what do you do, do halt yourself or do you help her. 

Other problem I have with I know this for fact homeless persons out there will probably say first couple days they might had nothing on them but seriously when you loose the house and everything you take what is your and your evicted right? Pretty much right. 

I am just tossing real life facts what that mean evicted, it means when you can't live in your house, or you have no home anymore, roof over your head, you have find all things that keep your warm and alive...take what money you have to keep you alive and leave what sort home you came from just go...I think homeless persons have come terms they can stay in their homes, others who lost them why can't rebuild their homes in California or any other state when you get leftist who chooses to spend wad on other things that aren't something they should be doing it means don't be voting for them in next term.  Bridge to nowhere.

Inventory he carries is kind small in future if he does find cardboard home or someplace makes new found discovery someplace considered "safe" will he be able to use it as extensive? Park he could sleep there for time people but I don't think safe place to rest at.

 I don't mind it if I hadn't play in while it might help Stardew you know with this function to have clean out of their games saves to have something if you had not played like month or or stagnant play to have clear out of your game. <- might be useful function afterall. I can't remember what I did.  Delete your game function would been nice - safe new game?

If there diary in your game might be way to remember if I jot down notes what I did what I still have to do. You can't do that in Stardew??

Autosave for devout players and save everyday -> not sure if that helps players but it might help save rewards if your heading for steams make it for achievements. 

Do you have achievement rewards for Steam yet? I seen your game on there already which good I look forward to day of its release.

I know achievements should be different function entirely but your game is very unique. You think something unique and make for it. I don't need to add my two cents for it. 

plot crops anywhere  even outside your own lot if that available in your game yet? fording a river or remaking it so deeper or making into lake is something I look forward to see in game.  They don't have this function yet in most have hire some contractor guy do most the work I has me thinking why not in game world why not player do it?

Stardew left lot good possible farm capabilities out which kind bother me terraforming -> fish breeding and possible teleportation devices aside.

Is that still possible to make it better than stardew...I hope to see animal poop too and use for more than pranks and just do know fertilizer has either sit or be grinded up and put into food rot pile in order for it be any good...let sit for week and raises it natural soil texture otherwise it just be molten death for plants. you could add ash, animal poop, organic waste to make it organic soil? 

Just quick tip for person who needed information on fertilizer ideas...twigs you might need to burn them before they be any use to plants. I know this because, twigs in general there are two types of oak in world, one that blue type fungus eats top of trees, brown-red fungus eats root and there sap version that goes through out tree if you want that information its on internet. I had backtrack real quick make certain black existed or not and I was corrected it called brown and red...just give it more reality checking for you. 

pretty good game concept like Reviel character, double sword fascinating?  Sometimes I wonder why there  no more games like this?

I was thinking different tree? if that wasn't enough with already good suggestion base that submitted, I know coconut does tend float to other islands but what if floats to your raft as your floating along I have no idea if your going allow trash coming in so you "find" new tree seeds as motive for survival to "plant" it as way prosper? Lemon trees means to prosper, lucky and they stop people who sea faring from getting sick.  Coconut is one I was thinking, others Not sure you have really think what look cool or feel in your game?

I hate to ask this but do you have any dead animals? Ghost critters and skeleton animals that roam the night I noticed no one has that makes me question that make your pack way cooler or complete.