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Last Wood

The last couple, with one lemon tree. · By JUST US

ChangeLogs Sticky

A topic by JUST US created Sep 30, 2017 Views: 1,480 Replies: 19
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Developer (1 edit)

We introduced lots of features this version (0.3.0), and not suprisingly, bringing lots of bug.

As you can see, we uploaded 6 patches till now, most of which are for tuning difficulties, though.

Feel free to comment on every changes, thanks all.

Ver. 0.3.6

  • Seagulls and sharks reborn less frequently now.
  • Seagulls are not so eager to fall down now.
  • You can kill the sharks and get some reward from it.
  • Survivors are easier to have a baby now.
  • When your survivors get stuck in carrying something and there is no room to put down, you can press F9 to select this survivor to let him/her throw away what he/she is carrying.

Ver. 0.3.7

  • Add animations when survivors try to make a baby.
  • Fixed a bug that survivors can not make food on camp fire and meat rack in certain cases.
  • Survivors can not attack the same animal now.
  • Optimize performances of survivors when they are idle.
  • Sharks are more aggressive now.
  • More floating rafts on the water will attract more sharks.

This just makes the game even worse. Don't mean to be rude but the game just doesn't like me. I click and it's ques the command instead of stopping what you're doing and doing that. And if you do a task and a shark attacks it's not worth it to attack the shark because by the time you get done with the task and begin attacking the shark the raft breaks. And if you only have one person left they drown. Seaguls and sharks should only attack at night or something. Or have the person be able to save themselves. sorry for replying here I just saw the changelog and got autistic. Had like 6 sharks and one dude. Was trying to plant 4 trees and chop one down while starving and as soon as I started chopping a shark would attack, then I'd go hit the shark and while that's happening the seagulls would get my food. Repeat proccess now i'm desperately trying to fish while the seagulls eat the fish i'm trying to cook while sharks take all the rafting with trees on it. It's impossible to get a row of trees and stock food and have a stock of wood or fruit. Damn seaguls attack immediately after chopping a tree. And the sharks know this and they work together the stupid bastards.


Sorry for your bad experience. :(

We did make it too hard to enjoy it in ver.0.3.7. 

And it's a huge challenge for us to tune a stable difficulty fit for everyone.  And we are about to bring a difficulties selection in the next update.

Sharks and seagull will be less aggressive in easy mode.

And it is a bug that survivors do not stop what they are doing when commaded to do something, we'ill fix it.

Ya sorry for whining, and for doing it in this thread. It wasn't as much as a difficulty problem as it was annoying. Thanks for being a good dev, mr.gooddev.

Will there be a mac version coming out for last wood 0.4? The latest mac update I can find is 0.3.7. Love the game so far!


Thanks. And as I replied the other place, mac version will be uploaded today. Maybe few hours later.

Thanks! Sorry I didn't the other reply

How to make the rope for the fishing rod and the rainwater collector?


Plant a flax field first. Cut off it.

Then you can make ropes out of flax in a workbench.

and how is the workbench done? sorry I'm new to this game


Click "craft" button to expand sub-building list, and select "Workbench" to build a workbench.

Sorry but as I told you I'm new and I do not know where that button is, I have version 0.3.7


You can find it in ver.0.4.1 instead.:D

how to build things on a second floor?


Tap tab key to switch focus floors.

Any update??


New features are still under development. 

We plan to make LastWood more like a product.

Whats 4.2 (Resolution) for?


It was from the branch of 0.4.2, snapshotted last year.

We just ship a build to make the configuration window show again, for some players to adjust the resolution. Along with some small issues, such as the limitation number of sharks or seagulls, disabling some annoying features.

Not so easy a job, cause our master branch code has been far different from that.

ok i see. thank you for the update. I like how it looks