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A member registered Dec 31, 2016

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Hey, my ideas for this game are as follows:

  • Add weather - such as wind, rain, harsh sun, cold, cloud
    • This could also impact how much resources drift in
    • Will alter how the players health, food and water change
    • Will likely need clothes, or shelters to combat this
  • Day night cycle (others have mentioned this one already)
    • Also beds to recover health, at cost of time and food/water
    • Time progresses - potential for bonuses
  • A story line, or back story about why your on the raft, and where the debris is coming from
  • Challenges/achievements
  • Different AI type sharks, multiple sharks
  • Other enemies/dangers
  • Bad things drifting by - bombs, flaming oils, large logs
  • Reinforcements for foundations, defense based tiles
  • Visuals for damaged foundations when not holding the hammer in repair mode
  • Craftable powerups which increase good debris, or decrease bad. or impact status change from weather or other, increase or decrease enemies
  • Throwing shark meat into the water scares away the sharks for a short duration, or a craftable repelent
  • Islands which you drift past, but if you hook them you can explore them for a possible bonus, but traps and wild animals are prevalent.
  • Tech tree of resources, farms, weapons, character traits etc