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Hey, my ideas for this game are as follows:

  • Add weather - such as wind, rain, harsh sun, cold, cloud
    • This could also impact how much resources drift in
    • Will alter how the players health, food and water change
    • Will likely need clothes, or shelters to combat this
  • Day night cycle (others have mentioned this one already)
    • Also beds to recover health, at cost of time and food/water
    • Time progresses - potential for bonuses
  • A story line, or back story about why your on the raft, and where the debris is coming from
  • Challenges/achievements
  • Different AI type sharks, multiple sharks
  • Other enemies/dangers
  • Bad things drifting by - bombs, flaming oils, large logs
  • Reinforcements for foundations, defense based tiles
  • Visuals for damaged foundations when not holding the hammer in repair mode
  • Craftable powerups which increase good debris, or decrease bad. or impact status change from weather or other, increase or decrease enemies
  • Throwing shark meat into the water scares away the sharks for a short duration, or a craftable repelent
  • Islands which you drift past, but if you hook them you can explore them for a possible bonus, but traps and wild animals are prevalent.
  • Tech tree of resources, farms, weapons, character traits etc

I really like that island idea! and maybe you can find hints of other crew members on them for the story!


Maybe throwing fish in the water atrracts sharks if you want to kill them