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Hi, do you have the permission from the music authors to use the modules included in the game and sell the game with them included?

Comment on then newest version: the specular / glow is a bit too obnoxious, I had to rotate the panels to get some more color saturation :)

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Feels a bit clunkier than the last version I tried; I think the buttons should activate when you press the mouse button, not when you release them; this is pretty prominent on the level where you have to press them quick succession. There's also a considerable latency between clicking the mouse and the actual button press happening.

When you said "More action-oriented gameplay", I kinda expected the standard survival horror hide-and-seek fare - not saying the combat didn't work, but it was kinda clunky, the axe is really slow and whether the monster is in hitting distance is kinda hard to judge :(

Otherwise, very satisfied! :)

At the risk of sounding Minecraft-y:

Shift-click to quickly move stuff to/from hotbar, right-click to halve stack.