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A topic by Redbeet Interactive created Dec 31, 2016 Views: 210,748 Replies: 2,627
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This is a topic where you can post your ideas.

Try not to post duplicate ideas, up vote other similar ideas instead so that we can find the most popular ideas.


add more resolutions and



Yes!! My PC is not the best, and whenever I play, it is really laggy. Thank you "goodboy BG!"


i am on laptop it's not verry good and i have bad fps (win10 Home 4GB RAM 500GB HDD GPU 1300MB VRAM overclocked CPU 1.60 GHz)


oh god. i thought my 2.6 ghz 16 gb ram quad core processor ASUS notebook was bad


mine is ASUS too


Dual Core 3.0 GHz, 8 GB Ram and the game is runnig very good on fastest settings


I have only 1,9 GHz cpu and game runs beatifully and no lag

i think the game is runing bad on laptops because laptops don't have video cards they use the CPU and that is the problem but i am not shure about that

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goodboy_BG That's only if you have it set to run on integrated graphics that it'll use up memory and it's not just laptops that can run integrated graphics, towers can run on them too. Laptops and notebooks can also have video cards but it depends on the laptop itself. I personally have a GeForce GTX 950M 2GB video card in my 15.4 inch laptop and I can run it just fine on max settings.

I have the i7 7700 not the k version tho sadly with a gigabyte 1070 8gb graphics carda nd 16gb ram and i am ok with the game.

i have apple laptop air 1.6 GHz Intel Core i5 with 4GB RAM and it runs on the best graphics settings without one tinny lag spike for about 40-50 mins then it starts to realize what its doing and then it starts to slowly die


I play on a 1.6 GHz laptop with only 3200HD graphics. After tinkering with the settings a bit I found that "Simple " reduced the lag to a reasonable level. Using a counting system in my head to adjust for the action vs. result was possible and i played it anyway.

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please make this game for the Xbox one and PS4 because not that many people have a computer and i dont have a computer but the controls would be easier and the game would be more popular and im bursting to play this. game but i cant so plase agree with me


"not that many people have a computer" lol

Ill Like That So Much And Scrap Mechanic On ps4 and xbox = best


Well i don`t need that i have a gaming PC 

i just want raft to go on steam faster and make it multi player because that "MOD" does not work ( i cant seen to get it to work but my friend did :(  )






Yeah ur right.Add some more resolutions or even graphic options.For example turn off the fog.because the fog is the laggiest bit.water particles off or on.Beautiful skies like in minecraft to turn off or on or just make the game that is playable on every platform.that it doesnt matter how much RAM do u have or how much does ur graphic card have,etc.

That makes the game shittier and ppl dont play it because its not good graphic and i think that fog is nice and realistic


Sorry love raft but the fog is the only laggy stuff. If the fog isnt there my game would run at 60 fps but with tje fog is running like dog poop. Literally. And resolutions like 800 6đ0 should be added for smoother gameplay. Its not worth it tjat the game looks good it only matters that its playable and i say no to fog!!!


How about we have fog, but there is an option to turn it off?


How do you know it's the fog if you can't turn it off? I'm sure the water would lag you more than the fog.




"Rubber Duckies"? Does it at least have a benefit?

The "pets" part is a bit flimsy though, cause how are you going to be able to obtain one if you can die very easily in the ocean

The island part is kind of dumb though... Why would you have an island in a game that revolves around a raft. I feel like it's kind of defeating the purpose of the game

ikr it would just turn into stranded deep


I agree with what he said. Maybe some suggestions more centered to the game plot? Tamed fish that grab seaweed and stuff for you? and even that is stretching it.


Regarding pets, I could see having a seagull land on the raft from time to time with something in its beak. You could feed it some fish and tell it to go collect something specific you're short on. Obviously, they couldn't carry a barrel but I could see them grabbing some scrap or seeds or a tin can. Yeah, that requires a bit more intelligence than is really realistic for a bird but this is a video game.

A parrot could be a fun animal companion. While it may not be helpful in terms of collecting stuff, it could squawk when the shark approaches or give you occasional hints.


The parrot idea is really good.

No one is more right and creative than Guason.%100 agree wuth him


Is not night

I see suggestions about birds. What about seal, walrus,... or dolphins? They can help you when you go diving or protect you from the shark

yes! more resolution. its only 640x400 in my laptop. and cant even see shit.


Are you using a laptop from the 90s or something?

Something is wrong on your end if the game is only letting you choose 640x400


hey man create day/ night and in the night is 2 shark ... i think is ok .. ca add bed + crafting table... or something in invetory


Make please co-op if u can






YES make co-op so ppl can play with friends



Its Coming in 2018 Steam Release


Создатели игры Raft не могли бы вы добавить оружие которое помогает быстрее избавится от акулу к примеру дробовик чтоб был лучше копья и дробовик состоял из таких деталей как 40 дерева 50 железа и 10 листьев пальмы это сам дробовик сделан а патроны к нему делались так 30 железа 10 дерева 10 пальмовых листьев и чтоб убивало акулу побыстрее . и чтоб вмещалось в него 2 патроны! если добавите к примеру версиях как 1.05 или в 1.06,1.07 я буду рад и пожалуйста можно после убийства акулы она возродится через минуту а не сразу! пожалуйста!

I've got a 4gb ram intel I3 hd 4400 graphics and i've got a little bit of lagg

My pc can run perfectly on max settings, are you sure you changed your settings to suit your pc?













I dont like the weight system. But should put more on the inventory thing. 10 per stack is quite limited.

but being able to hold more than 10 per stack is really unrealistic. Have you ever tried stacking 10 tin cans filled with water?

What type kind of abilitys do you have in mind, i believe a tiered ability system could be plausable.

What type of material, and what would the material be used for?

What kinds of upgrades? Perhaps you could upgrade parts of your raft to increase health. Possibly to increase boyouncy in the future (hint,hint)


You could go for a type of smeltery, where u can smelt scrap into metal ingot and u need like 10 scrap for 1 ingot or some stuff, then you can improve your raft with metal reinforced planks with like 250 health, but u need planks and scrap to repair it. Sometimes its bit unrealistic you dont have to fire up the cook station or the water supply. I had much fun til now playing this game, keep up the good work, thank you so much for your thousands hours of time!!


something like Skyrim where as you level up you could craft better things

good idea!!


I love the game and thanks to you that you are working on it. I wish that you would include a night. To make it a bit harder maybe things like waves, illness or storms. I also would like more ways of hunting ( birds with a bow or crabs with a busket). A new recourse like plastic garbage would be also interesting. Or how awesome would it be, If you could catch some turtles and use them. The game would be also harder, If you must keep you warm and hide from rain. All in all there are many ways to improve this wonderful game so keep it on guys. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


the idea about the waves is very cool


Had to have arpao. Boats.chuva .... When you kill 1 shark, you get 2 when you kill 2 and you're 3 ... a mount to put in the shark and to tame some. Wetsuit, flashlight .. shark leather to do the wetsuit. Had to have a shelf to put a 4 chest on the side and on top of the other inguau the rust.ilha. The shark could jump. Cave. Under the sea. Motor for the boat.fuego bed day night. Bulbulous An alarm system.The doll cries when bitten.


I swore when you made storage it was going to be a barrel. *Next Update* WAT? why chests? Make it barrels!!!!

i am thinking about maybe a little bout so you can explore and find wrecked ships or buildings. also if you don't mind i would love to help make models because this is a fun game i really do enjoy the game. good luck bye.

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Please put in the game a bed, or a sleeping, I also know what needs to this:

3 thatсhes

4 planks

and 6 nails.

Please, can you put the rain on Raft ? It is an element of the game that you have not thought about.

i just want raft to go on steam faster and make it multi player because that "MOD" does not work ( i cant seen to get it to work but my friend did :(  )

How do i make Raft run smooth, im on a mac


PLEASE add carrots and cucumbers more trees birch oak and spruce Ago


minecraft much?


I agree with the carrots and cucumbers. But perhaps the extra trees would be a bit overkill?

Another thought would be recipes and more food ingredients. You could make bowls, large cooking stations, soups, stews, fish steaks... Perhaps you could brew some special tea if you find enough of a rare herb that can replenish your stamina quickly. Obviously, the different foods would require different cooking times and a special UI, so it'd take time to implement. That's just my two-cents, though.


We do need more food types and more ways. But the trees? They won't do anything and how will they grow?


The palm trees already grow in a tree crop plot. Perhaps there could be fruit trees? Oranges, apples, lemons... (I should note that citrus fruits are logical on the ocean, as vitamin C is needed to prevent scurvy. Yes, scurvy is a real disease and not just an insult thrown at low-ranking sailors.) Tropical fruits would be the main reason to have more trees. Other than that, I can't think of much else. Maybe some trees produce a sticky resin for water-proofing things? Resin could be useful for making boats.


I don't think the game needs more food at the moment, my entire playthrough I never had to worry about food. I could survive very easily off coconuts and shark meat with the occasional fish. Shark meat restores a lot of hunger and you get a lot of it. Water would be more deserving of improvements than food at the moment.


oh but maybe some fruits could have healing effects? or cure poisoning, if that mechanics is added?

Really, the coconut palm is passable because it has shallow roots and is salt tolerant. But citrus trees on a raft? I don't think that would wash. Scurvy only sets in after months at sea, and I really don't play this game for that long. Besides, you could get vitamin c from growing bell peppers You don't need trees.


Add slides.


i like the more trees idea but i think more tropical trees like banana trees or pomegranate trees or even a papaya tree?


PLEASE add the options in the game settings feedbacks from the game not in front of her


and sensitivity is also a good idea


Better sensitivity would be better and guns.Add guns u could trickshot


Your supposed to survive the ocean not kill everything in your path


Thats so shitty idea

Deleted post

Sensitivitey isn't very neccesary as in most cases you can adjust the sensitivity of your mouse with its software or windows settings.


Could you possibly add controller support?


I've been using Xpadder, and the game feels great with a controller. This would be a great addition somewhere down the line!


Yes, like the XBOX One controller for PC and similars


controller support would be heaven. I'm extremely lefthanded and I have trouble playing games w/ keyboard and mouse. (I have a cheap speedlink controller but it would be great to be able to use it more often)


It would be nice if you add some stuff like a trap for fishes.

Or you could add some defense stuff against the shark , something like a spickes .

And i think after playing 1 hour its too easy to survive , so something like a dificulty would be nice too.

So like if you play easy there is only 1 Shark . If you play middle there are like 3 Sharks . And if you play Hard /Extreme there are 5< Sharks.


great ideas bro, and you are right, i was playing for an hour and i created a ten floor big building

No way was I able to accomplish that level in an hour on my macbook (no it is not ancient and I am not exactly feeble). I like the easy medium hard idea. Raft Trainee, Raft Accomplished and Raft Expert statuses?


Indeed, defenses would be nice.


or maybe once your raft exceeds a certain number of structures more sharks appear. That way you don't have 5 sharks attacking your 2x2 raft


O.O!! this totally makes sense :)

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Greats ideas.

HAs a bug with the spears, you cant use it when you have more or less 45min game

I thinks, wil be fun too,

more type of enemy, a kind of bird that steals your fish, or bites you for example.

Temperature problems, need of a fire to survive. Ad a campfire or similar

more difficult to agriculture


and a water collect, that can be drinked direcly

vertical stairs (¡¡¡PLEASE!!!)

On a longfuture.. maybe...

¿underwater playing?

a little ship to move away the base

Little isles, with coconuts (loot)

brocken ships (Loot)


(2 edits) (+11)

Underwater playing is something that I wanted to suggest myself!

Perhaps even a shark cage of sorts with limited durability would be cool on top of your suggestions.

Those sunk ships(or simple chests and barrels lying around for a treasure hunt) could maybe include spices such as salt and sugar...


In terms of underwater, snorkeling would be great, but you have to keep track of where the raft is drifting to so you don't lose it. Danger of shark attacks when you get too far out, or maybe limits on stamina.

Spear fishing would be cool underwater, with a chance that each kill might attract the shark so you have to be vigilant.


the raft isnt really drifting things just move towards you

I agree I would like to see like an Octopus attack or even the Kraken curing a storm.


now that is a great thing that can be in the game


sub to me on youtube at Black Samurai Gamer. ill be constantly uploading vids of this game especially when new versions come out


sub to me on youtube at Black Samurai Gamer. ill be constantly uploading vids of this game especially when new versions come out


The damage of the shark to the player is too low.. at least 6 or 7 bites should kill you


Agree with the too low damage but if you are dead, everything you have built in many many hours is gone and you have to start at the beginning.

So first the system of saving your game has to change. You can continue from your last save when dying and not at the world´s first beginning.

Makes more sense, if the game has some kind of dangerous stuff like diving for treasures, so you can risk a bit and not lose everything.

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PLZZ add fish traps DAT WILL BE DA BESTTT so tell me when dat will be in | nice to have traps


Or another kind of wall that is more expensive that stops the shark from attacking that tile

It would be cool if the game started with 1 shark but then everytime you killed it or every few minutes or something another shark would come so there are 2 sharks it just progressively gets harder

Yea but i basically depend on sharks for my food source after that hour or so


Add some seasons,rain,thunder, more like this.


What should happen is every time you kill a shark, 2 spawn in its place.


This is a great idea. Maybe add some different obstacles or things that makes it harder to survive, like storms or something. Also along with the spikes, you could add reinforced foundations that required scrap because at the time there isn't enough uses for scrap.


A bow and differents type of arrows

wood arrow = weak

metal arrow = medium

Reforced arrow ( metal and wood ) strong

more animals and birds to hunt with the arrows, and decorations, thanks great game


You have nice Ideas too :)


This is a brilliant idea!

Deleted 4 years ago
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The tools should also be able to brake after using it too much.. like the spear, hatched, fishing pole

the food should spoil after a certain amount of time.. adding salt could prevent them from spoiling..

i know it is hard for a small team like the raft team to just make every wish come true in the game but so far the raft team has done a hell of a good job.. keep up the good work guys :)

I thought in the bows idea, and in the birds one. But then i remembered; there are no birds in the ocean xD


well.. technically there are, but only near land masses. so if a bird appears, then it means your near an island or larger.

(1 edit)

Could add a rope+hook arrow that flies further than the standard hook but has the same functionality, also gives a reason to craft more hooks, aswell as fire arrows which dont do all that much damage but scare the shark away pretty quickly but if you miss it could set the raft on fire

Adding different items that have exactly the same purpose is adding complexity for nothing.

MADY THE JUST METAL WUOLD be stronger thanreinforced? becuase just metal is stronger. so then mabe lesss metal for reinforced? 


You should add a way to upgrade the health of foundations (maybe with scrap) so that they last longer against shark attacks.


that will be AWESOME! A+ for you :]


Ah, upgrade the health not repair that's a great idea but in the end wouldn't it just add like 5 more seconds to get the shark off your foundation

That is what I thought when i first downloaded the game, they should add that!

I so agree! We need some kind of reinforcement! That's the best idea I've seen!

I so agree! We need some kind of reinforcement! That's the best idea I've seen!

Also have a way to upgrade your thirst and hunger bars. They do become a chore to manage if your playing for a long time.


When I wanted to move my water purifier, I had to break all the foundations underneath it to destroy it. You should add a method to move structures without destroying floors/foundations.


Left click and hold with an axe to remove items.


I think an axe doesn't remove the water purifier and the cooking station for some reason...unless there was an update, idk.

(1 edit)

i played the latest ?1.05 and its fixed :) 3/3/17

I just had the same problem

yup same


Had the same problem. I also think there should be a way to "pick up" objects "on" the raft, like the water purifier, the cooking station, the crop plots, etc.

I'll second this. Once I built a second floor, I decided I wanted to specialize and move things around but I didn't want to just destroy what I had on the first floor.

How do you build a second floor?

Lorenzo, if you make a hammer then right-click while holding it, you'll see a bunch of things you can build, including stairs and pillars to hold up more flooring.


would be nice with a day and night cycle. i would like temperatures so it is possible to freeze to Death. thanks for making such a awesome game


yeah it would be soo cool.. then the crafting of clothes would be and option as well.. i dont know if it's possible to use shark skin as cloting.. if not.. a new animal with fur should be added in the game like a seal or walrus..

a firepit for light is not an option because it will burn down the raft and it's not logical... if you can make metal foundation then it would be and option to make a firepit..


"tub '\" or curved, slightly dished, item made from scrap may hold a fire and be placable/ movable to allow for expansion/ changes.

(1 edit) (+3)

I like the idea, and I think if it is combined w/ other ideas I saw, like difficulty and an open fire that would warm you up, It could be very fun and realistic.

New locations would be great, perhaps the arctic, with icebergs to mine off of!


It'd be nice if you add a way to store items, As the barrels are a bit buggy (Disappearing as I throw them), Also I'd like to see ways to protect your craft from the shark (Spikes on the raft, Metal Foundation, Fire).

Thanks for making such an amazing game, Keep it up guys! <3


The latest version (1.04) has chests.


Yup, I've just downloaded it :D

Great to see that the devs are working non-stop on the game and care about the community.

I have to say I agree the game needs this mechanic to increase productivity and help food.



different sharks

more building material

make it harder

- ps this game is one of my fav!

same. one of my fav

same| one of my fav too| :D

ermm... yea... banana trees would be hard as there is no such thing as a banana seed. bananas are a hybrid tree and every single banana tree in the world is grown from a branch cut off the same original tree.

( there are only 2 types of bananas in the world)

Maybe you could get Banana tree branches off of Barrels? Sorta like how you get Potatoes out of barrels.

I like the idea to make it harder but instead of sharks i think Birds should be added, like a pelican.


You could make a way to get rescured

Do some events like Shark waves. or pirate invaision


lol i was thinking it would be awesome to have pirates invade and then i red your comment glad someone else is to


Yeah the pirates would be really awesome



Bad idea, it's already bad enough with the shark attacks, adding pirates in would be a hassle.


It's not that hard, you can fend sharks off by luring them to you and then stabbing them. Once you get three stabs in on the shark it will disappear and then another cycle begins. I think it takes 9 stabs to kill a shark.


I would love pirate attacks where you can steal the pirate boats


and weapons and n supplies


Yeah the introduction of pirate ships with different "special" items would be cool, ie telescope, pirate steering wheel, sails for decoration, maybe a map of the area, golden chest etc. etc.


On the subject of pirates, you could make it so that they only start appearing once you have a couple of chests. They come to steal your chests and you have to fend them off. If they were to use, say, a harpoon gun or a fishhook like yours to grab the chests, you could cut the ropes with your spear or the axe. You could protect the chests with walls - actually having a purpose for walls would be nice!



This sound brilliant to me i could really see this being a thing in a future :)

Good idea, also it would be nice if it was possible to steal a pirate ship after defeating the pirates on it and the ability to use the stolen ship to travel to an island. Something like a pirate captain boss fight could be added too. (to make stealing a pirate ship harder)


Can your team get a island?


or drifting island


and it should be super far away and have banana trees or something


When the shark comes to see them alive.


invert mouse option please i cant even help test the game unless this is added thank you


YES! Please add this option! I really want to play this game but I just can't :(


WAIT! I never knew people actually used that feature in games 0-0.


Yeah :/ It's really annoying that my brain is wired that way. I can't play 'normal' no matter how hard I try!


Definitely this. I'm going to give it my best shot, but I'm a little disappointed that I paid for this game (I know; my choice to donate) before I learned that there's no inverted mouse. Please add soon.


Yeah same here, disappointed that I can't try it out.


just turn your mouse 180 degrees


It would be a very good idea to add invert mouse option for the game.

Deleted 1 year ago

Awesome ideas!

Deleted 7 years ago

I love those ideas but I don't want this game to turn into minecraft on the water.

Deleted 7 years ago

HuFas and Maheehoo, it seems like it's from minecraft because just about everything in real life is on minecraft. Mods or not.


also a smeltery for making weapons


Good Ideas And Also if there is a night cycle There could be 2 sharks instead of 1? :)

Deleted 1 year ago



But this is nothing like minecraft... i think this guy's ideas are pretty amazing!

and it would help/make the game even a better one!


Great ideas here 1 thing.

You could find blueprints from bottles floating at the sea!


This is a cool idea. Why stop at blueprints? These bottles could also contain hints or lore.


how about some goods which we could find occasionally in barrell? like walkman, painting etc.


nice thinking 9/10 games with Durability make me want to die and no big rafts would make the game get boring after 2 hour of gameplay but still nice thinking


Maybe if your injured and go in the water the blood will attract more sharks


I was thinking you could have an automatic harpoon, like a shark trap, however it would do less damage, deter the shark easier, use up ammunition instead of using none, the ammo would get stuck to the shark, and you could retrive it if the shark got close enough, have a clip version which would store more ammo, and another version which would have a bell buoy which would make noise, and alert you if the shark was getting close.

(1 edit) (+2)(-1)

There should be gun parts in barrels that are very rare to find, like 1/100 barrels have 1 part, and find blueprints for making gunpowder, bullets and a crafting station, like you can do in ARK, and cannons for fighting pirates and maybe multiplayer combats. (if you do this, make PvP and EvP servers and LAN possible) Also, nig youtube channels like ZerkaaPlays and Slogoman play this game, look at their vids for feedback, and as a Promotion source.


Doesn't every foundation float?


It would be pretty cool if they would add multiplayer as well, because I want to play with my friends xD

(3 edits) (+3)

These are great ideas. Adverse weather effects and a day/night cycle are fantastic additions. Needing to seek shade during harsh sunlight and warmth during cold nights is realistic - with rain/snow exacerbating the issue.

Scripted-events would be a great addition. As you progress, certain resources should begin to dwindle. These events would provide a way of obtaining those resources but would only appear after a set amount of play time. Here are a few examples:

1. You drift toward a derelict raft. You need to determine whether or not its worth the risk of leaving your raft to explore this new raft. Maybe there are enemies hidden on-board or sharks surrounding it. There's also the risk of your raft drifting too far away to return.

2. You land at a small island. You can explore it for resources but you risk encountering dangerous animals. The island doesn't generate important resources. It MUST be harder to survive on an island than floating on the raft.

3. You float over an undersea cavern which can be explored after dropping an anchor. There could be treasure inside but also enemies and possible drowning concerns. Maybe even traps.

4. You approach a whirlpool which will destroy your raft if you don't steer around it.

5. You're approached by a militant raft with human enemies that use fire to damage your raft.

6. You're approached by a friendly raft that has armed or unarmed traders or NPCs.

I'm not totally on-board with armor as it would likely tunnel the game progression toward reaching that safety net.




Rain? In the middle of the ocean?


I think rain and water purification/collection system from rain would be cool, but as an adverse effect make rain put out all fire necessary items(cooking etc.) that are not under a safe platform.

I would also love to see thatched roof systems and maybe thatch pipes to carry said water from a rain catcher to a barrell?

I love ALL of those ideas, and maybe from extracting salt from the sea, you'd be able to season or cure the fish you catch? All of it sounds great, I hope they put some more of these ideas in :)

I like the ideas but they should also add a diving suit....


I would really like this game to have a multiplayer function so i can play with my friends, because we really like the idea of this game :)


That sounds cool and everybody sbould agree


If you read the FAQ it specifically said they don't plan on adding multiplayer




multiplayer would make the game even beter

The thing is, its not that easy to turn a single player game to a multiplayer one


First off, love this game. As new and basic as it is right now, its as additive as crack. I would love to see some more realistic food values. It should not take a whole stack of ten potatoes to fill you or five whole fish.

It would also be cool to have sun vs shade affect your dehydration level. Please keep developing this game. I think it will be a best seller when it's finished.


It really is pretty unrealistic... If food becomes more effecting, it should also be more rare... You get potatoes and fish so much so easily....


best seller? more like most popular. this is me= e.g game costs 10$ i pay 30$ :D

Addictive ac yeah. I had literally no idea it could be sunny.

I like the idea but there should also be a hypothermia meter.

  • The problem I have is that it is way too easy and pretty much dies off after an hour of gameplay. It would be challenging if the stuff actually deteriorated over time. Once you build something, it will last forever, which takes away from the survival point of the game. Maybe stuff should have a certain number of uses.
  • Is there a way to add a day/night cycle? Maybe everything goes pitch black at night, or some nights, and you need a lantern. Or maybe a thick fog, so that it can be random.
  • Maybe have the sun begin to give sunburn over time, and the player needs to go under a second floor or stairs to avoid a heatstroke. The sun could also cause fires on upper floors (Because the bottom floor is touching water) and needs to be put out with water. (Salt or Drinkable)
  • Are ladders possible?
  • As the player adds more stuff onto their raft, it starts to sink? It forces them to build more levels. And it keeps them from making the raft out further. I was able to make a bridge on the water, but stopped after a while since it was a little odd to be able to make it out so far. The limit of stuff would also keep people from making the raft out so far.
  • Spoilage.
  • How crazy did you want to go with the game? Like... 'lore'-wise? Maybe add things in the distace. Weird things. Loud Kraken sounds from below. A ship in the far distance. Red eyes. No explanations.
  • Random bottles with messages. Add all kinds of silly stories or messages. Maybe some chilling stuff. You slowly get bottle messages from someone you can't see, and they talk about their experience. Maybe use bottles and wood with scrap to make a telescope.
  • Stockpiling food attracts... something? More sharks, pirahnas, a mysterious creature?
  • Maybe more to come, who knows.

kraken sounds? HELL YEA AND HELL CREEPY *stops playing the game*

The only issue i have with this comment is that the sun starts fires. That could cause some issues i think. Lightning storms maybe to cause lightning strikes that catch the raft ablaze?


I mostly meant in the summer since that would be the hottest time. But heck. Why not both lightning storms AND fires. But when I say it starts a fire, there would be some sort of sound cue as it starts to heat up, then, if the player doesn't douse it with water in time, it grows. the whole raft won't go up in flames though. I mentioned that the lower floor is safe since it is actually touching the water.

I dont know, I think that raft is a game that you make things because your stuck on a raft and not to find something out from a story

having a taller raft vs a wider raft would make the center of ass heavier leading to more sinking it would be mor realistic to hae wider rafts per floor becaues the area of center of mass becomes larger so a woder raft would be able to hold more weight and have the need of objects more toward edges vs center to make it more balance rather than sink or tip


Hi PLEASE add a day cycle


More variation on the coconuts when they drop. Currently they always drop in the same pattern (1 north, 1 west, 1 south or sometimes they both drop in the middle depending on how fast you chop). Would be nice to a) have a variation on how many coconuts you get (min: 1, max: 4) and a random placement where they drop.

Thank you! I might actually be able to catch a couple now.


Half walls and more variation on cost for walls. A window wall costs the same as a full one. I think they should be different in cost and resources.

Maybe a saw to make walls into window walls and half walls


I want a little more difficulty, maybe as you expand your raft more and more sharks become interested? Perhaps some other sea creatures as well. And a nice graphical touch would be to make it look like your raft is moving, instead of just sitting in the ocean.


Multiple sharks as your raft gets bigger maybe? Then you can fend one off but another takes a bite out of your raft so you have to make the decision which one(s) are you going to sacrifice first.


Capture a sea turtle and skin it (requires a new item, a knife) and use the shell to capture clean water during rain. Yes, totally stolen from The Forest but seems to be applicable to this game. This would introduce a new tool (the knife), a new animal (turtle), a new way to get drinkable water (shell), and environmental effects (rain). The weather could be extended to more complicated things like storms, giant waves, etc. where the raft can be damaged.


Good idea, but instead of using it for water, use it as armor for protection

Great idea, also if you go in the water, it could increase the speed of the fatigue, because the shell weighs you down.

or you could use the turtle shell for both ¯\_◕ᗜ◕_/¯


Hey, my ideas for this game are as follows:

  • Add weather - such as wind, rain, harsh sun, cold, cloud
    • This could also impact how much resources drift in
    • Will alter how the players health, food and water change
    • Will likely need clothes, or shelters to combat this
  • Day night cycle (others have mentioned this one already)
    • Also beds to recover health, at cost of time and food/water
    • Time progresses - potential for bonuses
  • A story line, or back story about why your on the raft, and where the debris is coming from
  • Challenges/achievements
  • Different AI type sharks, multiple sharks
  • Other enemies/dangers
  • Bad things drifting by - bombs, flaming oils, large logs
  • Reinforcements for foundations, defense based tiles
  • Visuals for damaged foundations when not holding the hammer in repair mode
  • Craftable powerups which increase good debris, or decrease bad. or impact status change from weather or other, increase or decrease enemies
  • Throwing shark meat into the water scares away the sharks for a short duration, or a craftable repelent
  • Islands which you drift past, but if you hook them you can explore them for a possible bonus, but traps and wild animals are prevalent.
  • Tech tree of resources, farms, weapons, character traits etc

I really like that island idea! and maybe you can find hints of other crew members on them for the story!


Maybe throwing fish in the water atrracts sharks if you want to kill them


i think that you should add Birds and bannana trees and different types of fish, sharks and birds.


Please add multiplayer.


can you please put the game on steam


First off, I'm loving the game, the latest storage update has been really beneficial.

I think some cool additions could be linked to a physics engine, perhaps your raft needs to be realistically structured else it'll fall apart.

To combat that, buoyancy aids would be needed to keep the raft afloat. The pillars already implemented seem to suggest that structure is important.

Cosmetic items are interesting, perhaps doors and different types of windows.

More creatures to ruin your day, maybe it spawns 2 sharks from time to time?

There's a lot of suggestions that people have already said that I'd love too.


I really like the buoyancy idea, and maybe you also can't make it too big on one side or it will tip!


I think, it could be nice to add trap for crab. You could build trap from metal and ropes. Throw trap to water with bait (like fish, potato) and some time later pick trap with crab. Second suggestion is add night .


The crab traps and bait sounds awesome. Perhaps you could craft different types of bait from different resources. (i.e. potato and fish or potato and shark) And different bait types will have a higher chance of attracting more crabs. Perhaps a type of bait could be made that attracts a rare crab type.


Hey, loving what you're doing with this and will definitely be following development. That said I have one major gripe with the current version.

You need some form of art direction! Realism can be good in a lot of cases, but it's extremely overdone in the world of first person survival games. I would love to see a style that is more carefully and delicately thought out to match the themes and . Think about the dull ambience of Inside, the vibrant hues of ABZÛ, maybe the gritty comic book style of the tell tale walking dead games, or even a pixel art style like diaries of a spaceport janitor. Whatever you do, come up with something that really pushes the atmosphere of the game to the next level and makes the game stand out from other survival games in the same way the unique gameplay does. You're obviously going to do well with this game but I don't want to see another interesting survival game with a boring art style. Give everyone a breath of fresh air and do something new and unique. Well that's all I have to say. Good luck with this.

Ps. Watch the movie 'the Life of Pi" and steal all the things from it ;P


I like that last idea the most!


Good afternoon . I play the game from the beginning. And I see that you are working on the game and read the ideas players. I suggest you make a trade. For example. Near your raft (the house) is another raft on which he lives bot, it also develops and you can follow any responses to conflict with him and trade. By this, you can create a boat, on which you'll move around each other. Even with your neighbors (bots) can be sozdovat tribes and make war between them. Accordingly, it will be necessary to create weapons: sword, bow, crossbow and others. You will need to create doorways, doors, grilles for windows. Another upgrade your home.

Good luck and I'm thinking that you listen to my ideas. Happy New Year!


First of all, great game. Later today, I'm going out to buy a PayPal card to donate $10 because this game has so much potential!

Now, onto the suggestions:

* I would like it that if you make a mini "pool" inside your raft, that the shark can't just phase through the blocks, maybe he would start destroying blocks trying to get to you. But, ghost sharks are too spoopy 4 me.

* Another addition I think would be if your raft wasn't connected to another part of your raft, they'd drift away, because when you just have two different rafts unconnected and they just stay stagnate kinda ruins the feel of "building a base at sea".

*My final idea is for a "mini-raft", or "boat" which would basically allow you to move around quicker in the water. The shark would come to attack it of course, but the mini-raft would act as a health buffer and would also allow you to escape from the attacking shark.

Thanks for reading my suggestion!


First: Great game!

-Barrels? The ability to craft barrels to store:

- meat: with the option to salt, so as to prevent spoilage

- potatoes

- coconuts

- water

- and just food(and other goods) in general!

The latest version (1.04) has chests so wouldn't that be good enough?


O.k., how about just salted meat and water storage, skip the barrels.


I think there should be barrels, as they would be more practical for storing meat and liquids than chests. you could also have a barrel on your spawn platform which would have meat/water on easier difficulties( an idea that I've seen multiple times now).


I think that it would also be cool for aesthetics as well.

You can make the worlds still play if you update the game



-Different kinds of fish, and maybe different fish replenish different amounts of hunger. (etc, Raw Tuna replenishes more hunger than Raw Mackerel)

-The fishing is way too easy, it's an unlimited food source. Combined with what I said in the first idea, I think there should be a boot you can catch. Catching a boot while fishing is Comedy Gold, my friends. Say like, 75% chance of catching fish, and 25% chance of catching the boot.

-Add the ability to destroy/remove cooking stations, water purifiers, etc. I know you can remove them by hitting the foundation that they're on, but that's wasting a nice piece of foundation.

-Day and Night Cycle, and at night time the shark is more aggressive.

-Adding weather would be neat, too.

These are a few ideas I have that you could think about implementing into Raft. So far I'm enjoying the game, but it has a long ways to go. Happy New Year. :)


lol Yes, a boot! And when you fish it out of the sea, your character can hold the boot in disgust (with just the pointer finger and the thumb) and you can throw it back. Or throw it at the shark. :P


Heres some suggestions that you can add to raft:
day & night cycle

Bed - to sleep at night

chest - to store stuff in

more then one type of fish (When you fishing)

a way to trap the shark

new weapons to defend yourself

multyplayer (it will give the game a bigger fan base)

settings - add an option to change the graphigs for low budget computers

add end scene to the game (you found an island/some one came to rescue)

Thank you for reading this and i hope you will add some of thos ideas :) .


there are already chests and when you load the game there's a launcher so you can change the graphics quality


I think more uses for metal should be metal foundations and metal floors and there should be fertilizer for the trees and possibly difficulty modes and an auto update system

(1 edit) (+7)(-1)

Have you thought about greenlighting this on Steam. It could fetch some decently good views. The price could at least be $5.00.


$5?! More like $10 or $15. Heck, with a little more months of work or maybe an year of work, the developer could charge around $20! $5 is too low in my opinion.


I agree putting it on Steam would be good and you could make use of achievements, badges, auto updates, etc. but there's the overhead of getting it on Steam (one-time $100 fee) plus it has to be submitted to Greenlight then approved (based on popularity, probably wouldn't be an issue with this game but still a hurdle) as well once it's greenlit then Steam has to contact you and work out the details of getting things setup. A lot of work for something that's already available on itch. Still I think it would be good a good idea, but probably later in the development cycle and after there's been enough content to get to an alpha or beta stage maybe.


Yeah. The game is fun, but for only those few moments in the beginning. It is lacking a LOT. It's a good concept that shouldn't be held down to the current state that it is at, or anywhere near, for that matter. I am not saying it should be some gold tier kind of game, but it has potential to be a good fun game for longer than an hour; which is about the time it takes to do everything. Maybe 20mins if you're familiar with the game. Where it's at right now is good. It's free, and with the nameing of the price for the buyer, it lets people try it to see what it offers. Later on, they should charge, but it is too bare-bones to have a real set price for it.


In my opinion the game is a little too easy .. can you add more enemies ?


What other enemies can be introduced though?


Pirates and pirate ships, tribes from nearby islands, whales, piranhas, octopuses, alien invaders, creepers, Master chief, Dark peasant, dinosaurs, giant kittens, emoji monsters ans so on

Alien invaders? That doesn't fit the theme of the game. Creepers? From Minecraft? Um... Again, doesn't fit the theme of the game. Master chief? From Halo? Again, doesn't fit the theme of the game. Dark peasant? Doesn't fit the theme. Giant kittens? Same reason again. Emoji monsters?! That REALLY doesn't fit the theme of the game.

I was joking -_-

Oh... well... um... nevermind then.

this should be changeable by a difficulty level.


I think map should be more foggy and when you expanded you raft to specific size, fog will uncower and show more larger area, where different items flow!


+1 great idea c:

I like this idea


It's a cool game but, for some new things, try to create some furniture, more water creatures, some stranded sheeps under the water, maybe some easter eggs ( Titanic *cough cough* ). Try to fix the problem that you can't destroy a grill or a water purrifier after u placed it down. More sharks but a lower rate of attack. That's pretty much it. Furniture guys, lot of furniture xD. And, maybe some islands with treasures, a pirate who's selling goodies for gold. Basic stuff. Good game, but i kinda finished anything you can do in it in only 3 hours, that's sad i want MORE !


More trees (have only seen coconut until now).

(sorry for this correction, I had to.) it is a palm tree, not a coconut tree.

> The coconut tree (Cocos nucifera) is a member of the family Arecaceae (palm family) and the only species of the genus Cocos.

Obligatory youtube video xD

oh, ok. I didn't know. I can delete my comment if you want me to.

np :D




I like the game, although I think several features could improve it and make it more complex:

-A Story Mode

-A Survival Mode (Where it gets harder and harder over time to survive, with the goal to last as long as possible)

-A Multiplayer Mode

-More dangers aside from the Shark

-More resource types

-Being able to sail on the raft

-Differently sized islands to go to

-Different weapons that deal different amounts of damage

-A ranged weapon, such as a bow, or perhaps the ability to use the hook to damage the shark

-Decorative items, to make the raft look unique

-More types of fish, more plants, and more types of food in general

-Raft fights/Raft merging (either conquered rafts, or abandoned rafts)

-Different difficulty levels, for example on easy there may be one shark that doesn't have a lot of health and doesn't deal too much damage, whereas on hard there may be two sharks who deal more damage and have more health

-Diving in the ocean, with things to explore such as reefs and shipwrecks


Also, I'm not sure if it is just my computer being slow, but the frame rate is quite low for me.


Story mode just doesn't seem right for this type of game. Regarding multiplayer, the dev has said that the studio is currently small thus they can't do multiplayer so currently, it is not a planned feature and I don't think will be implemented for a long time. Concerning sized islands to go to, that would ruin the very thing that made this game unique. Many games already do this thus if this game did it, it would not be as unique. Finally, diving in the ocean, many games already do this (Subnautica being a popular one).


I suggest that a day and night cycle (and items related to night time such as a palm leaf bed or a candle; as well, a sleeping feature) should be a priority for the next small update along with the bug fixes. After that, there should be a focus on replayability; such as deteriorating tools (every tool have a certain number of "uses" before its destroyed). The replayability features could be added over many updates. By the way, I, myself, am looking forward to the day and night cycle (and items related to it; as well, the sleeping feature).

P. S: There also should be a player model implemented within in the next few small/big updates and a sprint feature.

-Additionally, a good way of hunting for bugs in the next update before it gets released is to set up a Beta Program where people/players can sign up for it and then they receive beta versions of the game to which they can provide feedback for it. This ensures that the "stable" version of the game remains bug free (or have less bugs than usual). I would definitely volunteer as a beta tester.


Suggest a Trello board to keep track of distilled game ideas/features that you guys are working on (and their status). Transparency goes a long way with the community (just look at Subnautica Trello Board as an example).


I've never seen a developer use Trello before, but that's an awesome idea. Helps the community see what's a priority and what to expect from future updates and whatnot.


Great idea! Definitely approve of this. Transparency sure does go a long way.


Change of direction for the current. The game is pretty nerfed with nets. You build a row of them perpendicular to the current and you're set for life. You can just forget about gathering stuff and you'll never run out of supplies. Introduce a change of current so it might go north or west, and you won't have people that just build a giant row of nets (they could still just build them around the other edges though).


Yea. Good idea!

they could also add an illusion which would make the raft appear to turn at times, and this would also change the current.


nice game


Please add the game online with your friends it will be very great thanks for playing!


Multiplayer is not planned currently sadly. The developer has already stated that in the FAQ.

круто надо добавить вам


Whales! and a rare killer whale that can do some real damage. hmmm... and how about upgrades for the spear like attaching a rope to it and throwing it at that damn shark or turning it into a whale hunting spear

and if the whale dies you can pull meat of the floating carcass for a couple days but it also attracts a couple more sharks until it's gone


As you implement new buildables and items, consider adding higher quality versions of the planks/thatch/metal scrap. Say, 5 or 10 of each to make the higher quality version. As it stands now, even with chests, it's easy to fill them depending on your number of item nets. This would help reduce buildup of those base materials, and provide for higher level crafting trees. It's also something that could snowball into better and higher quality materials. OR, consider adding things like a furnace or loom where you have to create the higher quality materials.


i love this game add bow

and arrows

(1 edit) (+1)

and body armor


What is moby armor?


sorry for this body armor*




The answer to this is in the FAQ. Not planned currently.

(1 edit) (+1)

try making the game a bit more friendleyer to older computers or make it less laggyer apart from that its awesome



I agree that there needs to be more optimizations to the game.


At the risk of sounding Minecraft-y:

Shift-click to quickly move stuff to/from hotbar, right-click to halve stack.


I Have A Suggestion

You Should Add A Pickaxe To Remove The Coocking Stations And The Water Stations

You Should Add A Storage Like Chests And Add More Farming Stuff Like Carrots

If You Can Add Multiplayer Version So We Can Work Togheter

~ Hope You Liked My Ideas And You'll Add Them To The Game


Multiplayer sounds awsome

Yea I Know I Cant Wait To See This In The Game


Regarding multiplayer, it is stated in the FAQ that multiplayer is not planned for the foreseeable future.

Maybe After The Alpha Version

If the studio grows then yes but if not then no.

Ok :|

I Belive The Studio Will Get Bigger Cuz' This Game Is Awesome like AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

No pickaxes, that would be to much like Minecraft.

Maybe Something Else

they should also add a utility tool, similar to a mattock, which would be very usefull as you wouldn't have tools filling up your hotbar.


they should also add a utility tool, similar to a mattock, which would be very usefull as you wouldn't have tools filling up your hotbar.


I know this sounds a bit crazy, but maybe add the ability to create scuba gear and, as you go farther away from the center of the raft, you could swim down and find things like sunken ships and get resources from them? - There could even be a shark's nest or something challenging

That is too much like subnautica.

I Like Subnautica

This is a good idea and you should find gems and gold to trade with npcs around the map


what about tin cans in the oceans also it would be cool if you could tame an animal and also co-op


+1 for the taming an animal. Also, I think Co-Op could be the next best thing compared to multiplayer.


-Add weather like rain, and anything with fire cant be used during rain unless a roof is put over it

-Make it so sometimes the fire from the cooking stations can catch onto your raft and start small fires?


+1 for rain. That could be a small step towards more dynamic weather feature and features related to it.

Liked It

mabey raft fires could be turned off via dificulty?

(2 edits) (+4)

Can you add some action? For example make a shark more dangerous)

~ Maybe after (3,5,7,etc..) killed sharks swims "great white shark" -> she swims faster, faster breaks a raft, have a lot of hp, and at the same time starts the storm c:


Auto save would be nice


Yes definitely!



when you kill a shark on more is added (ex. There's one shark and you kill it now there are two, 2-3 and so on) that way it gets progressively difficult.


Yeah that will be cool to kill the shark


can you pleace optimize the game

and an automatic purifier that grabs water and prepare it on the cup put elevators more building objects and more items like breath or bigger cropplot to put more potatos in ad more food and ad more weapons


elevators would be wayy too advanced for the theme for this game. An automatic purifier however seems interesting. I wonder how it would work.


I proposed an idea of using sea turtles to capture drinkable rain water (totally stolen from The Forest) or something primitive. Think Gilligan's Island, but I agree there shouldn't be an overly complicated mechanical system here. You're stuck in the middle of nowhere with next to nothing on your back. You're not MacGyver.


Could use a simple pulley system made of wood, or even just a rope


You would have to pull the rope and stand on the platform that would be good


When you destroy an item with a raft make it give you half of the items back instead of just discarding all.


It really needs that feature. +1


Some visible effect damage to raft components would be nice, be able to see how damaged a part is without having to hold a hammer set to repair on it.

Also something to keep the shark at bay for longer would be nice.

Some music and more sound effects would be nice too.

Also, if we are gonna make the place feel more like home, how about some furniture. It won't do anything, just be decorative.

Oh! And being able to pick up or destroy things and get some (not all) resources back.


i have a idea! have a day and night cycle and can make a bed. at ngiht you get more items but its more dangerous. if you sleep in the bed it goes back to day time!


or any other game that has that mechanic lol

The bed was the giveaway.


lol yeah but Minecraft isn't the only game that does that LOL other games have beds that you sleep to turn into day.

that will be sooooo cool


How about choosing how long to sleep for

yeah, that too!!

Will you be adding more people to your developing team?


you just asked the same thing twice.


When the raft gets big it would be good to have a sprint and make it so that if you sprint a lot it will make the water and food go down faster.


Just saying but the controls are really hard to get use to sooooooo It's really hard to play the game


Your add dificulti please thanks you


It would be nice if there would be a way to move the cooking place and the water purifyer.

i argee

(1 edit) (+6)

I'm loving this game so far! I think the beginning is very engaging in trying to balance survival, fending off the shark, and building up the raft, though later gameplay could be made more complex. Some ideas:

  • Please have coconuts and those tiny barrels float?
  • The option to put labels on chests.
  • Not having resources constantly flowing by the raft. Right now, once the player builds enough nets to catch everything that floats by it's not important to really hold onto anything. Once the player has progressed far enough in the game, having new resources float by should slow to more of a trickle, or become an event. I think this would encourage players to utilize chests, value their scrap(the one thing they can't produce right now), and place more focus on self-sufficiency.
  • Day/night cycles and the option(or need) to sleep to recover health.
  • Weather: fog that reduces visibility, no wind/still water(no new resources flow by), rain that puts out unsheltered cooking fires, dangerous hot and cold temperatures. Also windy storms- the unsheltered player can be blown about, but lots of new resources flood the ocean. There could be some kind of visual cue that indicates what's coming.
  • Shark variation: how much health they have(could be indicated by their size), how fast they are, and how often they attack the raft.
  • Friendly or neutral AI, like crabs that scutter around the raft if you drop them. Maybe birds? They could be hunted or caged and have nests with eggs to collect. Maybe dolphins could appear in an event where if you feed them they could temporarily repel sharks or gift rare items from the sea floor.

Edits for spelling

I totally agree

you should have a setting to make thosee mini barrels float, but it would use up wood.


You should add structural integrity and buoyancy


And it should start to tip if you add to much to one side, and it will not let you build more in that direction until you add more to the other side!


yep! good thinking Rasta420! XD

Multiplayer/Coop Mode

Support for non powerfull computers

Updating Launcher


Make a snap feature like the floors walls etc but for trees planters so you can have a very even row would be nice. Make it so you can still place it whereever but when you try to place them in a row make them snap into place.


Make a setting or something where when you pick up an item it does not go straight to the bar at the bottom but in the inventory then clicking tab. I do not like it when it gets cluttered at the bottom.

I agree. Maybe we could be able to place priority on items for whether they go to the inventory first or the bar first, since you might pick up a can of water to drink immediately from the bottom bar, but want rope and planks to always go in the inventory.

Yes, I think there should at least be some menu bar slots permanently for drinking and eating items. It's annoying always having to shift out a bit of rope to make way for you drinking cup.

You should add 1-2 n 1-3 multi player if that isnt enough to ask thanks -RaftFacts

make where we can craft a camp fire like type thing and we need to get a lighter by crafting with 2 scarps and 1 plant to make a lighter thingy idk i thought it would be cool

It would make more sense to have a torch and a re-lightable torch than a lighter.


I think you should be able to throw the spear and be able to stack them so you can. Also a leveling system so you can add points to do make you better at things like what someone said to add weather so you could freeze to death or get to hot. also add more different types of fish like tuna would give you the least and salmon or something better could work and better fishing poles to get better fish. which this leads me to add that you should add more craftables. More things you could grow. also add more animals that can pop up like whales or sea turtles which could give meat. also armor and more weapons and things that can kill you. also you don't have to lose your raft when you die just your items. Also multiplayer would be nice and me and my friend were noticing that nothing drifts off so right now I have 2 separate rafts that arnt connected. also you could add island which are small but that would be how you got animals and pets and also new trees and by the way its a fact that palm would cant float. also you can get a docking method if you do add islands. also motors so you can move smaller rafts around to other islands. also anchors. And if you wanted to explore add maps and beacons and waypoints to know where things are. lastly I found out that you have to open chests from a certain angle if they are under stairs which there should be ladders because of how much room the stairs take up. also add rubber which you can turn into floaties so you don't lose fatigue in the water. also you can add more crafting tables to get more advanced matirials. also a bed to get through the night. These are only a few of the things think you should add and thank you for reading and possibly adding these things love the game and hope you get more ideas to add to the game because I think you have big start to a big game.

-your gamer friend,


Sorry for my English I am Mexican, they should add a system that warns that the shark is approaching since it is difficult to build and suddenly the shark attack you without realizing it, something like a bell or alarm.

I got a very similar idea, where there could be a new wepon - a harpoon - which could have a bell buoy attached to warn you if the shark is approaching.


- coconuts to have collision with walls, so they don't just roll off the side

- perhaps add some kind of fence/railing, stops player from walking into water and cause it would look cool

- craft a large net that is operated by a pully the player has to use, (same time frame to use as hook?) catch 3 fish at once?

^ this would need a fair amount of rope to craft and more wood and even scrap

- thatch roofing

- wall with a door

- extra large chests

- weather cycle (rain, storm, heat wave)

- more advanced and larger cooking grill and water purifier (2 food and 2 water at once?)


Something that would be great is if potatoes produced less and filled your food a little more because being able to plant 3 in a box and then getting 6 back cluttered up my inventory and made it a little too easy not to die of hunger especially when I put down multiple boxes.

Also more uses for scrap like weapons, reinforcements, traps, that sort of thing

One more thing in my opinion would be that the poles should let you build out 2 floor pieces instead of 1 and there should be some way to move/ pick up poles and other building pieces after they are put down

whether you implement any of these things or not, your game is super fun and I will make sure to buy it when it comes out


One more thing just though of is that there should be some sort of cinematic mode where you can see your raft from different angles

Agreed. I'd like to be able to pan out and see what the raft looks like from above.

I haven't seen it yet, but some spec requirements we nice.


I think the gameplay would be more challenging if you can add more natural harms to your raft. Example: weathers (storms, summer, blizzard), possible pirates attacking your raft, etc.


Night time and torches

And in the night there will be some sea monsters, And the shark will go away until the daytime its back.

Great addtion thanks


a skill tree


You should make it so the more you play the game the farther out the resources will appear!

Also it should take time to build stuff, to make it a bit harder. but add a way to disable it with a command!


Maybe there should be some joke about how this is all just a lesson about polluting the ocean and how you should not pollute the ocean unless you want some guy on a raft to build tree farms with it.


I think you should put boats and small islands so there we can get different food resources and add machines like a fisher catcher so scraps can be more useful because they take up A LOT of space in your inventory good thing theres a chest now.. and like a uhmm warning device for when a shark is eating the raft this is just a suggestion no need to like grant this ... anyways thank you for this game i wish you would add a SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS and you can select you own GRAPHICS STYLE ..

When you start the game there is an option below to change the graphics (Fastest to Beautiful)

(1 edit) (-1)

you can add a giant kraken who attacks the raft who you have to attack the tentacles to get him of the raft or he will destroy many fondations

Don't think that would fit with the game's theme.

(2 edits) (+2)

I have some ideas:

-Contact steam in order to Raft to be added to steam, because I think this is a great game and it will be added to Steam very fast.

-Add more kind of trees and seeds.

-Add new building materials and to get them you must cut rare trees.

-Add flares to call a helicopter to bring materials.

-Add some kind of turret to automate the attack to the shark, and you will need to craft batteries and bullets for its working.

-Bags and Big Bags depending the more materials you use.



Regarding turrents, that is unrealistic with the game's theme.

Deleted 7 years ago

Perhaps some sort of heatstroke mechanic. As with real life, if you are out in the sun nonstop with no shade, you will eventually die. I would suggest another bar to keep watch on, like food and water, but going down much slower. Spending time in the shade would reduce the chance of getting heatstroke - Maybe you could be able to build canvas/tarp things out of thatch as a shelter, because it would be nice to have a roof that isn't made out of planks.


I've just completed the form at the homepage and i have some ideas for this game

1. This game is too easy for most of game player, because the difficulty levels are not added. You should add them to the game (Easy, Normal, Hard, etc.)

2. The effects of the weather and day/night can make the game become harder.

3. Need more Crafting items and a place to trade for necessaries and sell unuseful items

4. Main chracter have to do more to survive, instead of just finding food and fresh water.

5. The game should have some objectives to complete. If main character don't complete it, some resources will disappeared or another punishments.

I haven't played an interesting game like this game. I hope you will develope this game and make it more interesting in the future.

Happy new year and sorry about my bad english

The one thing that I dislike on the list is the trading post.

This might be hard but please add multiplayer! me and my friend love this game and want to play it together!

Also keep up the great work! <3

They could add Co-Op but not multiplayer. They already stated that multiplayer is not a planned feature for the foreseeable future.

(1 edit) (+1)

Currently, i only have a few ideas for this game to become a bit better. First off, I'd like to see a diving system implemented. That'd make this game a little better. Secondly, different land masses. Islands, mountains, ect. Thirdly, traps/defenses for the shark. Lastly, more food. Just having shark meet potatoes and coconuts to eat is just kinda boring.

You can also fish with a Fishing Rod to get Raw Mackerel

Yeah, I forgot about that. I was trying to remember that but couldnt place my finger on it.


Upgrading the cooking station and water cooking station would be awesome.


Adding like a boss random event like a random pirate ship that has a rare chance of spawning to attempt and raid your raft to steal from your chests or even steal your life? Its big but it could be a huge addition in future updates? Also amazing game really enjoying it!

(2 edits) (+6)

How about Steel, which can be made from 2 scrap in a Furnace (2 Scrap, 1 Wood). With the steel you can make Steel Tools, which are stronger than the normal scrap kind. Why not a Thatch Bed, made from 2 Wood, 6 Thatch? When you pick up a barrel, you could place it and store things in it like a chest, but not as many. Maybe some First Aid Kits could be out there in the blue sea, but it would be a rare sight. Could there be Cloth, A special fabric (found in crates)? Maybe it could make Sails. What else could be out there? Crates filled with rare items, like Food, Materials and First Aid? Everyone needs a good Rainstorm, you could make a Water Collector (2 Cloth, 1 Empty Tin Can, 2 Wood) and collect some purified water too! Fishing gets old, a Fishing Net (2 Steel, 4 Rope) can do the work for you! It gets cold at night, why not make a Coat (3 Cloth)? Potatoes can get boring to eat, mix it up with Carrots, Tomatoes, Corn, Grapes, and Bananas! Also, Make a Hat (1 Cloth, 1 Thatch) to protect yourself from Sunburn (Doesn't affect in shade). That's all I have for now.


Those are some amazing ideas, I love how all the things are highlighted in bold.:D

Thanks :D

I hope the Devs look at my ideas and consider adding them.


YOUR IDEAS ARE FANTASTIC i added about 6 but there not as ilaberate as these!!!! nice work man!! i hope they implement some of these great ideas! :D


Man! Your ideas are so great! i really wish your ideas to be added in the game :)

I can already imagine the cool cloth and steel that we can use to make more items :D

I know right? It would be so cool if you could make steel tools, and find a super rare crate every once in a while!


WOW! i love your ideas


I think you should add cloth and add temperatures to be a thing and day/night cycles. With the cloth you could make a bed or clothes also add doors for building.

Hey cloth was my idea D:


Sorry to say this, but no one owns ideas.


добавить пиратов

Я не думаю, что пираты были бы хорошим дополнением к игре. Возможно, подводное плавание, все больше и больше материалов крафта рецептов было бы более полезным.

(5 edits) (+16)(-6)

Hi, i got some suggestions! like if you agree!

Island idea:

+ add islands!

+ palm trees on the island, so you can cut them down with your axe.

+ we got the building system for a raft, sure wanna keep that going, but if you add islands, you can have 2 building systems, so you can make a house on an island! i think that would be cool!

+ sails, so you can acually GO to the islands, without using smaller boats! The main raft will be slower than the small boats.

Island building system:

Roofs, but not only flat roofs, but maybe also square roofs, made of thatch or wood!

Thatch roof materials: rope, thatch

Wood roof materials: wood, nails

And also add wooden walls!

With the same materials as the wooden roof.


+ Sticks, for a campfire!

+ Stone, for maybe stone walls and roofs, for the island, and maybe for flint and steel, so you can start the campfire!

+ add a hoe, so you can plant vegetables on an island!

+ When you are on the island, you can start a farm with your hoe. Add carrots and weed! With weed you can make bread!

Game ideas:

+ Add more drinks, like rum or regular milk (can be found inside barrels)

+ Add a way to destract (is that how i spell it? :\) the shark for one day and one night, so you can build safely.

+ Add NPC characters: Humans on other rafts, so you can trade or fight them. And populations om SOME of the islands (in NPC villages). And maybe some animals, so you can hunt, tame or eat them!

+ Add more furniture, like torches (for the walls on the ISLAND, not on a raft.) beds, and a closet (with the same use of chests, but you will need more materials to build it, and it will have more space to put items in!)

+ multiplayer mode!

+ smaller boats! very usefull in multiplayer mode, becaus you can build the main raft, and explore the ocean with smaller boats! the main raft will be like a mothership! sounds cool to me.... :\

OOH OOH, this is maybe the best of all...

+ Add wooden plates, so you can put food on it!!! :O (like fish, potatoes, and beetroots) and that you can also sit on the chairs, because they are kinda useless now, exept for decoration...

Hope you guys like my ideas!

I wrote this with my friend and more ideas will come later, pls add tips in the comments below! :D


I like this idea would make the game 100 times better. so cool, Im donating a dollard already


just wondering, what would the npc characters be like? who would they be?

btw theres already an npc... the shark


i will put it in my main topic. gunna edit it right now :)

Thanks 4 ur tip!


that would make the game so much better


just look at the title of the game, they wont add islands.


why not? only because its called 'Raft'? It still has a lot stuff with a raft.


There shouldn't be islands in Raft. It defeats the purpose of a raft in total. If you found an island with a healthy amount of food, you have a water purifier, and enough trees for a house, your basically set for the rest of the game. Zombieslayer008 is right, it's called Raft for a reason. If islands were added, this would turn into a regular survival styled game. This game is different, and I think we need to keep it this way.


umm they said they would be adding islands...


Rly? I cant find this message anywhere where did they post that?


In one of the surveys they had a question about wat ppl would want to see added to the game. They said they would eventually be adding all of the options in the question, which were:

- Moving your raft



-Other NPC Rafts


I really like your idea so what i was thinking about is maybe make something dangerous on the island could be canibals or wild animals that wants to hunt you down. so i wont be that easy to get to the island. it could also be cool if there was some secret rum storages from pirates or something


Would also be nice if they added, sea exploration (or at least more verticality the game, right now you can only go up). Not sure about the Islands stuff because I believe would make it too similar to Stranded Deep. And the village ideas would be cool but if NPC's can live on the island what reason gives the player to stay on the raft instead of going to the island? Maybe dangerous predators etc could be added to make the player consider the risks of going to land for resources (would also need to make the resources coming from the ocean, less reliable, to also make the player need to go into the islands, otherwise they would stick to the raft and that would be boring). All great options and all, but if executed poorly, it can skew the scope of the game and make it seem lost and with no purpose


Raiju, great ideas you got there! And lets turn all villagers into cannibals, and the other NPC's live on rafts! And maybe they can add some new weapons. And maybe the developers can think about dock building. so you can build docks and explore other islands. And yes, the resource floating by are way too much. So if they add islands, they can also make random chests on the beach of the islands. And i think the idea of predators and stuff awesome! if they will add all of this, this game will be so awesome! predators: crocodiles, of course sharks, and lions (rare).


I agree with sea exploration. There needs to be a way to attach either sails or have manual rows on your raft to explore different areas across the sea. When you explore new areas you can find other computer generated ships and rafts with NPC's on it where you can trade, fight, steal and whatnot, creating friendly or hostile relationships with other people. When you go to other areas, you would encounter different things flowing in the water, and in different directions. At endgame, if you have the resources and you have made generators from harnessing fire or using wave power, you could attach simple motors to your raft to get to areas faster. Since you and NPC's will be on the same ocean, there should be different weapons instead of a spear. To plunder other ships and sink them, you would need simple firearms, using rare gunpowder, scrap metal and other materials to make them. Or you could mount cannons which take up lots of space, are hard to maneuver and are expensive to fire and to craft, but that deal significant damage to other ships and NPC's.


not trying to be rude but it sounds a lot like stranded deep like that


Here are my ideas and glitches:

Raft glitches:

  • when making something with a full stack of something and a stack that is less than what you have to use to make that something, it will first get rid of the small stack because that's not enough and then subtract the cost from the full stack, making you pay that small stack extra.So for example: you want to make something of 4 wood, and you have a stack of 2 and a stack of 10 wood, it will get rid of the 2 stack and then subtract 4 from the 10 stack.
  • The shark swum on my raft when i made it really big, then when i killed it, the items went under the raft so i couldn't get the meat.
  • The items spawn not on the full width of my raft, here is a picture:

This could just be meant to be but I thought I would mention it anyway

Raft tips:

  • I'm going to mention this one even though I'm 99% sure this is planned already: add more items, now I've played something like 3 or 4 hours and I'm just building a big platform because there's nothing else to do. Mostly add items of metal because I had 2 chests full of crap before my house was done. Now there's almost no use for scrap.
  • Add more graphics options. This is mostly for the bad computers (like mine) because it actually looks awesome but I'm playing raft at about 10 fps with the second to lowest water quality and all other graphics off. Also: the game is always like a third of a second later than what I do, even though that's probably the fault of my computer, I wanted to mention this too.
Deleted 324 days ago

ok just saying most of these ideas are just from the developers ideas... they are already planning to add most of these..


They are not adding multiplayer....


good idea mincpower

a island and having stone

but also if i may can i add something

maybe some new weapons as well and new build options (like the chair and the lamp and the table)



1 thing be able to place things next to pillars cause sometimes you cant

2 when you break foundation you cant place it again PLEASE FIX

3 doors and furniture

4 more resources in the ocean and a way to go in water woud be sick

Best regards Victor


The first and second items are bugs. They'll find it easier in the bug report page. Third idea is a good one. But only if they implement multiplier. And I've always loved the idea of going under water and searching for items and resources there.


Spawnpoint - so when u die you dont lose everything (including your batteries)

weight limit - so you cant build a skyscraper

Watergod - (basically creative)

sorry if this is short i have 2%

I agree with weight limit but watergod wouldn't be fun and would be too much like minecraft and spawn points are bad and i think you should lose everything when you die


Hello, I'm enjoying raft very, very much and I think these ideas will hopefully make it even more enjoyable.

First of all, if you add a thing to catch fish automatically like adding a fishing net or have fish actively swimming in shallow water so you could attack them with your spear. Also make fishing harder, right now I think it is too easy to catch fish.

Okay, about when and if you add multiplayer make sure you that you make different types of multiplayer. For example, when you go to make multi-player make different modes so there could be a mode where you can socialize, make friends and help each other out without making other players able to attack you.

The other mode could be called Competitive. Where you can travel across the ocean to find other players rafts and raid them. Please do not make it able to team in competitive if you decide to add a teaming mode please make it separate.

Make the game harder. For example, make floats or something where you have to put them under you raft to hold up your raft and if you make a 10 floor raft like me for example please make it so you have to build a floating foundation underneath. If you decide to use that idea have a little menu when you open the crafting menu that tells you if you need more foundation or not.

Make a backstory. My mind honestly needs to know how your player got where he/she is

I think you should add a creative mode this could be single player and multi-player. In the single player mode, you should make it so you don't starve you don't take damage no sharks unlimited resources and remove thirst. For the multi-player you should do the same thing, but you can have your friends help you build the best raft.

Try to make it on steam! You could invite friends from your steam account to help you. Plus the steam workshop is a great way to download and play with rafts you find on the workshop.

I think your game is great and has a great future ahead of it. Keep it up!

I support your idea!

they should add like a cutscene before playing the game, which tell us the backstory

In creative mode, furniture would look nice like beds,tables and seating etc.. its probably unnecessary for some people, but its just what im thinking :)

The multiplayer should just be one mode where you can decide to trade/team/raid other players and the creative mode wouldn't be fun I think there should be a building mode where you take no damage and don't starve or dehydrate but you have to get your own resources outside of building mode. Building mode should be turned on and off in main menu and in game toggled with the buttons 'ctrl b' in game. You shouldn't be able to do much in building mode apart from opening chests, building and breaking. In building mode you don't get resources back from stuff you built if you break it.

for the multiplayer you mean pve servers and pvp servers(player vs entity (eg the shark) and player vs player (eg attack each other))


I feel that a good addition to the game could be a "creative mode" in which you have unlimited resources to build infinitely. I think that this could be a good addition now especially since they do not have a way for the different versions to be compatible with each other. In this mode you can build with no limits, and the shark will not attack. However, you can turn this off, that way you can play normally once you are done building. Please let me know what you guys think! I really love this game and it's a lot of fun to play, it just sucks that your gamesave does not carry over between updates, so this might be a happy medium for those who still want to play, but do not want to start over. If the devs see this, awesome work and I'm looking forward to seeing more from this game in the future! Cheers!


the creative mode wouldn't be fun I think there should be a building mode where you take no damage and don't starve or dehydrate but you have to get your own resources outside of building mode. Building mode should be turned on and off in main menu and in game toggled with the buttons 'ctrl b' in game. You shouldn't be able to do much in building mode apart from opening chests, building and breaking. In building mode you don't get resources back from stuff you built if you break it.

I suggested creative mode due to the fact that they game saves aren't backwards compatible. I myself put over 5 hours of work into my save in v1.03 and sadly cannot play in that same world in the newer versions. Creative mode would be a quick way for users to quickly regain any lost progress.

It'l be fun if there is day, rain(lightly or heavily) and night..

adding more stuff to build would be nice too. like torches for night time or wooden beds something like that

this game is really fun! Keep it up!


It Would be great to play with friends and it would be nice if you can craft armor or something like that and more trees(especially more fruits

Maybe You Can Add Some New Resources Like Sands To Make Glasses Stones and stuff

{Deffinitely Not On Lands The Stuff Just Came To Us}

Good Idea


can you add multiplayer coop ?


very clever idea really should be added

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Следва да се добави маси столове просто мебели

I Have An Idea

You Should Add An Optioon For Creating Tech Like Computer Chips So You Can Create Like An Advenced Tools

Add Night Time

Add Flash Light

Add More Fishes And The Hunger That Every Kind Of Fish Give Diffrent Hunger

Do That You Can Damage The Shark With The Axe As Well

great idea but with the stuff that we get from the ocean making electronics would be impossible and on top of that if there were floating computer chips and stuff like that the water would have already fried the battery before it came to us :/ nice idea tho!!!!

Maybe It Should Be On The Barrels Or Maybe In Something Else

It should just require tons of materials that can be in water and then you could have to put it somewhere and maybe get it struck by lightning to power it or find oil and burn it to power something that could be good

Thanks For The Good Idea

Thanks For The Good Idea

(2 edits) (+2)

I have an IDEA!, can you put EDIT MODE so we can edit our raft a lot easier and maybe some INTENSE BACKGROUND MUSIC whenever the shark is attacking the raft, and could you improved the A.I. of the shark that if we put WALLS that the shark wont break the raft unless if there is an open area for it to break the raft, and maybe if we could put Mode's like, survival mode, custom mode, and creative mode if possible.

Yea Good Idea


I think there should be a building mode where you take no damage and don't starve or dehydrate but you have to get your own resources outside of building mode. Building mode should be turned on and off in main menu and in game toggled with the buttons 'ctrl b' in game. You shouldn't be able to do much in building mode apart from opening chests, building and breaking. In building mode you don't get resources back from stuff you built if you break it.

Hi, :). Love this game.

Adding a map system could be cool. Like u can fit an engine to ur raft and then u can go to different biomes and stuff through a map.

Also weather effects could be cool. i.e. snow, lightning, rain, waves.

And adding some sort of decorations could be cool, like maybe a bookshelf or tables and chairs :)

Hope this game goes far and becomes very popular <3

Engines would be difficult i think you could make sails and masts to move and maybe have a steam powered Turbine engine

I think an engine idea would be cool, but there would be oil that would float by, and you would have to use the tin can to get, then that's how you charge up the motor


I have an idea!!

can you please make it so you can choose diffaculty also i had an idea about the walls! i expanded my raft and started putting walls up thinking that they would keep the sharks away but apperntly they are just for show....can you please make it so when you turn it on easy they wont attack the sides with walls n stuff?????



im not hating but making the game more realistic would be more fun and adding all teh of the features that have been reqested (of course not ALL of them ). The only reason im asking of this is because when you play for a really long time you have food recorses because of the nets so the only thing to do is sit there and wait for the shark which is kinda boring.


And please make the sound Q for the shark alittle louder because i have my headphones turned up on the second floore of my raft but when i come back down half of my faft is gone because i can never here the sound QAND ONE MORE THING BEFORE I GO!!! just to make it a little more ominis maybe play the JAWS music when your in the water because the shark starts swimming towards you just to make it kind of scary.


I was thinking you could ad defence mekinisms and there have been alot of reqest of adding spikes and stuff but alot of people have been talking about weight so i dont think those would even be possible. what i as thinking of is somthing more....suttle. For instance when you kill the shark he always comes back!! theres no breaks inbetween! hes alllwaaaaays there. so i was thinking maybe when they try to eat the nets that are on the outside of the raft they would get caught in it delaying the spawn of another one.


This is kinda overkill but maybe the shark could have a family a kind of...reason why te sharks keep coming back and maybe when you killong of the sharks th eone from far out can smeel the blood and when they spawn the come rushing twords where ever the other one died.


Maybe in the game sence the only things you can collect on the surface are planks scraps etc. when the shark isnt looking you could dive under water. this could increase your fatiuge when you diving in regularly.

6. GEAR (Last one!)

This is pretty much just an add-on to number five but SCUBBA GEAR WOULD BE AWSOME!! it could be used to stay under water longer because maybe when you go under water ynext to your fatuige you have a blue breath meeter and building peice-by-peice scubba gear would help you when your under water as far and moving and searching goes!!

These are alll ov my ideas for the game sorry if there really long but i spent really long time typing and coming up with these so please implement al LEAST one :3

Love It

maybe do something to defend from shark, like alert system or something like that, or make a wall that defend from him

(1 edit)

Different Language Required Especially Turkish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, French, German But Absolute Turkish

why absolute turkish? because you from Turkey?!

for me it's absolute polish then :D

yeah just cause your language is turkish dosent mean its the most important but english is as most people play with english

Spanish, English, French, Russian, Chinese and Arabic are the most spoken languages so they should implement them first

Deleted 2 years ago

not only french, polish, russian and german also


Planting trees requires soil

You could get soil bags from floating barrels.


Good point i agree and also planting potatoes requires soil.

(4 edits)

Mam te Sugestie / pomysły:


pułapki rekina

Inne zwierzeta


Dziewczyną, Mężczyzna


Zwiększona Skrzynki Pojemność

polski przetłumaczyć

Upgrading the cooking station and water cooking station

Coconuts to have collision with walls, so they don't just roll off the side

Network for fish

Hammer, to remove stations coocking the Water Stations


Please add animals in the sea oother than sharks and i have another idea for e.g:to tame a turtle you need seaweed and to get seaweed you need to go into the ocean and get some and you can ride the turtle

It's a great game and i'd love to see some other building decorations (Like a storage cabin or something) come in, different types of food and defense from the shark attacks would be nice, most importantly - add running to it so I could prevent the shark from destroying my stuff! :D


-The posibility to play multiplayer


I've got some suggestions. So;

How about doors? There could be a door with a window and just a regular door.

There could be birds flying around the ocean, and the player could hunt them, tame them or just simply let them be. The taming would be giving them food, (food as seeds) and maybe helping them.

New weapons, like arrows, you could make a bow or just throw them around (the bow would make more damage but take longer to charge).

Bananas, apples and different berries. Edible and non-edible flowers would be nice too.

Different fish and sharks.

Difficulty levels, they would define how many sharks there are at a time, how much recourses would pass by and how quickly the player would become hungry and thirsty.

Multiplayer. We need multiplayer.

Make the raft look like it's moving more, there could also be a way to lock yourself to one place.

Day-night cycle, seasons and weather.

A way to make stronger rope and put it on the planks. It could be just decorative, or it could be used to tie two areas of the raft together. If it was just flowing in the water with no purpose, the shark could hang onto it and rip the plank it was connected to off.

The more the player would build things, the better they would get. If the player is good at building and has the necessary recourses, they could make some really cool even automated stuff. The systems would not be the best, and the player would still need to get fuel, so it wouldn't become boring.

There could be a gamemode where the player would need to stay alive in extreme situations for a certain amount of time before they get rescued.

A backstory. Why is the player on the raft?

Also, sorry if I made any typos, English is not my native language, forgive me.

Regarding multiplayer, the devs stated that there are no plans currently to add multiplayer.

Automated stuff could be like steam engines and stuff because that would be more realistic

add day night cycle

How about more repairing mechanics where anything (like foundation) that damaged can be spotted like broken woods or something, and you can repair something with material that same as you build with it.

Weapons, armor, more food, a variety of fish, sharks, add day and night, sunrise sunset, rain, storm and other weather phenomena

сетевая игра


Day & Night cycles and possibly weather might be cool. There'd also need to be a source of light such as a fire or torch.

There could be a way to get stone (very rare, though) and build a furnace / refinery where 10 scrap metal can be turned into refined metal, and used to create reinforced foundations.

If islands were to be implemented, I would also like to see shipwrecks.

+1 for the source of light and day-night cycle.

+1 for reinforced foundations and refined metal

Add multiplayer to the game.

Add other creatures then sharks.. like The kraken(big squid like monster) or different types of sharks with different damages.

A level system would be nice to have.. different levels unlocks new crafting stuff.

This game is really fun to play... keep up the good work Raft Team :)

they can add crocodiles. Crocodiles could walk on a raft, you could kill them with crossbow

Concerning multiplayer, it is stated in the FAQ that there are no plans to add multiplayer currently.






Extreme etc

Please do this in a new update

when or if you add multiplayer please also add swords and more weapons so we can fight and maybe a pvp mode

Add some type of chest

There is already chests in the game.

You should make a mobile raft and have different areas that you can travel to on that raft and make sure it has a ore, to paddle with.

Multiplayer or LAN

You can do on multiplayer mode survivor.

The players will have their own raft for each and they will swim with them, raid with them, and survive with them.


Multiplayer is currently not planned. That is stated by the devs.



Some idea:

  • Construct Hammock between tree;
  • During Storm you need to protect your foundation.
  • Climate ( Rain, Sun...) And you need to protect with Hat, cloths, umbrella...
  • Killer Whale dificult;
  • Sense of travel. Like a boat. So you can see some scenery;
  • Waves can push you, So you need to construct barrier to protect of them.
  • You can visit small island.

Add a way to move your raft. Add a "crafting station" where you can build bigger items like boats and ships. Add places like other rafts and islands to explore. Add clothes, tempature and weather.


Wrecked ships? ( idk havent played it yet )


if you could do it i would really like a launcher, to download the newest version from instead of downloading a seperate file every update

Dear developers! I like your game! But add to it online, to play with your friends! I would be very happy with this update!

They said that its not possible at the moment

As i said earlier, i like to see a hammock and a item net (for storing items).


A bow, birds and a boat to go hunting birds to eat


I have some ideas that would make the game harder and realistic

-The fishing rod requires bait to catch fish because its too easy to get food. Thatch should sometimes come with worms (used for bait).

-When you kill a shark it needs to give 3 pieces of shark meat not 6, again, its too easy to get food. Also, making the growing time for the potatoes would make the game harder, also giving 2 potatoes instead of 3.

-Placing roofs on walls without a pillar needs to work, its logic

-Each time you want to heat up the cooking station and the water purifier you should need 1 plank and 1 scrap

-Later on in the game you could make something that would make your raft move your water. You could explore little sand islands(as big as 4 foundations) that have banana trees that you cut, get bananas, wood, thatch , take their seed and plant banana trees on your raft. Also on islands you can find strawberries


I think the moving raft isn't a good idea. It kinda ruins the concept...


maybe new walls made on scrap and metal floor to shark hard chop raft


The ability to rotate walls diagonally?

(1 edit) (+2)

- Being able to move things that have already been placed.

- day/night, fire


I would like you to add seaweed,more tree types,carrot,2 sharks instead only one(the game would be more harder and interesting).

All in all its very good game and keep update it.




Nice idea,and co-op too.


Multiplayer is currently not planned. It is stated by the devs.


Add bed,day-night and plastic like crafting material.


I played this game for 1 hour and I love it! Very nice idea. I would like to see more features.

1. More animals like turtles, we could see fish as well. Maybe birds, like seagulls. Shrimps

2. Some kind of way of collecting dirt, from the bottom of the ocean or from the barrels, becouse tree cropplot contains dirt (we should have it from somewhere).

3. More crops: Wheat, Carrots, beetroots.

4. All survivors should have rum for drinking :D (from barrels or something).

5. Wrecked ship, containing treasures.

6. Multiplayer!!! Making your own server, playing with friends and other people.

7. More building materials

8. Bait for the fishing rod.

9. Some events, like storm

10. We could see coral reef in the mirror of water.

11. Cloth for clothes and "??"

12. Saw for making furniture.

13. Fishing net

14. In game key setting, sounds

15. Nice music (When storm -Pt.9.- spooky music??)

16. Flint - becouse how we can start the fire without it.

17. Hammock. For resting and gaining energy

18. Knife

More coming soon <3


Multiplayer is currently not planned by the devs.

The crops shouldn't include beetroot


Make the game multiplayer, and let us use the worlds from 1.03 to 1.04, or if you can't from 1.03 to 1.04 let us use teh saved maps for further updates of the game.


It is stated in the FAQ, multiplayer is not planned anytime soon and you can't use worlds from 1.03 into 1.04.


Achivements are ussaly easy to implent and provide great value to further play.

Deleted 7 years ago
Deleted 2 years ago

Since then doesn't have many more options this game, that if these only in the middle of the ocean doesn't make sense to get so many objects and so many things without a site where the votes come from, would come a point where serious repetitive, only a game build if not you put something more adventure just getting tired.


Ad Plastic as a resource and a melter, so we can make Plastic-bags, water-bottles ,buckets and maybe even plastic trash boat.

I would also love the inclusion of seaweed for decorative purposes.


Definitely some controller support would be nice. Especially with those who struggle with the keyboard.


Great idea!


Hello, I have a suggestion :

Damage falling..

Add time for crafts..

Posibility to Customize the character

Add Multiplayer 1-4 Players

Sorry for my bad english,

I'm a French player..


More building materials. Change day and night. Multiplayer.


I dont know if it's a bug but I discovored that every time I open up a saved game all my plants are gone but the pots are still there;(. So please help me with that.


Add furniture, door, daylight cycle.


SAVES... I think i would like to be able to save or not the game. Like if you die you can just respawn at the last save. Because now all your work goes to waste (and there goes the rage quit) :D

with all the ideas that we give to your team can you make the game update weekly


That is a bit too much to ask. There is only 3 developers working on this game. Outta the 3, only one of them is a programmer. Be patient for game updates.

put archer plz

Can you make it multiplayer? so it is possible to play with your friends? like make a private game?

They said theyre not gonna do that

It would be great if you could add shark traps to the game. My idea was to have a small platform that has spikes around one edge. When the shark tries to bite it, the shark gets stuck and you can come kill the shark. The shark traps can't be destroyed by the shark when the shark gets stuck.


Night time! So it's simple, when the sun goes down the shark becomes more aggressive and attacks more frequently... This would make the addition of raft defenses more relevant.


For beginning this game have really good idea for the surroundings ,great potential and performs the basic elements of a survival game, but it will be much better if we can find there things like this:

- More kind of vegetables and tropical fruit (like pineapple, papaya or mango)

- Trees what includes these kind of fruit (on the same principle like the coconut palm in the game)

- More kind of fish ( like Tuna, cod, mackerel or salmon)

- Possibility to make small boats for traveling around the raft

- More kind of sharks (swordfish, hammerhead, great white shark)

- trophies (head of the shark or whole fish hanged on wall)

- Basic types of furniture (chair, table, shelves)

- weather, natural disasters, season and day cycle

- Raids of groups of sharks or raid of a pirate ship

- Pirate and other weapons (like saber, musket, sword, ax, etc.)

- Some kinds of octopus

- Also besides floating barrels floating Chests

And for the future:

- The possibility of adding the way your raft will come to the far remote island

- 2-4 players coop


Love the game so far! Very relaxing. I've put many hours already into it. I see a major potential with this game... granted I love survival games.

Here is a list of ideas I think would be great long term:

  • Day/night cycle
    • Torches to light up dark (could start fires if not places right)
  • Temperate change
    • Fire pits (for warmth)
  • Weather
    • Storms
    • Lighting
    • Waves
      • All can cause damage
  • More dangers
    • More sharks
    • Pirates
    • Bad weather
  • More food options
    • Bananas
    • Different types of fish
    • Other veggies
  • Defense systems / Weapons
    • Spikes
    • Bow / arrows
    • Traps
  • End-Game (Long term try to build a beacon to send signals for help or danger! (aka pirates))
  • More materials to build different things
  • Furniture
    • Beds (progress night / heal faster)
    • Tables / chairs (decor)
    • Shelves (to hold chests / storage)
  • Multiplayer (player hosted servers)
    • Way to move rafts
    • Randomly spawn everyone (have to try to find each other)
    • Make radios to find each other
    • Beacons to find each other
    • Can tether / connect two rafts (once two or more players have been found)
  • Mini islands (rare but have good loot)
  • Boats (to visit mini islands easier or go between player rafts)
  • Birds you can kill / eat
  • Random small creatures on islands (kill / eat... maybe tame?!

I'm sure I will come up with many many more ideas, but I look forward to seeing the progression of the game! Thanks for the fun!


Great list! There are some things that I personally would like to talk about more...


How would they affect your raft?


What would the pirates be like (Modern, old school, what would they do)?

How rare would a pirate attack be?

-Bow and arrows

This idea I do not personally like because fighting the sharks with the spear is such an original thing that it should be left like it is. (Other melee weapons would be cool)


Raft multiplayer would be a very interesting concept. In my opinion the multiplayer should be like this...

1-4 People spawn on the same raft

There are multiple sharks

Thats all I have to say...

Yeah! So...

  • Waves - chance that it can wash off objects from the floor, like water filters, cooking stations, planters, chests... mostly something to keep an eye on?
  • Pirates - I'd have to say old school pirates. They give off the more "fun" aspect where modern ones may seem a little "too soon"? They can send projectiles to damage the raft, and also they have their own hooks and ropes to gather your loot maybe? I don't see them ever getting off the boat they are on, just some ranges damage. The longer you play, the harder they are, also with what I suggested with a beacon, if you have one active, they will come far more since "you're on the radar".
  • The bow and arrow I totally get, maybe a harpoon gun? One of those stationary ones? Especially if pirates come, having some way to fight back at range would be good!
  • The multiplayer on same raft would be awesome too! I think it would be important to do solid players though, since there would add a challenge of not pushing each other off! Haha

Thanks so much!!


New item: Cloth

Comes from water/Crafted from leaf

People have been suggesting a temperature changing feature. With cloth you could craft clothes that give you protection from the cold.

New item: Campfire

Crafted from planks

Another item that would protect you from freezing.


Have it so that every x amount of time, more sharks spawn. So that after you get everything, the game does not become too easy. Also please fix the hunger and thirst bar value. You have to drink water and eat so constantly. All in all, good concept.



Va rog din suflet puteti baga multiplayer


C'est du développeur:

Si le multijoueur sera implémenté, il ne sera pas dans un futur proche, les raisons étant que nous avons seulement un programmeur et c'est une caractéristique difficile à ajouter.

(2 edits) (+3)

Please add some cool machines. For example a machine that automatically makes drinkable water or a machine that catches and cooks fish automatically. Would be great! :)

(1 edit) (+4)

My Suggestions as of V1.04

-Upgrade the overall crafting interface

-Add sun damage so that overtime you need clothing!

-Add Ability to go third person

-I know that is repeated but you need to make this game harder somehow! (More sharks or faster shark damage or maybe the shark steals the barrels sometimes)

-Add a explanation on why you woke up on a little raft

-make your raft buoyant and not just magically flouting

-Add a backdrop and remove the fog.

upvote = "I like your suggestions" or "that you thought the same thing"

downvote = "This is utter rubbish and it should not be added at all for any reason!"

Great game and I and the community shape it to be the best it can be and maybe get it over on the steam....


yo hard to play fro me im weak XD


2 Bolts from scrap.

a plank = 2 sticks.

Bow / crossbow.


Arrows From 1 stick, 1 Scrap and 1 Fedders

do so that it gets dark.

Random sharks


Personally i think while playing the game i really hate the shark. I think you should add a trophy of the head of the shark you get after you kill it. The head could also be used for something else...


Maybe.. every shark will changes ? that can turn to bull shark, great shark and more. a tent !! that can sleep at night and a day and night cycle. idk about the sharks tho when you are sleeping, maybe you can figure that out. that's all thxxx


Dear Mr Raft Developers

How about some sort of shift click option to move items around in your inventory or into storage boxes easier/faster. Also when shift clicked items stack and when in a full stack, any spar go to the next available slot.

This is a very great and enjoyable game, i cant wait to see what else is to come.

P.S. Happy holidays/Christmas/New Years.


By the way the shadow of your character is quite wired cuz the shadow is only hands LOL maybe you can add that the shadow. and also maybe you can make like hungry different effect like, when he/she get hungry maybe like a rumbling stomach.


Friends add better graphics like the blue sky and the blue sea so that it looks more tropical it would also be very good for the game

PS: This game I would love more graphics better thanks

Some players have weak computers, so maybe there could be fog limits, detail options, and shader options? For those who have strong computers, they can turn the settings up. For those who have weak computers, they can turn the settings down.

Then nothing will find me another game, that fits them Well


I think you should have a backstory to how you got on the raft. It would open up a storyline and open many opportunities for things such as pets and other animals


I think that you should be able to use scrap to make spikes that you could put on edges to prevent the shark from biting them!

(2 edits) (+5)

-Armored Foundations

-new enemies

-dont have to drink every ten seconds

-player armor or suits maybe you can see your own character and customize him/her


-Beds that you can save in, and if you die you can respawn. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

-Platypuses, why you may ask? because.

-things to customize a house with.

-more things to build a house with


-Sharks with laser beams attached to their backs, ohhh and, sharks with laser beams attached to their backs that are tamed, so you can ride around and take ovah de Atlantic.

- the one above i was joking, but the game has potential for easter eggs, wink wink

-bigger inventory or craftable backpacks

- night day cycle making use for items like beds or lights, and you know how games tend to get harder at night make it easier because sharks dont have great eye sight so at night the shark does not attack you, but you need light to build or you need fire to stay warm.

lovee the game you guys have a lot of potential, keep up the work, you guys are amazing, oh yah one more thing new fish. -Kohl

Night and day would be cool.Maybe different creatures spawn at different times of the day, seems like something that could be interesting.And yeah less drinking would be nice along with a save feature.Great ideas! :)


While in chest right click on an item in your inventory to drop into the chest inventory and vise versa.

The ability to attack shark with axe,

the ability to click on a food item in your inventor and select whether to eat or drop that way you wouldn't need to drop it on your hot bar.

that's all so far :)

great game btw.


put plastic,circuits and other important materials in barrels

and please make something to upgrade foundation like metal foundation

and put like the transport containers that can came with food inside or materials

and a story because why we start on raft wath happen with me before y arrive to the raft

please put an elevator to go up more fatser automatic water purifire and day and night cycle with rain storms and weather like hot or cold

cloths beds a workbench a fish trap and more enemies because the game is to easy for me


optimize the game please i have a graphic card and i cnts play with beatifull graphics


Do you have a high end ish graphics card?

yes i have a radeon R9 280


Make sure you have updated graphics driver and be sure to have DirectX11 or above.


yes a have everithing


How much RAM does your computer have?




Hm... Seems to be a bug that affects certain users. You might have to wait for a bug fix update.

thanks for helping me


Here are my ideas to improve:

1. You can get different types of trees. For example, Oak trees (No coconuts, but more wood and thatch. Also, oak seeds)

2. You can swim underwater

3. You can make picks to mine cobble at the bottom of the ocean.

4. There are fish

5. I have some more ideas that I waill not post right now

You would have to have something that would get rid of the shark or like one of those shark cages to go to the bottom of the ocean

or u would have to kill the shark and go for the peried of the time that its gone

(1 edit) (+1)

Los voy a escribir en español porque me resulta mejor para expresarme :D disculpa las molestias.


-Un mundo abierto tanto hacia las profundidades del océano como una o unas islas.

-Modo historia ( estilo TheForest pero no igual, solo el estilo de supervivencia con modo historia incluido ).

-Más enemigos, lo de los piratas suena bien pero es muy irreal.

-Que no puedas construir un edificio sobre una balsa.

-Que para hacer cosas más avanzadas tengas que tener planos de construcción.


-Opciones gráficas, optimizar el juego para computadoras lentas.

-Mejores gráficos.

-Que las construcciones no sean tan ''cuadradas''.

-Más dificultad: temperatura, lluvia, tormentas eléctricas, olas grandes, marea alta y baja, necesidad de dormir.

-Que el tiburón sea más realista y que salte.

-Más objetos.

-Pisos, techos y paredes de metal.

-Cofres más grandes.

-Que no tengas que empezar de cero cuando moris, pero que pierdas todo lo que llevabas en el inventario.

-Más tipos de comida.

-Que tengas que regar las plantas y que demoren más tiempo en crecer.


-Barcos de naufragios con tesoros y armas.

-Más tipos de armas: desde un simple arco hasta una pistola o un rifle.

-Físicas realistas.

-Diseño del personaje, no solo unas simples manos flotantes.

-Que te puedas agachar.

-Que puedas investigar el fondo del océano.

-Día y noche.



-Escaleras verticales.

-Más tipos de materiales, por ejemplo: que para hacer un vaso tengas que bajar al océano a buscar mineral de hierro.

Y muchas otras ideas!!! :D

Espero las lean y les gusten, tengo muchas más pero me pasaría el día entero escribiendo :D

PD: que el juego sea más realista.


what if you could crack open coconuts into coconut drinks that can be drunk and then they would become halved coconuts that you could eat and ACTUAL cooking like potato soup or something

When you consume a coconut shell you get both thirst and hunger refilled so esentially it's doing what you're asking, is it not?


Maybe more food that comes in the beginning of the game

Yeah, but if they add a sufficient amount of food, they would need to decrease the speed of how fast your hunger and thirst lowers. With more types of food also, it should also be possible to combine some food, like making sandwiches or salads.


I swear multiplayer would make this the best game ever! Please add it!

There is only 3 developers working on this. Only one of them is a programmer. So multiplayer is not planned for the foreseeable future.

I think that u should add a in save but don't do this first unless this is easy, because it isn't that important and yeah. ps. i love this game i have a huge raft and made a parkour area covering my whole base. :)


How about a harpoon? (I did a quick look on the sug thread and didn't see it.)

Basically a throwable spear with a tether attached to it so you could harpoon the shark and pull it in close to your raft to kill it.

I think it would also be useful if you could hang a live shark up on your boat to use for food.

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