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CAN EVERY ONE THAT READS THIS DROP A COCONUT OVER THE EDGE AND WATCH IT XD you guys (the devs) need to make the ocean deeper plz i mean hows the shark even that shallow i mean i could nearly stand in that .... ok mabe not but its like 6-10 meters deep at max and thats if its supper clear probably only like 4 meters just thought it was funny. also make it so we can move/ rotate the raft... yea i mainly ask that so you can add servers later but plz plz PLZZZ PLZZZZ!!!!! :) TY you guys are doing awsome...... and getting spammed with what people want and some of them may sound needy but still plz keep going Xb so many new game devs just ditch even some that have been going for ages and are great (NOTCH did cas he helped his game and no one could see he was helping and he got flooded with hate) not comparing your game to mc at all just saying DONT LEAVE USSSS. i havent seen anything from devs for a little and :/ you should say what your working on a little more

i just know some ones going to complain about how i said mincraft in another games review always happens. damm i got off topic 0-o meh great game thought you may want to know about the ocean and idk if its still like that in 1.4 i only checked in 1.3 cas theirs not much new yet just chests