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That did the trick. Cheers!

From what I'm seeing on Steam, the dev pushed an update on Friday to fix the issue. But I'm not sure they updated the files on Itch so far. 

I've got what looks like a major bug with the town-building in story mode, running the Linux version under Ubuntu-MATE 23.10.

I go through the first dungeon run with no issue, and the first time at the town is fine, with demolishing and re-building the shop. But after the second run, every building is already there and I have a whole bunch of new people in town already. After a couple more runs, I realize some of those NPCs are asking me to build shops and such that are already built, and they're not supposed to automatically appear like that.

Seriously, it's the whole town. Shops, farms, houses, even my house is already there, even though the father character wants me to tear down a damaged house (there isn't one) and rebuild it.

Restarting the game does not fix it, nor does reinstalling. Game functions fine otherwise.

What is the letter ranking base on, anyway? I get an F every time, even after managing to beat the first boss. As a new player figuring out the game, it kind of kills my motivation a bit to always be scored at the very bottom.

Also, I can't seem to quit the game other than setting it to windows mode and closing it manually. Is there a menu option I'm missing?

Aside from that though, great fun to play and the music is fantastic. Also cute frog.

This is a wonderful game and I really like what you've done here, but I really wish you'd put a health hazard warning on it. The low FoV (with no way to change it) had me feeling physically ill after playing for quite a while.  

I gather there are ways to set this using Unity, so I beg of you. Please either make future games of yours more accessible in that sense, or at least include a warning that for a portion of your audience they will not be able to play comfortably.

Aside from that, my only critique is that following the cops fleeing the revolution, it's not at all clear what I'm supposed to be doing. My bicycle says there are more people to help, but I cannot find more things to interact with or tarot readings to provide. Was that actually the end of the game?

Hm. It looks like if I hit "Skip Update" or "Just Launch" on the Itch client instead of "updating" to the Windows version, it works fine. It's still the 2020-06-11 version so I think I'm okay there.

I am.

I'm on Linux (Ubuntu MATE) and for some reason the game wants me to "Update" to the Windows version.  Similarly, hitting the Download link on the page for the Linux version only gives me the options for Windows versions of the original or prototype.

Not really sure why this is happening, but I figured best to call your attention to it.

Another Linux user who came here via the Gaming On Linux website. 

Works great, and the beats are solid. I'm very much on board with this experience.

I just completed the game. Thank you for coming back to this, it was a wonderful experience originally, but an even better one now. I will recommend it to my friends.

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I bought this game a year ago (and Itch says that it was acquired then) and played about half of it. I wanted to come back to the game and hopefully finish, but now I only seem to have access to the demo.  I also don't have a Steam key, although I gather I should have one.

[UPDATE] I seem to be able to access the game via the Itch website, but not the Itch client. Also, I've managed to get the Steam key so that's solved at least.

Just tried the new version, to see how it runs on Linux, and it's fantastic. I look forward to replaying this with the new additions you've made.

The only issue I have do I quit? I can exit the level, but then there's no clear way to leave the game entirely. I had to tab out and quit from the taskbar.

So should we just assume that the Linux and Mac versions have been abandoned by now?  Given that it's been a year since someone from Samurai Punk said they were hoping to fix the bugs and release an update, it seems reasonable.

Would have been nice if y'all just came out and said it though.

It works! I had to fully uninstall the game and reinstall with the new version because for some reason it wasn't updating, but it's perfectly fine now.

Thank you for your hard work. You rock.

I see that the Linux build has been quietly removed, with no mention of it in the development log. Was this an accident, or are you no longer supporting the platform?

Makes me nauseous a bit. It wouldnt' be so bad if the experience was shorter, but I find by the half hour mark I'm starting to feel bad.

There is a Player.log file. It seems like it tries to load  a few times and fails because that isn't in the Mono/x86_64 folder, and then tries a large number of times to load, which fails for the same reason.

It's okay, these things come up. I tried the flags but they don't seem to have any effect. Sounds work, music works, and it chooses the correct monitor. But it still gives me a slowly flashing screen that shifts through what I expect is the dominant colour of the opening. No error messages other than that it can't preload those two files.

As for hardware, I'm running a 64-bit Intel i7-8700  with 16GB memory and a GeForce GTX 1060 6GB. If it helps, I'm running Ubuntu-MATE 20.04.

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Linux user here, I'm having trouble running the game. Well, it runs, and I get sound, but the video is just a flashing screen that varies in colour from gray to green to blue and back again.  

When I run it using the terminal, it says it's unable to preload and, so maybe it's got something to do with those.  Both are in the Plugins folder, so they're present just apparently not preloading.

It's okay now, someone I know managed to download it and sent a copy to me. Works perfect now, although I haven't been able to devote much time to it yet. Really looking forward to checking it out.

I bought this game in the Racial Justice bundle and it isn't allowing me to download or install the Linux 1.01 version. The version it does allow me to download is the old one for love2D 0.10.2 which gives me errors in the LUA file.

I'd love to play the game, but unless the 1.01 file becomes available I can't.

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If David Cronenberg directed the final sequences of 2001: A Space Odyssey.  Like doormatz a couple of months ago, I definitely saw elements of Please in there. The description speaks of "the offical timeline", so presumably this is similar to but not exactly what led to the events of that game.

Thank you for a unique experience, and the ability to play it on Linux. Well done. The only thing I would ask for is a way to alter the field of view. I'd rather feel queasy due to your efforts, not my motion sickness.

Seems like a good start, but who on earth thought white text on a mottled light blue background was a good idea? Many of the tooltips are unreadable!

Same issue here, it doesn't seem to play well with the itch app.

Just tried running the new v1.4 on my Ubuntu-MATE 19.04 system, and unfortunately I don't get much further than with 1.3. The regular and "nwjc" versions both immediately crash on hitting "New Game" (I sent a report already), and the "new" version works fine up until the first combat, where I receive this message:

This is actually a slight improvement over 1.3, because at least I'm now able to navigate the combat menu, even if it does die when I try to actually do anything. But I'll take what little victories I can get at this point.

I really like the idea and look of this game, but I'm at a loss figuring out how to progress at all in it. 

I've mined ore, I've gotten the three different plants available to me, and....that's it. Despite it being billed as a chill game, I'm basically locked into this endless round of watering plants over and over again, with no real idea how to do anything else. It's feeling more like a chore that I'm pressured to do rather than a way to chill out, and there's no clear way to progress to the nifty colourful plants in the screenshots, or anything beyond the little area I'm in.

Do I have to fill up the area? Do I need a certain number of each plant? If I don't keep watering everything will the mature plants die? I don't know, the game doesn't really give me any guidance on that stuff. And the little guy who gives me orders doesn't give me any hints either.

Seriously, I'm at a loss.

Are you planning on making the full version of the game available on Itch when it finally leaves Early Access, or will it be Steam-only? I would love to buy it here if possible at that time.

Good to see things coming along. Is there any progress on getting a Linux version working?

I think I kind of get the idea, although the explanation still confuses me. But if I read this right, there are four criteria: Number, colour, shape and fill. 3somes have to have only one of those in common, the other three criteria must be different. So three square cards must have different colour, number and fill. Similarly three cards with two items on them must have different colour, fill and shape. Those are 3somes.

I don't know if I've encountered any where ALL criteria are different or the same, which is what the directions had me looking for. i.e., all four criteria match, or do not match.

I love the presentation, but can't seem to understand the criteria of what constitutes a 3some. Going by the hints doesn't help, because it selects stuff that's not "everything matches or nothing does". Often it'll pick stuff with the same number, or two of the same number and shape, with one outlier, etc. 

Honestly, it's not clear to me what the game accepts as a valid set, which gets quickly frustrating. There's a good solitaire matching game in there, but I think the explanation needs a lot of work, better examples, or something.

Also getting crashes on Ubuntu MATE 19.10. The regular version crashes when starting a new game, although the menus work fine. The nw version crashes during combat, and the other one crashes on startup.

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It's a shame that you don't have a working Linux build yet, since I enjoyed the prototype version immensely. I really hope that you do manage to get it working and update the game to include it soon.

It's a pity I can't even play the prototype any more, even though it worked fine.

The game doesn't remember my settings between sessions. If I, for example, lower the volume then quit, it will reset itself to max when i start it again. The same applies to combat animation speed.

I had the same volume reset trouble with the previous version. Running it on Ubuntu MATE 18.04.

CrossCode community · Created a new topic Not on sale?

Why is this on sale on Steam, but no sale here? Both services are having winter sales but I don't understand why the discrepancy.

Can confirm. Mouse no longer trapped. 

Still starts on my non-primary monitor, which is a pretty common issue.

My review has been posted. You can find it here.

Very nice, thank you.

By the way, I'm curious about the soundtrack to Kingdom Ka. Is it available anywhere, like Bandcamp perhaps?