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Man this game just got funner the more I messed around. Did a few hours of studying dog fighting and missle avoidance and how and when to best fire missles and even memorized angels and rolls I would need to do depending on how far the missle was away and what angle it's coming from.

Gets super fun once you start messing around with thrust (shift and ctrl) and the flaps (q and e).

I't would be nice tho if on the map you got an origin for incomming missles and a line in red where it's been and a white line for where it plans to go to best be able to time it.

And for when it's coming get a distance or countdown. I do like the yellow and red hit indicator to know where it is tho. Makes dodging a bit easier. Took me forever to figure out how to not rely on flares. But after only an hour of playing I'm still not 100% good at evading.

Also I find that the Multi-lock missle is pretty useless for what it does and that amount you can carry. Just best to go with 2 standard and 1 long-range. Then again the long range doesn't have a bunch of missles either...

I tried one run where I stayed with my co-pilot but I died very easily. I find charging the head on when they spawn and firing some long-range missles then switching to standard and going 1200 mph under them is the best way to do it. Then just ctrl and turn around and start taking them from behind. But then you just get into a loop in which case going faster than 400 makes you're turning too slow and if you go below 300 you stall so it's a balance between lining them up to fire the bullets or shells from really close up, think 200 ft?

These speeds and distances might be off this is mainly off of 1 hour of playing and memory. And I'm sure to anyone that knows what they're doing this sounds ridiculous but it worked for me.

Think I read the best way to attack someone is from the side at an elavaded angle to the missle doesn't run out of fuel and can coast down more, so my head-on missles and guns thing is probably a good way to die in real life.

When in cockpit view u can see where the missile is coming from.