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The tools should also be able to brake after using it too much.. like the spear, hatched, fishing pole

the food should spoil after a certain amount of time.. adding salt could prevent them from spoiling..

i know it is hard for a small team like the raft team to just make every wish come true in the game but so far the raft team has done a hell of a good job.. keep up the good work guys :)

The damage of the shark to the player is too low.. at least 6 or 7 bites should kill you

yeah it would be soo cool.. then the crafting of clothes would be and option as well.. i dont know if it's possible to use shark skin as cloting.. if not.. a new animal with fur should be added in the game like a seal or walrus..

a firepit for light is not an option because it will burn down the raft and it's not logical... if you can make metal foundation then it would be and option to make a firepit..

Add multiplayer to the game.

Add other creatures then sharks.. like The kraken(big squid like monster) or different types of sharks with different damages.

A level system would be nice to have.. different levels unlocks new crafting stuff.

This game is really fun to play... keep up the good work Raft Team :)