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... theres a sugestions and ideas chat or whatever allready

i think thats eating them look at your food well you do it.. if it doesnt work then try reinstall the game

make a hammer then you do something cant remeber but needs the hammer in hand.

i think the devs have a choice to make do they want to make it so you can move the raft OR do they want it so your all on the same raft... this will allso make a difference to number of players as if your all on 1 raft you cant have a server as there would be to many people BUT if you can move the raft it may take away from the game.... also to move the raft they would probably have to re do alot of the scripting to allow the rafts to move around.

yes but you could just have it with logs holding it up? have you ever seen under the raft?

why do you say that?... if your gona say somthing like that i would like to know why

0o0 amazing were?

make coconuts harder to get as i have chests full and dont need any water or food as i just cut down 12+ trees a day and store the extra. maybe make some kind of down side to eating just 1 food :/ like maybe you move slower or stop being abil to eat as much of it eg you can only eat it when your below 1/2 food (as if your player is sick of it) cas it seems to op just to live of coconuts and iv never had to plant a single potato yet. also maybe some way to make a shark net/ cage that you can catch the shark? that costs TONES of scrap and needs repairs after every few times or it will break.

maybe make the shark really strong so it can break your raft faster but it is less common to re spawn. also have things like fishing up the chance that a shark will spawn cas the fish you catch will bleed in the water a little.

also whales that randomly jump and that you can throw spears at and catch/ kill BUT if you anger them they will jump on your raft and break every part they hit. also have them drop tones of food and skin maybe even some uncommon items.

my last idear is a shark tooth spear that does more dmg and can be thrown. mabe even tie a roop to the end and make it so you can tie it to a pillar and stop the shark and pull it in when it gets tired.

these are just some random ideas for if you (the devs) get stuck on what to add

make a really big tower that gets bigger as it goes up its what i use my scrap for Xb costs a lot of wood as well iv used 5 + chests of wood and still its only small. and when you done you have a lot of room for chests and potato farms.

multiplayer is not planed for know apparently as it would take a LONG time to set up and the team working on it is not big enough to handle such a task well also doing small updates to keep us happy well we wait. idk but i think lan 2 player would be easier at a start and would set up the ground work for online but even that would take a lot.

"dont 2 go 4 people" ( google translate) and i think once they get the ground work for 2 people it should be easy to put it up to 4+ people.

я думаю, что как только они получают подготовительную работу для 2-х человек он должен быть легким, чтобы положить его до 4 + людей. (Google Translate очень жаль, если его неправильно)

lol why is there so much down votes on you correcting a small mistake 0-o

  • Q: Will there be multiplayer?
    A: Since multiplayer is super difficult for a small team like our's, we do not have any current plans for it. "
Nop he/ she is just saying what the devs posted... sad but true there are no plans for multiplayer and i fully understand know Xb but maybe in the future once the game is more complete and has enough content they can look at it.

i think 2 player would be great better yet if you had different rafts but could build 2 each other or move them to set the building blocks for server play IF the devs want sever play

to early for that i think .... needs to be much more of a game first

lol scrool down this giant thing and all i see is "Yes"

whys the shark eating your wood raft any way? also for farming metal mabe abandoned boats you can scrap ? i mean all the parts that float passed must be coming from some were right? ..... just ignore there floating its very heavy water thats why you can make a 2x99999999x2 raft and it doesn't sink. finally found out why :D also gun parts from abandoned boats? and uncraftable tools?i know i spelt thta wrong idk how to fix it though Xb

to shallow just put on goggles... drop somthing off the edge and see what i mean

wooo wooo woo you die from not sleeping 0-0 mabe a little extreme but randomly fall asleep on the raft and sleep 2x as long as you would with a bed maybe? and the shark can attack how ever many times it would in that time and eat the taste wood well you snore your head off

ahh drop something off the edge.... maybe just some goggles and free dive? its like 2meters deep

for the multiplayer you mean pve servers and pvp servers(player vs entity (eg the shark) and player vs player (eg attack each other))

meh idk if its that hot depends were you are? i mean theirs ice in they ocean in places? but still good idea just didnt agree with reasoning Xb


"add a network game"

google translated but anyone translate different? cas i think he means a web version or more likely servers.

your English is great Xb better then mine and its my first language.(main / only language)

Replied to Bytos in Suggestions/ideas

auto gun 0o0 but make it cost like crazy high amounts and use metal as bullets also make it take uncommon parts from barrels

also make it so you can make it aim at players (yep still spamming that idea every were i can i wana know why theres no mp?)

lol cas its a really good idea and if its said over and over then mabe we will find out why its not happening

stop being a party pooper if we spam they may change there mind :) but i 100% under stand if they want more content first. but eventually servers or even 2p is the way of games know its becoming a must for survival games i think :/ also with this many people asking PROBABLY a good idea to try or give a reason why not even if that reason is the game is not compatible yet (eg. there is no character in 3rd person its just a capsule with arms, rafts cant move and are based around not bring abill to move OR just genral problems with having more then 1 player

yea thats cas you can jump off the edge and stand up nearly (try let a coconut fall off and watch it) theirs nothing to sink in its sooo shallow that the shark has to have its fin above water. its a miner problem but explains a lot (no sinking, the sharks fin is always out of the water, theirs no (big) waves and most of all theirs no chance of a boat going passed Xb) seee it was 100% meant to be that shallow and daaa you cant sink still havent worked out the not spinning or moving though 0-o , not tipping , no rain also night time? i mean let a guy sleep

guys/ girls we must find a limit were if you build to high you cant go higher.... like were that map stops loading up or something. also the same for side to side. i would say for down but for reals drop a coconut and watch it hit the bottom and role around Xb thats 1 skilled shark and i know get why its fin is always above water. any way epic raft and ima try make a bigggger one know cool idear

if the shark getts stronger every time why would you kill it? just leave it and replace what breaks? also if it getts harder every time it will be come way op very fast just add disasters like storms that damage random parts of your raft and blowe you raft around . when / if they add moving to the rafts

might be one on start up menu :/ cant remeber sorry Xb

CAN EVERY ONE THAT READS THIS DROP A COCONUT OVER THE EDGE AND WATCH IT XD you guys (the devs) need to make the ocean deeper plz i mean hows the shark even that shallow i mean i could nearly stand in that .... ok mabe not but its like 6-10 meters deep at max and thats if its supper clear probably only like 4 meters just thought it was funny. also make it so we can move/ rotate the raft... yea i mainly ask that so you can add servers later but plz plz PLZZZ PLZZZZ!!!!! :) TY you guys are doing awsome...... and getting spammed with what people want and some of them may sound needy but still plz keep going Xb so many new game devs just ditch even some that have been going for ages and are great (NOTCH did cas he helped his game and no one could see he was helping and he got flooded with hate) not comparing your game to mc at all just saying DONT LEAVE USSSS. i havent seen anything from devs for a little and :/ you should say what your working on a little more

i just know some ones going to complain about how i said mincraft in another games review always happens. damm i got off topic 0-o meh great game thought you may want to know about the ocean and idk if its still like that in 1.4 i only checked in 1.3 cas theirs not much new yet just chests

Again? it never stopped being great but yes multiplayer AT LEAST 2 PLAYER PLZ even if the devs cant host servers im sure players can host them id probably even look into it. sounds fun Xb but first you'll need to add a way for they rafts to move threw a world.

... there on a wood floor just burn that :) also the roof as that would heat up a bit as well :b stuff it live in a giant fire {jk devs dont set my raft on fire plz} but i wouldn't lite a fire so open on a wooden raft make it cost more and combine cooking and boiling into a closed fire with a chimney you can put threw the roof. (that uses wood and matches etc to light maybe even paper you have to dry first cant be that hard to find in a ocean were metal floats)

i agree with everything but the nets but i do think there op but mabe just have different ones that get different % of the stuff that gos threw them. eg a net with larger gaps would be cheaper as it needs less rope(but gets less) and the smaller ones need more refined thin rope (but can also catch the odd fish and all the stuff that gos passed).

lol good point also sharks dont eat large chunks of wood 0-o

the floor above should have to be 5/4 x as big as the one on top or something... or just add weight so if its to big it starts falling apart. also whats with how well these things float 0-o tale ones should sink down more.

Replied to iMynxx in Raft comments

6 :D keep going jk i only have 5 aswell i kind of stopped there cas theres no threats , problems or extra things you get for a big raft :/ already have 10 trees and live off them.

Replied to Sertyi in Raft comments

i agree but cannons etc need to cost a tone and to combat them maybe metal walls or plating that has a limit like 1 metal plated wall needs a 2x2 raft so that you dont get floating metal box's also if you dont want to host servers but want servers just put up a file for it and some one will host it probably? but make it so admin/owners dont have any extra powers just a kick and a ban for hackers none of this gamemode 1 or /give 99999 wood like other games do -_-. cas we all kind of want servers BUT IM SURE every one understands that it might be a long time before thats do able.

maybe if they just make it so you can added sails to your rafts and so you can make more then 1 raft? also pirates as a second enemy and maybe traders on other rafts that sail around that you can buy/sell ? for chests i can only say yes we need them :(