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It would be nice if you add some stuff like a trap for fishes.

Or you could add some defense stuff against the shark , something like a spickes .

And i think after playing 1 hour its too easy to survive , so something like a dificulty would be nice too.

So like if you play easy there is only 1 Shark . If you play middle there are like 3 Sharks . And if you play Hard /Extreme there are 5< Sharks.


great ideas bro, and you are right, i was playing for an hour and i created a ten floor big building

No way was I able to accomplish that level in an hour on my macbook (no it is not ancient and I am not exactly feeble). I like the easy medium hard idea. Raft Trainee, Raft Accomplished and Raft Expert statuses?


Indeed, defenses would be nice.


or maybe once your raft exceeds a certain number of structures more sharks appear. That way you don't have 5 sharks attacking your 2x2 raft


O.O!! this totally makes sense :)

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Greats ideas.

HAs a bug with the spears, you cant use it when you have more or less 45min game

I thinks, wil be fun too,

more type of enemy, a kind of bird that steals your fish, or bites you for example.

Temperature problems, need of a fire to survive. Ad a campfire or similar

more difficult to agriculture


and a water collect, that can be drinked direcly

vertical stairs (¡¡¡PLEASE!!!)

On a longfuture.. maybe...

¿underwater playing?

a little ship to move away the base

Little isles, with coconuts (loot)

brocken ships (Loot)


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Underwater playing is something that I wanted to suggest myself!

Perhaps even a shark cage of sorts with limited durability would be cool on top of your suggestions.

Those sunk ships(or simple chests and barrels lying around for a treasure hunt) could maybe include spices such as salt and sugar...


In terms of underwater, snorkeling would be great, but you have to keep track of where the raft is drifting to so you don't lose it. Danger of shark attacks when you get too far out, or maybe limits on stamina.

Spear fishing would be cool underwater, with a chance that each kill might attract the shark so you have to be vigilant.


the raft isnt really drifting things just move towards you


now that is a great thing that can be in the game


sub to me on youtube at Black Samurai Gamer. ill be constantly uploading vids of this game especially when new versions come out


sub to me on youtube at Black Samurai Gamer. ill be constantly uploading vids of this game especially when new versions come out


The damage of the shark to the player is too low.. at least 6 or 7 bites should kill you


Agree with the too low damage but if you are dead, everything you have built in many many hours is gone and you have to start at the beginning.

So first the system of saving your game has to change. You can continue from your last save when dying and not at the world´s first beginning.

Makes more sense, if the game has some kind of dangerous stuff like diving for treasures, so you can risk a bit and not lose everything.

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PLZZ add fish traps DAT WILL BE DA BESTTT so tell me when dat will be in | nice to have traps


Or another kind of wall that is more expensive that stops the shark from attacking that tile

It would be cool if the game started with 1 shark but then everytime you killed it or every few minutes or something another shark would come so there are 2 sharks it just progressively gets harder

Yea but i basically depend on sharks for my food source after that hour or so


Add some seasons,rain,thunder, more like this.


What should happen is every time you kill a shark, 2 spawn in its place.


This is a great idea. Maybe add some different obstacles or things that makes it harder to survive, like storms or something. Also along with the spikes, you could add reinforced foundations that required scrap because at the time there isn't enough uses for scrap.