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it would be cool if you added in when you make cooked food or water it costs you 1 wood because it would make it 2% harder


Yes, I thought of that too! Perhaps you also have to break down a piece of wood into small pieces first as well.


The broken-down pieces of wood could be called 'tinder'. I think other fuel sources could be found, too. In another reply, I noted that shark skin could be placed on a drying rack. Maybe the drying process produces a small amount of fish oil? Aside from that, the palm fronds are clearly flammable.

... there on a wood floor just burn that :) also the roof as that would heat up a bit as well :b stuff it live in a giant fire {jk devs dont set my raft on fire plz} but i wouldn't lite a fire so open on a wooden raft make it cost more and combine cooking and boiling into a closed fire with a chimney you can put threw the roof. (that uses wood and matches etc to light maybe even paper you have to dry first cant be that hard to find in a ocean were metal floats)