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Very cool suggestions!

And sorry for the late reply.

Because we didn't check itch for months...


Once you have some artificial limbs, Select the crippled one, check the "health" tab, click on any crippled part, select a new limb for him/her.

Artificial limbs could be obtained by crafting on metal work bench or traders.

What does it mean?

Not yet. Have no idea what it is in the second picture!

There is a button displayed "Demolish" on the right-bottom of screen.

official Discord channel

If you haven't heard of Discord. It's a instant message tool we use to communication  with players and it don't require to register. 

In the Discord channel, you could give suggestions and ideas directly or chat anything about the game. We'll regularly upload art works, preview contents of the game and give out alpha test keys.

Thanks for your advice!

So many platforms available for indie developers currently, it's a good news.

Of course we do, hah :)

We've sent a mail to your gmail, check it please. :)

Hi! Dear jesusito8991,

we've finish Pre-alpha version of Last Wood. And if you would like to help us with Spanish translation, send us an email at 

So we can send you a pre-alpha key and our Discord channel.

:D Wait for your reply.

Which version you're using? Which OS? Is there any error? 

Could you please tell us more details so we can help you.

Thanks for your feedbacks :)

Suggestions in any language is OK thanks to Google Translator.

1 and 3 has been solved in our dev version.

--- Sharks appear more reasonably, not denpending on number of rafts roughly.

--- Survivors are more intelligent now.

2/4/5/6/7 are really cool ! 

We do introduce some approches to manage survivors, just look forward it.

More kinds of events/recipes/items are in game now. And again thanks to you for the ideas you mentioned here. :)

Function keys are just for dev version, which will be removed in release one. Keep easy :)

More localizations will be added into LastWood, of course. 

Mainstream languages in Steam are all under consideration currently. 

It's a bug.

The difficulty level will restore once you load a game.

Did you feel that things in screen moved up and down when you pressed Tab key?

Glad you like it! :D

What is the version you downloaded?

And have you tried Tab key after you build a stair?

LastWood is definitely a commercial indie game.

Sorry about that.

We uploaded a file with postfix "rar" by mistake.

It has been replaced for a zip one.

You can not yet.

This feature has been added in dev version.

Could you send us this error log file named 'Crash_2018-04-30_181534'?

Our emali:


This game was created as a gamejam work.

Glad you are interested in this little game. 

Thanks for your feed back!

The trading system is under development. (You can check it out in our trailer). And fishing chest is a good idea, we'll add it to our to do list.

As for translation, we're glad you want to help and we'll contact you when localization feature is stable. Currently, some localization work has been done but we're trying to make the process more friendly.

Again, thanks for your support! :D

I'm back.

1. An in-game priorities controller will be brought in. We have tried several plans. Still undecided.

2. Durabilities of weapons and equips are necessary, though the numerical needs to be tuned a lot.

3. Survivors will have skills in release version. It is under development.

4. First, survivors should behave more reasonably, that is, when they feel tired and found no bunks to have a rest, they can just rest on a raft. And next, switching places and sharing stuff are both good.

5. We have fixed this.

6. Toggling breeding sounds like a temporary way to solve this. Maybe there is a better solution.

7. Sounds great. But automation of food production seems kinda high-tech. lol

8 & 9 & 16. Birds and sharks are just for demonstration. More events of danger will be added. We will make events triggering reasonable enough.

10. It is a known bug. We have fixed it in dev version.

11. Sounds great. We'ill add it.

12. Plants mechanism has been remade already. Look forward it. lol

13. I'ill put this together with Suggestion.1. These should be in a universal UI.

14. The number of survivors won't be too high in release version. Every single survivor has his/her own irreplaceability in the future.

15. Pillars support 9 rafts above now. Things may be better.

17. It is a necessity. We will add it.

18. Things like this are not dealt with in other simulation games. We will try.

19. Yes, more kinds of chests and more kinds of storage ways will be added.

Glad you like this game. 

This game grows so much since we created it in the gamejam last year. And this will not happen without feedbacks and suggestions here in the community.

Thanks for you and players like you and all of the community,  for making this game more and more complete. 

It is necessary to defense unknown survivors' attack driven by AI before a multiplayer PVP mode.

Adding guide system to game is an significant job. 

One or two months have been reserved for us to fully develop an easy-to-use guiding system before released.

Soooo many valuable ideas, excellent!

We'ill reply to these one by one after a disscussion.

Though some of above is under development in dev version, which has not been synchronized to vote page.

Alright. Got it.

Operating System?

And if you could find a folder named "save" the same level as your executable file? 

Thanks. :D 

Forgot to reply this.

Thanks for your feed backs!

In the newest version(0.4.2), you can scroll mouse wheel to zoom in / out. And you can use WASD to pan your camera.

As for turn off breeding, current breeding system is a temporary design and we're add more details to it.

Yes. It is necessary to equiped with these features for a completely released game.

Cool idea.

System same as you mentioned is under developing currently.

@LittleKing @benjowen04
New patch uploaded.

Added an ability to configure screen resolution.

It was from the branch of 0.4.2, snapshotted last year.

We just ship a build to make the configuration window show again, for some players to adjust the resolution. Along with some small issues, such as the limitation number of sharks or seagulls, disabling some annoying features.

Not so easy a job, cause our master branch code has been far different from that.

Sorry for that.

That is because we found it difficult to add more significant new features if we keep updating itch version once a month.

From version 0.2.x to 0.4.x, we add some experimental features, and spend much time fixing bugs of some temporary or intermediate features.

Stop updating here, we could put our full effort on developing features that trailer demonstrated, and things go well.

And for the second question, it should be not later than end of this year.

Glad you like it.

We are trying our best to make this game release.

And , it sounds reasonable for rain collectors to full more containers. :D

Sorry,we made a mistake.

Mac version is not hidden now.

You could reference the FAQ : .

Yeah, those two bugs have been fixed in dev version, too.

Thanks. :D


Difficulty value ranges from 0 to 3, representing Normal/Peaceful/Easy/Hard respectively.