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I have one big suggestion. First of all I really like this game, I really do. but that is when it works. I dont mean that my game crashes every so 30 seconds but more that its just such a clusterf#ck to play. as soon as you expand further than a 5x5 raft it gets pretty useless to try and keep everything clean and organised. moss will start spreading everywhere preventing you from building what you want. sharks tend to spawn in hordes of around 20 destroying half of my raft nearly every day cycle. and when sharks arent invading its the damm seagulls resulting in your raft being litterd with dead bird corpses everywhere. another problem is that (for as far as I know) its impossible to get more than 2 guys. I saw gameplay and from the dev himself that it should be possible to get more than 2 from getting kebab. buuut I got over 50 kebab and still nothing (my little guys also had acces to food, water, shelter, sleep etc etc). so considering I only got 2 its impossible to clean up everything faster than it spreads. another problem--> a lot of things are uncraftable, and since u cant cancel crafting and cant break crafting benches as long as something is still supposed to be made ur gonne get things stuck in really unhandy places.  so in short

moss--> mayby have it spawn less, or have it rain less.

item overflow--> whenever ur guys pick something up let them put it immidiatly into the cabinet

sharks --> make weapons craftable.

seagulls--> mayby a lower entity limit (same for sharks)

lack of people--> mayby less kebab needed (considering I got 50 and still no magic)

I think thats the biggest problems.

Sorry for that.

  • Growth of moss has been decreased so much in ver.0.4.2. And so do the sharks, besides the difficulty of raising a baby.
  • Canceling crafting things is under developing in our master branch, and will be shown in the next update.

Thanks for so many precious feedbacks!

cheers mate

(dont take it as hate do cuz I love the game)