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Again? it never stopped being great but yes multiplayer AT LEAST 2 PLAYER PLZ even if the devs cant host servers im sure players can host them id probably even look into it. sounds fun Xb but first you'll need to add a way for they rafts to move threw a world.

I think 2 players is perfect, but more than that is too much.

i think the devs have a choice to make do they want to make it so you can move the raft OR do they want it so your all on the same raft... this will allso make a difference to number of players as if your all on 1 raft you cant have a server as there would be to many people BUT if you can move the raft it may take away from the game.... also to move the raft they would probably have to re do alot of the scripting to allow the rafts to move around.