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Replied to sdrawkcaB in Bug Reports

Okay, that's a bug we did not come across. 

I'll check it.

Thanks for your bug report.:D

√ = will be fixed in the next update

△ = will be fixed in a few updates


√ Music/SFX options 

√ Storages: We plan to remake this part, too. Choose what to keep and show capacity sounds necessary.

√ 5&6: Sounds cool. We'll see if the difficulty option works out first.

√ Mouse: We'll look into it.

△ Visualization of the stairs: We used to have a filter mode, where you can filter what levels you want to see.  But it had lots of problems and we'll try to fix in 1~2 updates.

△ More BGM and SFX: It's necessary, but currently, we can't put too much effort on it.

That's alright. Feel free to put anything anywhere.

We will add an approach to command survivors to force attacking near creatures on the sea.

And thanks for your support!

We will add different difficulty levels in the next update.

Currently, survivors can only get bones from other survivors' bodies.

And unfortunately, what are made of bones (e.g. arrows or bows) are useless in this version.

Replied to Sapador in Bug Reports

Thanks, we will continue making this game more complete.

And it will not happen that this game becomes better and better without support and feedbacks of you all. :D 

Thanks again.

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Thanks for you supporting.

And you are right, we will add localizations in the next update.

I guess you did not use the pause button.

Press SPACE to pause game, in the meantime you can place buildings and view the status.

Replied to The Daleks in Bug Reports

Pity that. It's a bug we did not mention. 

Being about to fix it.

Replied to Sapador in Bug Reports

Amazing experiment!

Sorry for not used to this discussion board, missed last page of this post. !!-_-

We found that there were still tons of bugs about the storage boxes, which had not been coverd by our test. We will fix it soon.

As you mentioned, feathers can not be put into the storage box, that's a bug, obviously.

A throw-away button had been added into game in dev-version. You can throw anything away into sea via this command.

Bows and arrows are useless in ver. 0.3.7 and earlier. But weapons like these two will become an important role in the next update. 

Sorry, I can't fully understand even after google translate. If you mean there are too many sharks. Sorry about that, we'll cut down the amount and make more options on difficulty.


Lo siento, no puedo entender completamente, incluso despues de Google Translate.Si te refieres a que hay demasiados tiburones.Lo siento, vamos a reducir la cantidad y hacer más opciones de dificultad.

Thank you for your reply.

Many have mentioned more difficulty options. And we'll add it in the next update.

Thank you for your reply.

Many have mentioned more difficulty options. And we'll add it in the next update.


Gracias por tu respuesta.
Muchos han mencionado más opciones de dificultad.Y vamos a añadir en la siguiente actualizacion.

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Indeed, that's annoying. In next update, we don't have enough time to fix this. So we plan to add a large crate to store multiple kinds of items. We'll enhance storage system in the time after next.

(Edited 1 time)

We plan to have fewer sharks harass continually and a bunch of sharks occasionally. 

(Edited 2 times)

Thank you for your reply!

*Won't eat lemons: Currently they will eat lemon only when they're hungry rather than thirsty. That's a bug to fix.

*Items only show on UI: Most facilities can store some items, that's why sometimes you don't find items on the floor.That's not a very clear design. We'll improve it by maybe show facilities' storage on tooltips.

* Sharks: Many people complained about sharks. Currently, you build more raft on the first floor, there'll be more sharks, which I think, is a bit unrealistic and misleading. We'll cut down the amount first. And figure out a more realistic pattern, like lured by food or corpse. But that'll probably be a single update for creature behavior.

*How to get bones: Currently, you can only get bones on a dead body. We'll add more approaches. Actually, bows and arrows are useless in this version. We'll add weapon system in the next update( in 2 weeks).

*Can't set meat rack: Press R to rotate blueprint. Like hammock, this guy can only be built if facing the correct direction. We'll add a red effect when you can't set the blueprint, rather than showing nothing.

*Mute: Press M

And thanks for other bugs, we've recorded. And if you would like to keep giving us feedbacks, posting bugs/suggestions/question separately on the sticky post would help us get organized.

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Thanks for your feedbacks!

And sorry for not able to use Spanish since I'm not good at it.

Google Translate is enough to let me get your suggestions :D.

We did realized that it is too fast the number of sharks increased in ver.0.3.7, which will be tuned in the next updates.

And also, there will be more controllable or active ways to kill any animals.

Since there is still a lack of risky events in the game, so the sharks and the seagulls seem too tedious now.

Replied to Sapador in Bug Reports

Alright, looking forward to it.

Ways for commanding survivors to make kabobs have been remade. 

Survivors have their own names now!

Broken rafts under furnitures are now able to be recognized by survivors and repaired.

Storage boxes had been refined in ver 0.3.0, only a few bugs about it remains.

Most of the aspects you mentioned had been changed In ver 0.3.0 and newer!

There are less bugs than all versions ever before in survivors doing work.

And you can scroll out to view the map at all now.

Sharks simply dives into sea then get trapped.

Moved to uniform sticky suggestions post!

Replied to JUST US in Bug Reports
(Edited 1 time)

An in-game exit button had been added in ver 0.3.0 and newer!

Good video, and I will lock this post.

Good video, and I will lock this post.

Posted in Web version

Web versions are not recommended to play, since we have not enough time to improve the performances currently, actually.

Replied to cBlade in Linux

We will. Thanks for your support!

Posted in güzel oyun

Good video, and I will lock this post.

Good video, and I will lock this post.

Posted in Bones

In fact arrows and bows are just for 

They are designed to be useful in the next update, look forward it!