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did you try turning it off and on again.

Ya sorry for whining, and for doing it in this thread. It wasn't as much as a difficulty problem as it was annoying. Thanks for being a good dev, mr.gooddev.

To clarify what I said before I launched this game months ago around when it first launched and had the same problem. If you need information screenshots of files or really anything I'll try and help.

This just makes the game even worse. Don't mean to be rude but the game just doesn't like me. I click and it's ques the command instead of stopping what you're doing and doing that. And if you do a task and a shark attacks it's not worth it to attack the shark because by the time you get done with the task and begin attacking the shark the raft breaks. And if you only have one person left they drown. Seaguls and sharks should only attack at night or something. Or have the person be able to save themselves. sorry for replying here I just saw the changelog and got autistic. Had like 6 sharks and one dude. Was trying to plant 4 trees and chop one down while starving and as soon as I started chopping a shark would attack, then I'd go hit the shark and while that's happening the seagulls would get my food. Repeat proccess now i'm desperately trying to fish while the seagulls eat the fish i'm trying to cook while sharks take all the rafting with trees on it. It's impossible to get a row of trees and stock food and have a stock of wood or fruit. Damn seaguls attack immediately after chopping a tree. And the sharks know this and they work together the stupid bastards.

When first launched nothing happened. The icon for the game apeared on my taskbar but it never loaded. After reopening It worked  and after maxing out the graphics and checking controls I click new run. I click new character and It showed a warrior next to a fire. I then clicked to see the archer. I then click the arrow again but the game stopped. Now error message, no 'not responding'. It just greyed out the arrow and froze on the archer and all the animations stopped.

I then exited the game again and launched it. This time after clicking new run there was no campfire no nothing It showed new character and that was it. I could cycle between warrior, archer, and rogue now. But it didn't show a character. I typed in a name and clicked play but nothing happened it just deleted the name and nothing happened.

I again exited the game but this time I did not try again.

After a long time of playing I have automated everything. Have someone to dig, plant, chop, and two people to pick up the seeds and wood. I have someone to rechargert them for when they unwind. I have a miner and someone that picks up all the iron and stone. I have someone making charcoal and storing it. I have someone making iron ingots and storing those. I have someone collecting water and storing that.I have a few robots that make sure my storages are full of planks/poles by sawing a log or plank and then storing them.I even have a robot that recharges my recharger robot. I've made every building and every item. I've clothed my little dudes. I even have robots that farm and feed the little dudes in their brick shacks. All in all I think I did pretty well.

Also I might add a little exploit:

You can for example go on the other side of the map, chop down a bunch of trees, build a storage, fill it, and you can then move the storage all the way back to your base. This exploit also works if you're building your farm far away from your trees and base or If you want to move iron to a bench quicker.

All in all a very fun game and I can't wait to see more, very happy with the updates and I imagine i'm going to love the research mechanic.

When I launch the game It apears in a window, my screen is 1920x1080p. It opens the menu, it's in really bad quality and is still windowed. I click normal and go into the game. As it's loading it switches over to fullscreen at 1920x1080p. Graphics are Epic and looking good. Now the problem is the game still thinks i'm in windowed. I can't click on the outer edges of the screen. The game doesn't keep my mouse in the center either while looking. So If I try and click the ground it will click off screen. I tried messing with the resolution and switching back and forth between windowed but nothing works.

And everytime I changed the qaulity while in windowed it would shrink the screen more and off sync where my mouse was to where it was showing me where I was. Everytime I changed res it make a larger black border on the bottom and right side. It also put the window in the top left of the screen.

I don't know the cause of this but when the game first launched I downloaded the game and the same thing happened which made the game unplayable. It is still unplayable.

To summarize (wierd res switching while in windowed makes a black border that gets bigger every time you switch) and (mouse tracking and clicking off screen while in full).

Also might note that while in windowed it didn't keep my mouse center with the reticle it made it go along the edge of the border. BUT it didn't go off screen onto my desktop.

If you need more information or specs please ask.

Man this game just got funner the more I messed around. Did a few hours of studying dog fighting and missle avoidance and how and when to best fire missles and even memorized angels and rolls I would need to do depending on how far the missle was away and what angle it's coming from.

Gets super fun once you start messing around with thrust (shift and ctrl) and the flaps (q and e).

I't would be nice tho if on the map you got an origin for incomming missles and a line in red where it's been and a white line for where it plans to go to best be able to time it.

And for when it's coming get a distance or countdown. I do like the yellow and red hit indicator to know where it is tho. Makes dodging a bit easier. Took me forever to figure out how to not rely on flares. But after only an hour of playing I'm still not 100% good at evading.

Also I find that the Multi-lock missle is pretty useless for what it does and that amount you can carry. Just best to go with 2 standard and 1 long-range. Then again the long range doesn't have a bunch of missles either...

I tried one run where I stayed with my co-pilot but I died very easily. I find charging the head on when they spawn and firing some long-range missles then switching to standard and going 1200 mph under them is the best way to do it. Then just ctrl and turn around and start taking them from behind. But then you just get into a loop in which case going faster than 400 makes you're turning too slow and if you go below 300 you stall so it's a balance between lining them up to fire the bullets or shells from really close up, think 200 ft?

These speeds and distances might be off this is mainly off of 1 hour of playing and memory. And I'm sure to anyone that knows what they're doing this sounds ridiculous but it worked for me.

Think I read the best way to attack someone is from the side at an elavaded angle to the missle doesn't run out of fuel and can coast down more, so my head-on missles and guns thing is probably a good way to die in real life.

'we push and pull like a magnet do'  wouldn't be correct. It would be 'does'. Also I think, 'we push and pull like magnets do' would be better or 'we push and pull like a magnet' or 'we push and pull like a magnet does'.

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Weird 'issue' The people just kept pilling up faster than I could spam spacebar and click. I had like 100 people lined up just glitching out.

I let Emila the witch thru like 10 times and 20 doctors and 5 masons and rejected 20 sick people along with all those fake girlfriends.

I don't know why they just kept pilling up. I got the archer day 1, moat day 2, and maxed out the archers by day 4. Put at least 1 'town' payment a day. After maxing everything I just saved up for 150 and put it all into the town in one night. But I kept getting 'open up the rusty gate, economy is fine' speech from the one guy.

Btw who ever wrote the lines, I actually laughed pretty hard when the cart guy went on about everything being normal.

It's a good game, could use sound obviously, I only put in 30 minutes so I suppose theres probably more I didn't get to see, maybe the archers and moat come in handy? Maybe I get werewolfed and need the cure.. Maybe if I let the king fake girlfriend in I get someting? I don't know could be it's just not added in...

EDIT: just noticed after reading other comments this is a game jam. Wow, great job doing all this in so little time. Can't wait to check out what you guys can do when given more time.

He replied like 2 days after you asked that. You're the one replying late XD

Ya wish the would give us one more update. Oh well, guess we'll have to wait for the steam version.

As is not much to do, I got bored and build a super long staircase that was out of render twice, you could stand in the middle and not see the ocean or either end. Took a long time had to put supports under everything. Kind of pointless really. Sky turns black once you go up so high.

Love trail and error and finding things out with no handicaps.

Took me awhile to figure out I had to manualy harvest food.

This is a really great game was sad to find there was no real end in terms of accomplishment. Maybe after making the boat the game switches to building up the boat and making it better and defending against pirates and meteors then you go to another plannet and you start out with ALOT more land but fewer resources and more pirates. Maybe then storms could start with fire. have some plagues or rats ruin food stocks or have to repair buildings or something. Maybe a lighthouse building that searches for land faster causing it to apear faster.

In latest version. All my chests are empty and all my water/cooking stations as well as planters and such. Everything is empty. What the heck. It's worse now than the last version.. Before it was just missing potatos and coconuts. Now i'm missing 7 chests of materials.

After building everything and getting the depressing 'congratulations' on the anchor and cleaning out the entire jungle below. And dying on day 10 with 3 farms and all weapons and buildings built and unlocked.

I can honestly say It's a fun game.

Need more defense. mines and bear traps aren't enough to defend against so many enemies. Need to be able to get more people Hard to control 4 people tho so don't know how that would work unless you could freeze time to look around then qeu abilities and actions.

Also when the island moves hows the lever on the jungles ground going to move? and how does that lever move the pulley. wheres it connected... Black magic?

Few more things:

When you have the backpack equiped then you fill it up, if you switch the backpack out for something else it deletes all the extra resources you had. Not really a bug. But maybe don't let the player waste resources somehow, don't let them swap the pack out or make them empty inventory first or something.

Can't use abilities while moving. Doing so sometimes causes them to bug out and run in place and not move.

I also suggest making it so when you use an ability it just activates you don't have to place it down. Takes too long and by the time I place an ability or two the fight is over.

Weird bug/glitch. I think it might of been caused by placing the loadout area over the edge of the island. It broke my camera. my screen is now turned at a wrong angle and I can't fix it. When I try to move the screen it moves in the wrong direction so now w goes left. Even scrolling on the screen goes the wrong way.

Weird screen rotation glitch.

Screenshot of rotated screen and loadout area over island.

Allow access of chests under staircases.

Enable fall damage.

Reinforced foundation (more health, made with scrap).

I like the island idea and the idea that at night a tide comes in and covers the whole island causing you to have to swim back to a boat or drown.

Potato's and everything else were fine. I have like 20 chests and everything else is fine.

Tree planter, seeds, and cocunuts disapeared for me. As well as all the items in my nets.