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make coconuts harder to get as i have chests full and dont need any water or food as i just cut down 12+ trees a day and store the extra. maybe make some kind of down side to eating just 1 food :/ like maybe you move slower or stop being abil to eat as much of it eg you can only eat it when your below 1/2 food (as if your player is sick of it) cas it seems to op just to live of coconuts and iv never had to plant a single potato yet. also maybe some way to make a shark net/ cage that you can catch the shark? that costs TONES of scrap and needs repairs after every few times or it will break.

maybe make the shark really strong so it can break your raft faster but it is less common to re spawn. also have things like fishing up the chance that a shark will spawn cas the fish you catch will bleed in the water a little.

also whales that randomly jump and that you can throw spears at and catch/ kill BUT if you anger them they will jump on your raft and break every part they hit. also have them drop tones of food and skin maybe even some uncommon items.

my last idear is a shark tooth spear that does more dmg and can be thrown. mabe even tie a roop to the end and make it so you can tie it to a pillar and stop the shark and pull it in when it gets tired.

these are just some random ideas for if you (the devs) get stuck on what to add