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maby a mac glitch or the other one because i dont get his on windows

you can do this with windows 10?! wow you just helped me but i dont use windows 1o on this pc soooooooo wast of money in a way for winzip

mate he got stuck did you not read? get stuck is a bug/glitch

axe can break floor but maby piller i have not tryed it yet

not for me it dont

I'm getting a bug or just not in game where if i place anything under the stairs i can not use it

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developer plz make it so the raft can be as big as possible because some people can make cool things and ONLY small rafts would make the game a 2 hour of fun. make a small raft only would be cool ONLY in a different game mode. keep up the good work

:D game rating right now in v1.04 like real life 7/10, fun 10/10 but gets lower as the same save goes on, thing right now to do in game for a 1.04 game there is a lot so 10/10 total 9/10 my opinion this is. o and this is my 4th fav game when full probs 2nd

kraken sounds? HELL YEA AND HELL CREEPY *stops playing the game*

best seller? more like most popular. this is me= e.g game costs 10$ i pay 30$ :D


nice thinking 9/10 games with Durability make me want to die and no big rafts would make the game get boring after 2 hour of gameplay but still nice thinking

same. one of my fav


hit the ^ button? you forgot to say hit it 67 times because they will trust me. 10/10 for the thinking!

*give 100 like rating to comment*

it would be cool if you added in when you make cooked food or water it costs you 1 wood because it would make it 2% harder

now that is a great thing that can be in the game