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I have idea!!!

U should make starting scene where you are in plane and plane crashes to something and then it goes to ocean where u have little raft like in stranded deep and you have mission to build raft from wood because sharks are trying to attack you so you are safe in that raft u build and i would like if there would be island where u can cut down trees and do other stuff to start your adventure and can you make some more tools and weapons you can build from wood and stuff what comes from that ocean and then can you change barrels that they include rare stuff like wine or beer or waterbotless and can you make character customisation feature and then feature where you can upgrade yourself and your tools and weapons and make bigger cooking stations and stuff like that.

Aaaaaandddd plz let us make doors and walls with planks not just leafs and then let us make windows bigger.

That would be nice little thing that i like in games and im sure many others like that too.

Thats so shitty idea

YES make co-op so ppl can play with friends

That makes the game shittier and ppl dont play it because its not good graphic and i think that fog is nice and realistic

I have only 1,9 GHz cpu and game runs beatifully and no lag