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Greats ideas.

HAs a bug with the spears, you cant use it when you have more or less 45min game

I thinks, wil be fun too,

more type of enemy, a kind of bird that steals your fish, or bites you for example.

Temperature problems, need of a fire to survive. Ad a campfire or similar

more difficult to agriculture


and a water collect, that can be drinked direcly

vertical stairs (¡¡¡PLEASE!!!)

On a longfuture.. maybe...

¿underwater playing?

a little ship to move away the base

Little isles, with coconuts (loot)

brocken ships (Loot)


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Underwater playing is something that I wanted to suggest myself!

Perhaps even a shark cage of sorts with limited durability would be cool on top of your suggestions.

Those sunk ships(or simple chests and barrels lying around for a treasure hunt) could maybe include spices such as salt and sugar...


In terms of underwater, snorkeling would be great, but you have to keep track of where the raft is drifting to so you don't lose it. Danger of shark attacks when you get too far out, or maybe limits on stamina.

Spear fishing would be cool underwater, with a chance that each kill might attract the shark so you have to be vigilant.


the raft isnt really drifting things just move towards you