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A member registered Dec 23, 2016

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Hello, I noticed a glitch while placing two window walls next to each other on a corner. The first wall works as normal however if I walk into the second window wall I put down, it lets me walk right through. The first window wall stops you as normal.

Left click and hold with an axe to remove items.

I hope for features like this too but we have to remeber that they have a small team and its FTP. Hopefully they get it to soon. I love this game!!!

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Idk, this game runs as smooth as butter, you might be on a potato

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I believe holding an axe to the item will destroy it.

Also, I scanned all files...there is no virus...this man is trying to infect your computer with viruses.

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Try that.

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Thank You!

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If you go into the game file on your computer, there is a ReadMe file. If you open that it has the controls.

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Hi, Could your team also implement a way to roate walls? because I cannot put them around my whole floor. Thanks

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I love this game. Needs a chest/storage system...ASAP!